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MapleStory Kaiser selection icon.png
  • Race: Nova
  • Class: Warrior
  • Maximum level: 250
  • Primary Stat: STR
  • Weapons: Two-Handed Swords (Primary), Dragon Essence (Secondary)

Kaiser is a Warrior class, it is the first Nova race class to be released into the game. Although the story represents him as a male, he can be created as both a male or a female inside the game.

Morph Gauge & Dragon Link UI

Use special attacks to fill the Morph Gauge to transform into Kaiser's ancient dragon form, which increases Kaiser's strength and mobility. As you level your Kaiser, you'll reach new transformation stages with distinct looks.

The Dragon Link UI sits below the Morph Gauge and allows you to assign certain abilities to key combinations (i.e. Left, Right + Attack, or Left, Down + Attack, etc). These skills can also be added to your Quick Slot hot keys like other abilities. However, using the Dragon Link key combinations will fill your Morph Gauge faster!

Pre-release art[edit]


Long ago, the legendary Nova Warrior, Kaiser, protected Pantheon and the people of Grandis from Magnus, a power-hungry emissary of the Black Mage. The two powers collided, and in the end Magnus, along with his army of abominations, proved to be the stronger of the two. Faced with certain defeat, Kaiser unleashed an all-consuming attack, eradicating Magnus's creatures and destroying his own physical form in the process. But his spirit lived on, waiting for the perfect host to receive his power.

A young Nova boy named Kyle forms the Heliseum Force with his friends Velderoth and Tear to protect the people of Grandis just as Kaiser did long ago. When Pantheon is in danger and all seems lost, Kyle finds himself infused with an unknown source of energy. Through Kyle, the great dragon warrior Kaiser is reborn!

1st Job[edit]

Complete the Kaiser storyline quests. At 30, the job advancement just requires you to click through a lightbulb quest that appears above your character's head.

2nd Job[edit]

Complete the Kaiser storyline quests. When finished you should be about level 40. After appearing in Maple World you can use the quest to teleport you to Kerning Square Shopping Center. Complete the following

3rd Job[edit]

4th Job[edit]