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AP and Equipment[edit | edit source]

DEXless Beginner

This is the build for the player who only puts in STR, however it also provides the strongest damage for beginners.

  • STR: Continuously add.
  • DEX: Add nothing.
  • INT: Add nothing.
  • LUK: Add nothing.

Try getting strength sauna robe and some acc wg.

Warrior-style Beginner

This build is exactly the same as a Warrior's build.

  • STR: All other Ability Points that do not go into DEX.
  • DEX: Add nothing.
  • INT: Add nothing.
  • LUK: Add nothing.
Monster Masterer Beginner

This build is for the players who is specialised in killing one monster

  • STR: Add until you can 1HKO it.
  • DEX: Add nothing.
  • INT: Add nothing.
  • LUK: Add last until it can't hit you.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Because Beginner can only use non-job-specific equipment (i.e. "common" item), it is best to review the various equipments that are compatible with your character before purchasing and scrolling such equipments. If your main character is a permanent beginner, you will probably not have access to the higher level equipments.

SP[edit | edit source]

Beginner[edit | edit source]

Permanent Beginner

With 3 available skills that all max at 3 SP, and 6 available SP, it is a choice of which 2 skills to max. Three Snails does consistent damage, but will be quickly out-damaged by the regular attack, and is useless after the first job change when all classes receive much more powerful attacks. Recovery will add a set amount of recovery, but with a long cooldown and the high drop rate of red and orange potions, it is much simpler to use potions. Finally, Nimble Feet gives a short speed boost with a reasonably long cooldown. This is the only skill which can be used after first job by any class that hasn't maxed its speed. Recovery is generally the least useful of these three.

  • 3 Three Snails (MAX)
  • 3 Nimble Feet (MAX)