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Maple Union is an account growth system that allows all characters to grow upon one another (just like link skills but affects all characters). The stats that are obtained depends on the level of the supplying character as well as the sum of levels of all characters in that account for that world.

Union Ranks[edit]

There are a total of 20 ranks. To increase your rank, you need a certain number of Union Coins and to have a minimum level sum. Increased ranks will let you place more Attackers inside the Union Board as well as to let you place the attackers at the outer areas (provided the pieces are connected to the middle)

You must have at least 500 level sum with at least 3 characters to start a Union, or 1 character who completed 5th Job Advancement. Union is started for free.

Next Rank Minimum Level Sum Union Coins (from previous) Union Coins (total)
Novice Union 1 500 (200 if there is a character who completed 5th Job Advancement)
Novice Union 2 1,000 120 120
Novice Union 3 1,500 140 260
Novice Union 4 2,000 150 410
Novice Union 5 2,500 160 570
Veteran Union 1 3,000 170 740
Veteran Union 2 3,500 430 1,170
Veteran Union 3 4,000 450 1,620
Veteran Union 4 4,500 470 2,090
Veteran Union 5 5,000 490 2,580
Master Union 1 5,500 510 3,090
Master Union 2 6,000 930 4,020
Master Union 3 6,500 960 4,980
Master Union 4 7,000 1,000 5,980
Master Union 5 7,500 1,030 7,010
Grand Master Union 1 8,000 1,060 8,070
Grand Master Union 2 8,500 2,200 10,270
Grand Master Union 3 9,000 2,300 12,570
Grand Master Union 4 9,500 2,350 14,920
Grand Master Union 5 10,000 2,400 17,320

Level Sum is denoted as the sum of all characters in that account in that world. However, in some cases, that character will not be counted:

  • Non-Zeroes level 59 or less (Minimum level 60 to be used as a union attacker)
  • Zeroes level 129 or less (Minimum level 130 to be used as a union attacker)
  • Duplicate Zeroes (only the highest levelled Zero will be counted towards the sum. Duplicated zeroes Level 130 or above can be used as union attackers however.)
  • Characters that are not within the highest 40 levelled characters that can be counted based on criteria above (see note, you can still use these characters as union attacker even though they are not counted to the level sum)

Although you can expand more than 40 character slots, only the highest 40 leveled characters that are eligible to be counted (excluding duplicate Zeroes), will be counted, so for maximum benefits, you need to have 40 Level 250 characters (with up to 1 Zero) for Grand Master Union 5.


Based on the union rank, you can place a certain number of attackers inside the Union Board.


Each character is assigned a rank based on their level and job.

  • B rank: Level 60~99
  • A rank: Level 100~139
  • S rank: Level 140~199
  • SS rank: Level 200~249
  • SSS rank: Level 250 or higher
  • B rank: Level 130~159
  • A rank: Level 160~179
  • S rank: Level 180~199
  • SS rank: Level 200~249
  • SSS rank: Level 250 or higher

Number of Attackers[edit]

Based on Union Rank, you can place a set number of attackers.

Union Rank Number of Attackers
Novice Union 1 9
Novice Union 2 10
Novice Union 3 11
Novice Union 4 12
Novice Union 5 13
Veteran Union 1 18
Veteran Union 2 19
Veteran Union 3 20
Veteran Union 4 21
Veteran Union 5 22
Master Union 1 27
Master Union 2 28
Master Union 3 29
Master Union 4 30
Master Union 5 31
Grand Master Union 1 36
Grand Master Union 2 37
Grand Master Union 3 38
Grand Master Union 4 39
Grand Master Union 5 40

Bonus Stats[edit]

You can only get each specific job's effect once. Multiple of the same jobs can be placed as attackers but only the highest rank effect will be applied. If different jobs give the same effects, it is fine and it will stack.

Bonus Stats are applied to all characters in the account in that world only if that corresponding character is placed as an attacker. Factions are also added for convenience in planning the grinding order to maximise EXP boosts from cash shop, it has no bearing on your Union.

Job Type Faction Specific Job Effects (B/A/S/SS/SSS respectively)
Warrior Explorer Hero Final STR +10/20/40/80/100
Warrior Explorer Paladin Final STR +10/20/40/80/100
Warrior Explorer Dark Knight Max HP +2%/3%/4%/5%/6%
Magician Explorer Archmage (Fire/Poison) Max MP +2%/3%/4%/5%/6%
Magician Explorer Archmage (Ice/Lightning) Final INT +10/20/40/80/100
Magician Explorer Bishop Final INT +10/20/40/80/100
Bowman Explorer Bowmaster Final DEX +10/20/40/80/100
Bowman Explorer Crossbow Master/Marksman Critical Rate +1%/2%/3%/4%/5%
Bowman Explorer Pathfinder Final DEX +10/20/40/80/100
Thief Explorer Night Lord Critical Rate +1%/2%/3%/4%/5%
Thief Explorer Shadower Final LUK +10/20/40/80/100
Thief Explorer Dual Blader Final LUK +10/20/40/80/100
Pirate Explorer Viper/Buccaneer Final STR +10/20/40/80/100
Pirate Explorer Captain/Corsair Summon Duration +4%/6%/8%/10%/12%
Pirate Explorer Cannon Shooter Final STR +10/20/40/80/100
Warrior Cygnus Knights Mihile Final HP +250/500/1,000/2,000/2,500
Warrior Cygnus Knights Soul Master/Dawn Warrior Final HP +250/500/1,000/2,000/2,500
Magician Cygnus Knights Flame Wizard/Blaze Wizard Final INT +10/20/40/80/100
Bowman Cygnus Knights Wind Breaker/Wind Archer Final DEX +10/20/40/80/100
Thief Cygnus Knights Night Walker Final LUK +10/20/40/80/100
Pirate Cygnus Knights Striker/Thunder Breaker Final STR +10/20/40/80/100
Warrior Heroes Aran 70% chance to heal 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% of Pure HP, cooldown 10 seconds if failed on repeated attempts. If repeated attempts succeed, doubled recovery.
Magician Heroes Evan 70% chance to heal 2%/4%/6%/8%/10% of Pure MP, cooldown 10 seconds if failed on repeated attempts. If repeated attempts succeed, doubled recovery.
Magician Heroes Luminous Final INT +10/20/40/80/100
Bowman Heroes Mercedes Skill Cooldown -2%/3%/4%/5%/6% (applied before Potential cooldown reductions, minimum cooldown 1 second, also affects skills unaffected by potential, additive with Cooldown Cutter Hypers)
Thief Heroes Phantom Monster mesos drop +1%/2%/3%/4%/5%
Pirate Heroes Eunwol/Shade Critical Damage +1%/2%/3%/5%/6%
Warrior Resistance Demon Slayer Abnormal Status Resistance +1/2/3/4/5
Warrior Resistance Demon Avenger Damage to Boss Monsters +1%/2%/3%/5%/6%
Warrior Resistance Blaster Ignore DEF +1%/2%/3%/5%/6%
Magician Resistance Battle Mage Final INT +10/20/40/80/100
Bowman Resistance Wild Hunter 20% chance to increase Damage by 4%/8%/12%/16%/20%
Pirate Resistance Mechanic Buff Duration +5%/10%/15%/20%/25%
Thief/Pirate Resistance Xenon Final STR, Final DEX and Final LUK +5/10/20/40/50
Warrior Nova Kaiser Final STR +10/20/40/80/100
Pirate Nova Angelic Buster Final DEX +10/20/40/80/100
Warrior Child of God Zero Monster EXP +4%/6%/8%/10%/12%
Magician Supernatural Kinesis Final INT +10/20/40/80/100
Warrior Sengoku Hayato Critical Damage +1%/2%/3%/5%/6%
Magician Sengoku Kanna Damage to Boss Monsters +1%/2%/3%/5%/6%
Pirate Explorer ZEN Critical Damage +1%/2%/3%/5%/6%
Pirate Explorer Jett Critical Damage +1%/2%/3%/5%/6%
Magician Beast Tamer Beast Tamer Ignore DEF +1%/2%/3%/5%/6%
Thief Nova Cadena Final LUK +10/20/40/80/100
Magician Flora Illium Final INT +10/20/40/80/100
Pirate Flora Ark Final STR +10/20/40/80/100
Thief Anima Ho Young Final LUK +10/20/40/80/100

Attacker Union Power[edit]

Attackers are rated based on level and Star Force. This power value refers to the Union Damage dealt by that character every 1 second. This power will never run out and will always be active regardless of situation. The resultant Union Power of the attacker is the sum of Union Power from character level and the Union Power from Star Force (only counted if added into the board)

Attacker's Level Union Power
240 or higher
Star Force
Attacker's Star Force Union Power
350 or more

Union Board[edit]

The Union Board is where the attackers are placed.

Board Size[edit]

The size of your board is dependent of your Union Rank. Board size is centralised towards the middle grids.

Board Size (horizontal by vertical) Minimum Union Rank
12 by 10 Novice Union 1
14 by 12 Novice Union 4
16 by 14 Veteran Union 1
18 by 16 Veteran Union 3
20 by 18 Veteran Union 5
22 by 20 Master Union 2

Attacker Pieces[edit]

Based on the job and attacker's rank, the pieces will be shaped differently.

Pieces can be rotated. Pieces must be connected to each other and must touch 1 of the 4 middle grids. Pieces can be overlapped but during Board Stats calculation, any layers of overlaps are all treated as 1 grid.

Each 'X' or space represents 1 grid.

Job Type B rank A rank S rank SS rank SSS rank
Thief (excluding Xenon)
Pirate (excluding Xenon)

Board Bonus Stats[edit]

Based on the spots covered (observed from top view), additional stats are given.

Inner Board (12 by 10), stats location can be changed, 15 grid per stat type, stats are affected by % increases.
  • STR (+5 per grid)
  • DEX (+5 per grid)
  • INT (+5 per grid)
  • LUK (+5 per grid)
  • HP (+250 per grid)
  • MP (+250 per grid)
  • Weapon ATT (+1 per grid)
  • Magic ATT (+1 per grid)
Outer Board (22 by 20, exclude inner board so total 40 grid per stat type), stats location cannot be changed, list starts from top left, clockwise
  • Abnormal Status Resistance (+1 per grid)
  • Monster EXP (+0.25% per grid)
  • Critical Rate (+1% per grid)
  • Damage to Boss Monsters (+1% per grid)
  • Stance (+1% per grid)
  • Buff Duration (+1% per grid)
  • Ignore DEF (+1% per grid)
  • Critical Damage (+0.50% per grid)

Note that assuming you have reached Grand Master Union 1 with 40 Level 200 characters, you will have 36 attackers, each attacker taking 4 grids, so total you will have 144 grids of stats.


You can use presets to set the board layout so that the board can be changed into that layout in a few clicks. Presets 1~2 are unlocked for free and are permanent, while 3~5 requires a Union Preset Ticket from the Union Coin Shop, and only lasts 30 days from the time of usage of the ticket.

To toggle between 2 layouts easily, 2 presets are needed as the preset only turns the board into the stored layout of the preset rather than swapping the current layout with the stored layout. Stored layout can be set by clicking on the preset while on viewing mode (not edit mode) and click on "Edit Preset".

Union Coins[edit]

Using the Attacker Union Power, your attackers are always fighting for you. While doing so, you get Union Coins.

Union Coins can be obtained by the following methods.

  • Daily Quest (2 quest: 10 + 20 coins, go into the battlefield to kill monsters to finish the quest)
    • Additional Daily Quest with the exact same requirements will be given if you have Premium Service Coupon, to get another 30 coins.
  • Waiting (Every 100,000,000,000 / 100 Billion damage dealt = 1 coin, rounded down every 24 hours at 12am, or basically every 1,157,407.41 combat power = 1 coin every 24 hours)
  • Attacking (Same rates as Waiting but you can enter and damage part of the Union Boss' Health, denoted by green HP bar, purple HP bar can only be depleted using the Waiting method)

Coins are stored similarly to event coins and is shared across your account in the same world.

To transfer the coins earned from Waiting and Attacking into the coin storage, enter the Union raid map and exit, then talk to the NPC at the exit map. There is a limit to how many coins can be left unclaimed at any time based on your rank, any excess coins after the limit will be forfeited. There will also be a notification at the bottom right of the screen when the limit is reached, once per login.

  • Novice Union: 200 coins
  • Veteran Union: 300 coins
  • Master Union: 500 coins
  • Grand Master Union: 700 coins

Union Coins can be used to either increase your Union Rank (assuming level sum requirement is met), or purchase useful items from the Union Coin Shop.

Union Coin Shop[edit]

Shop purchase limits reset every Monday 12am. All items are untradeable but the Union Coin can be transferred using storage. Limit is by character.

  • Union’s Strength Stage 1 (10 coins, Weapon and Magic ATT +30 for 10 minutes, limit: 10)
  • Union’s Strength Stage 2 (20 coins, Weapon and Magic ATT +30 for 20 minutes, limit: 10)
  • Union’s Strength Stage 3 (30 coins, Weapon and Magic ATT +30 for 30 minutes, limit: 10)
  • Union’s EXP Stage 1 (30 coins, Monster EXP x2 for 10 minutes, works like a normal 2x EXP Use Buff, limit: 10)
  • Union’s EXP Stage 2 (50 coins, Monster EXP x2 for 20 minutes, works like a normal 2x EXP Use Buff, limit: 10)
  • Union’s EXP Stage 3 (70 coins, Monster EXP x2 for 30 minutes, works like a normal 2x EXP Use Buff, limit: 10)
  • Union’s Luck Stage 1 (30 coins, Item Drop Rate +50% for 10 minutes, limit: 10)
  • Union’s Luck Stage 2 (50 coins, Item Drop Rate +50% for 20 minutes, limit: 10)
  • Union’s Luck Stage 3 (70 coins, Item Drop Rate +50% for 30 minutes, limit: 10)
  • Union’s Wealth Stage 1 (30 coins, Monster mesos drop +50% for 10 minutes, limit: 10)
  • Union’s Wealth Stage 2 (50 coins, Monster mesos drop +50% for 20 minutes, limit: 10)
  • Union’s Wealth Stage 3 (70 coins, Monster mesos drop +50% for 30 minutes, limit: 10)
  • Clean Slate Scroll 10% (60 coins, limit: 3)
  • Epic Potential Scroll 50% (140 coins, limit: 3)
  • Carved Golden Stamp (40 coins, limit: 3)
  • Master Craftsman’s Cube / Yellow Cube (140 coins, limit: 3)
  • Crimson Resurrection Flame (100 coins, limit: 3)
  • Basic Union Meso Box (30 coins, gains a random amount of mesos of at least 100,000 / 100 thousand, limit: 50. The possible values are as follows, may not be exhaustive:)
    • 100,000 mesos
    • 500,000 mesos
    • 1,000,000 mesos
    • 5,000,000 mesos
  • Intermediate Union Meso Box (50 coins, gains a random amount of mesos of at least 500,000 / 500 thousand, limit: 30. The possible values are as follows, may not be exhaustive:)
    • 500,000 mesos
    • 1,000,000 mesos
    • 1,500,000 mesos
    • 5,000,000 mesos
    • 10,000,000 mesos
  • Advanced Union Meso Box (70 coins, gains a random amount of mesos of at least 1,000,000 / 1 millon, limit: 20. The possible values are as follows, may not be exhaustive:)
    • 1,000,000 mesos (note: about 95% chance of obtaining this amount, other boxes rate seems to have a normal distribution)
    • 2,000,000 mesos
    • 5,000,000 mesos
    • 10,000,000 mesos
    • 50,000,000 mesos
  • Basic Union Growth Potion (75 coins, gains 49% EXP and activates 2x EXP buff for 30 minutes, for characters level 100~129 only, limit: 5)
  • Intermediate Union Growth Potion (110 coins, gains 49% EXP and activates 2x EXP buff for 30 minutes, for characters level 130~159 only, limit: 5)
  • Advanced Union Growth Potion (150 coins, gains 49% EXP and activates 2x EXP buff for 30 minutes, for characters level 160~179 only, limit: 5)
  • Union Preset (500 coins, unlocks 1 preset slot for 30 days to allow you to save the current setup so that you can revert to that setup within 1 click. To toggle between 2 setups quickly, 2 presets are needed. Limit: 3)
  • Additional Potential Scroll 50% (200 coins, limit: 3)
  • Arcane Symbol Catalyst (300 coins, non-reboot only, limit: 3)
    • Use it on an Arcane Symbol to destabilise it to allow transfer using storage by dropping it to Symbol Level 1 and losing 20% symbol EXP (so you will have to pay the mesos again)
    • The target receiving the destabilised symbol must have completed the respective Arcane River town quests (Example: The target must have done Esfera prequests to receive an unstable Esfera symbol.)
    • The target must also throw away the duplicate symbol on hand/equipped to receive the destabilised symbol. Double click the destabiised symbol to stabilise it so that it can be equipped (also becomes untradeable and primary stats will adjust to the target's job)
      • Tip: Dream Coins and Spirit Coins are not considered as Arcane Symbols, so you can stockpile them on your to-be-new main before actually transferring the symbol over. Then you can further feed more duplicates from exchanging the coins to speed up the process of regaining the lost EXP.

Union Coins Ranking[edit]

Based on the number of Union Coins obtained from Waiting and Attacking, you are ranked with other players (ranking period: Sunday 11.30pm to Monday 12.30am, based on your server's time zone). Top 100 will receive prizes that expire in 7 days (168 hours) upon receiving them.

  • 1st: World's Strongst Union Power chair and Union Ranking mount
  • 2nd~100th: Union Ranking mount