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  • Race: Hero
  • Class: Bowman
  • Maximum level: 250
  • Primary Stat: DEX
  • Weapons: Dual Bowguns (Primary) and Magic Arrows (Secondary)
Mercedes character creation button.

Mercedes is the third Legendary Hero (as a bowman-like class) revealed that was released on July 21st 2011 in KoreaMS, and is the 2nd of 3 new jobs in the Legend update. It wields dual bowguns as their main weapon, and unlike other bowman classes, it uses magic arrows as a secondary weapon, eliminating the need for arrows.

Mercedes starts out in the "past", much like Aran and Demon Slayers. As king of the elves, Mercedes, along with the other heroes, sealed the Black Mage, however the Black Mage has already cast a spell over the Maple World which causes snowfall in all areas. Thus, the elves in Elluel begin to freeze one by one in ice, to survive through the spell. After sealing the Elluel entrance (thus preventing Athena Pierce, an elf, to get back to Elluel), the elves go to a dormant status, and hundreds of years pass.

Mercedes is the first to wake in the modern maple world, however having the level drop from 200 to 10. Dismayed with the drop of level, Mercedes nevertheless explores the outskirts of Elluel, only to see that the slimes has become significantly weaker than before. Wondering what has changed, Mercedes began to explore the modern world, and see how things have changed, and also meeting Athena Pierce, learning that while hundreds of years has passed, and the spell has disappeared, the Black Mage was on the verge of awakening again. As time passes and Mercedes gets stronger, the other elves begin to wake as well.

Mercedes starts in an area called Elluel, a place much like Ellinia (and located near Ellinia), but with some differences. Only slimes reside on the outskirts of Elluel, and in Elluel are elf schools (where mercedes enters to train at the beginning).

Advantages and Disadvantages[edit]

  • Currently has the highest DPS (Damage Per Second) in the game
  • Very mobile (Flash Jump Skill, Updraft, an increased speed percentage at 165%, higher jump and speed by default)
  • Very fast attacks (Such as Stunning Strikes), which deals lots of damage when spammed
  • An exclusive mount (Unicorn)
  • Many mobbing and bossing skills.
  • Does not need arrows unlike other archers
  • Many boosting skills by default (e.g. Elf's Blessing, King's Qualifications, Elf's Recovery)
  • Requires a relatively low fund (making it easier for beginners to start out)
  • Many skills increase attack power (Ignis Lore gives +40 Attack when Maxed, Spirit Infusion gives +15% Attack, et cetera)
  • AoE Damage (e.g. Leaf Tornado)
  • Many combination moves (Especially tied with Charge Drive)
  • A summon (Elemental Knights)
  • Low HP; thus requiring more potions and more prone to a quick death.
  • Can KS easily, making them an annoyance among other people
  • No draining skill; thus requiring more potions
  • MP can drain very quickly at 3rd and 4th job.
  • A limited class (and thus can only create on certain occasions)
  • Too many attacking skills (hard to fit all skills on left side of keyboard)
  • Need to cast a lot of buffs (+summon), thus wasting some time before you can start attacking (Dual Bowguns Boost, Spirit Surge, Ignis Roar, Water Shield, Ancient Warding, Maple Warrior, Elemental Knights)

First job advancement[edit]

Mercedes automatically obtains their first class advancement once the player awakens Mercedes from her sleep and ends up at level 10.

Training areas[edit]

Training in the 1st Job Advancement is a breeze; there is no grinding necessary and one can expect to be 2nd Job Advancement quickly.

  • Lv 10 ~ 20: One can simply do the job quests provided automatically. This will prove easy experience and leveling to Level 20 will be a breeze. Quests include the elf school training, and being an assistant of Betty. By the time you help Bruce, you do not need to do the quests (though you may to achieve Level 30).
  • Lv 20 ~ 25: Continue with the string of quests from Level 10. By now you should be helping out Winston. By the time you help Bruce however, you do not need to do the quests (though you may to achieve Level 30).
  • Lv 25 ~ 30: Again, continue with the string of quests. However, now may be a good time to begin some of the party quests (namely, KPQ, LPQ, and HPQ) as they give an immense amount of experience every round (1~2 rounds are sufficient for 1 level). At level 28 there will be another string of quests, when the elf elders will wake up, which you can complete until Level 30.

Second job advancement[edit]

Upon hitting level 30, Mercedes will have a light bulb on top of it's head indicating a quest. Click it and click accept, then open up your Skills window and use Elven Blessing to teleport to Eullel. Once at Eullel go to your bed chamber and click the tall thing where it says "click here". Talk to the NPC and you'll advance.

Training areas[edit]

Training in the 2nd Job Advancement will take longer, however like the 1st Job Advancement, minimal grinding is required.

  • Lv 30 ~ 35: If you have the 1+1 Event, you may use the 30 Level Potion to instantly bring your level to 35. Otherwise, one may go to the Mushroom Kingdom Theme Dungeon, and follow the quests, as they give a decent amount of experience and will keep you occupied for quite some time. Some grinding may be necessary, and in this case, grind on Spear Pepes, as the map in which they have them are very flat, allowing for Rising Rush.
  • Lv 35 ~ 40: You may want to finish off the Mushroom Kingdom Theme Dungeon which will keep you occupied until Level 37 or 38. After that, there are many options you can take: One, you can pick up the quest chain helping Bruce if you have not already. Two, you can continue with the Party Quests and collect the PQ Exclusive items. Three, if you have enough potions and you believe that you are strong enough to handle it, you may take up the Kerning Square Themed Dungeon and go through the chain of quests there. One may want to grind the CDs at the 7th and 8th floor, as the platform is completely flat, and the CDs provide very good exp.
  • Lv 40 ~ 45: Start the Kerning Square Themed Dungeon if you have not already. Alternatively, one can do PQs as they still provide extremely good experience. Monster Carnival is also a choice, as grinding Rombads there provides a decent source of experience.
  • Lv 45 ~ 50: Continue the Kerning Square Themed Dungeon and its string of quests. Once you have finished the quests, you will have to grind; CDs are the best choice, however Toy Trojans (Ludibrium) and Dead Scarecrows (Haunted Mansion) are also a viable choice. The problems with scarecrows however, is that they have a slight invincible time buffer every time they get hit, thus rendering Mercedes' DPS useless.
  • Lv 50 ~ 55: Unfortunately, there is not much you can do at this level. Begin grinding on Scarecrows (Haunted Mansion), Toy Trojans (Ludibrium) or CDs (Kerning Square). Alternatively, you can complete the Party Quests (Party Quests will remain a very good source of experience in 2nd Job). By Level 53 or so, you may want to take up the Chryse Themed Dungeon (In Orbis). This, like the previous two themed dungeons, provide a good source of experience with its string of quests.
  • Lv 55 ~ 60: Continue with the Chryse themed dungeon. Unlike the Mushroom Kingdom Themed Map, Xerxes, the boss, does not provide a good source of experience. Therefore, it is recommended to leave Chryse after you have gained all the items necessary to complete the quest chain of Chryse, and gained sufficient Xerxes bowman items. At this point, one may want to continue party quests, or go to Twisted Jesters (Haunted Mansion) or Robos (Ludibrium) to grind.
  • Lv 60 ~ 65: Since there are no more Themed Dungeons (that I know of), it is recommended to grind at Twisted Jesters. With the high DPS of Mercedes, KS will not be a problem despite the crowded situation of the Twisted Jesters map. Alternatively, one can as usual take up party quests, but one can also go to Monster Park and go through runs. Monster Park provides an extremely good source of experience (with a 6 people party), and also provides many equipment drops. The Maps <Silent Sea> and <Temple of Darkness> are good for Level 60 and above.
  • Lv 65 ~ 70: There is not much difference on training: Continue on Twisted Jesters, Party Quests, and Monster Park (Temple of Darkness). One may also want to go to Omega Sector and train on Zeta Greys and Mateons: Zeta Greys provide a decent source of experience, comes in swarms and thus is good for mobbing, and furthermore drops the Angelic Blessing Recipe, an item sought by many.

Third job advancement[edit]

You get advanced to your third job once you get to level 70. You don't have to do anything at all, once you hit level 70, you're advanced automatically.

Training areas[edit]

Third Job Advancement is where it gets exciting. However, there is a lot of grinding, and grinding will be your primary source of experience.

  • Lv 70 ~ 80: If there is the 1+1 EXP Event, one may want to use the potion to get to Level 81. Otherwise, continue training at Twisted Jesters; it is a valuable source of experience. With the new plethora of party quests (Romeo and Juliet, Nett's Pyramid, Herb Town Pirates, Ghost Ship, et cetera), one may want to use the partyquests, however because you are a newcomer to these partyquests, it may be of difficulty to one right now. Sand Rats and Scorpions (Ariant) are also a good choice, and is a popular training spot in KoreaMS. Magatia is also viable but only for later levels (Level 75 and over).
  • Lv 80 ~ 90: At this point one may want to move to Mysterious Path 3 (Singapore) and train there. The only problem is that the monsters will deal a lot of damage, and thus will cause an easy, quick death. For this reason, it is recommended that for the early 80's, you avoid getting hit (there are many elevated spots in the map that monsters cannot reach but you can attack them, for example the truck or the trash can), while on the later 80's, one may want to go Rising Rush on them. Alternatively, train on Magatia (Mutaes, Roids, et cetera.) Again, because of Mercedes' High DPS, KS is not a problem.
  • Lv 90 ~ 100: By now, head to Galloperas (Malaysia), which is very similar to MP3 in terms of exp rate. Level 90 is also sufficient to attempt some partyquests. Although unlike Second Job Advancement, they will not provide much experience, and one is better off grinding to gain the bulk of the experience in partyquests. Alternatively, stay in Magatia and train on Homunculus, or stay in MP3 if there is no Malaysia in your version of Maplestory (e.g. KoreaMS)
  • Lv 100 ~ 110: Starting from here, it gets increasingly difficult to level up. Starting from Level 100 you can do the Neo City quests. Note however that although Neo City is a themed dungeon, the chain of quest's level requirements vary for each, and thus the chain may seem as if it has stopped. Otherwise, try training at Herb Town's Pirates and Captains, or perhaps Leafre's Centaurs. Or one may simply stay in MP3 (Mysterious Path 3), however it may get boring after grinding for 20 levels there. As always, Party Quests are an option. One may also want to try the Level 70-120 Monster Park, especially <Sky Forest Training Center> at this level.
  • Lv 110 ~ 120: Soldier on with the grinding.. continue with the Neo City quests. Monster Park is recommended as it gives 20% per run on <Forbidden Time>. Also, at this level, one may want to go to Lionheart Castle / Lionking Castle. With a party of 6 people, training there is difficult but very rewarding. Alternatively, Master Death Tennies are a decent source of experience, and furthermore drops the Angelic Bless Recipe, and one may want to go there at around Level 115.

Fourth Job Advancement[edit]

You get advanced to your fourth job once you get to level 120. You don't have to do anything at all, once you hit level 120, you're advanced automatically.

Training areas[edit]

If you've reached Fourth Job Advancement, congratulations. This is where Mercedes gets full potential. Although mastery books may be costly, it will be well worth it; Mercedes currently has the highest DPS, after all.

  • Lv 120 ~ 130: Stay in LionHeart Castle; it will still provide an excellent source of experience (with a party of 6 people, of course). It is advised to get through Level 120-125 quickly, as they are very weak levels for a 4th Job. Party quests provide a fast source of experience, so those who just became 4th Job may want to level up a few times at partyquests. If one believes they are strong enough, they can solo Papulatus; each solo will give a massive amount of experience (50% at Level 120).
  • Lv 130 ~ 140: Lionheart Castle still provides good experience, however Leafre, especially the Dragon Forest and Dragon Canyon, provides good experience as well. Don't forget Partyquests. Monster Park is also an option, if one can get enough tickets.
  • Lv 140 ~ 160: Again, Lionheart Castle. Try training deeper in the castle, where there are stronger monsters. Soloing Zakum is also an option, giving a large amount of experience as well as valuable items. Monster Park and Partyquests will always remain an option from here to Level 200.
  • Lv 160 ~ 200: Everything is a grind; not a lot will give good experience. Future Henesys and Future Ereve is a choice; so is Temple of Time. Lionheart Castle is also another option, as one can sufficiently train there until Level 200. Continue soloing major bosses. And finally, Monster Park and Party Quests.