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MS Southperry Icon.png Southperry[edit]

  • Region: Maple Island
  • Roads: Maple Road

Southperry is the last town of Maple Island. It is where a player boards the ship to go to Lith Harbor. In addition, the buildings and ground appear similar to Lith's.

Southperry Armor Store[edit]

Item Price
White Undershirt (M) 50
Undershirt (M) 50
Grey T-Shirt (M) 50
White Tubetop (F) 50
Yellow T-Shirt (F) 50
Green T-Shirt (F) 50
Red-Striped Top (F) 50
Blue Jean Shorts (M) 50
Brown Cotton Shorts (M) 50
Red Miniskirt (F) 50
Indigo Miniskirt (F) 50
Red Rubber Boots 50
Leather Sandals 50


NPCs that appear in multiple towns
Unique NPCs
NPC Location(s) Notes
MS NPC Biggs.png
Maple Road: Southperry

MS NPC Vasily.png
Maple Road: Port Allows you on the boat to Victoria Island.

MS NPC Pan.png
Maple Road: Southperry Armor Store Armor Seller