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MS Rien Icon.png Rien[edit]

  • Region: Rien
  • Roads: Snow Island
  • Level Range: 1-10
File:MS Rien.png
Map of Rien

Rien is an island in the Maple World. It is the home of the new Aran class. Not much is known about this new area as of yet, but it resembles El Nath with its snowy scenery. At the very back of the island, you can enter the Mirror Cave, which shows about your past.

Rien is an icy, snow covered area (more than half of the island is covered with snow and ice) with very low temperatures, but located in a warm place due to the Black Magician’s curse.

You will not see many humans in Rien, as most of the inhabitants are penguins. So far the only known and accepted human is Lilin who belongs to the Rien clan. You also see a giant polearm that holds within it a spirit named Maha. If you are an Aran, you might be able to see Maha. If you advanced to Aran, you will be able to see the spirit Maha floating next to the giant polearm. In your 4th job advancement you will have to fight him so be ready.In GlobalMS, a new area past the Mirror Cave is called Rankitbu.It is only a town, but you need to go there for the 4th job advancement for Aran.


Black Road[edit]

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MS Monster Black Mage Wyvern.png Black Mage Wyvern (1)

MS Monster Black Mage Cornian.png Black Mage Cornian (1)

MS Monster Black Mage Skelegon.png Black Mage Skelegon (1)


NPCs that appear in multiple towns
Unique NPCs
NPC Location(s) Notes
MS NPC Athena Pierce2.png
Athena Pierce
Black Road: Ready to Leave Quest Giver
MS NPC Giant Polearm.png
Giant Polearm
Rien ?
MS NPC Lilin.png
Rien Guide / Helper
MS NPC Lost Child.png
Lost Child
Black Road: Dead End Forest ?
MS NPC Maha.png
Rien Polearm's Spirit / Job Instructor
MS NPC Pucci.png
Rien Quest Giver
MS NPC Pudin.png
Palace of the Master Palace Guard
MS NPC Puno.png
Rien Weapon Merchant
MS NPC Puro2.png
Penguin Port Transport to Victoria Island
MS NPC Puri Puri.png
Puri Puri
Rien Merchant
MS NPC Pusla.png
Rien Storage Owner
MS NPC Tititi.png
Razor Sharp Cliff Jewelcrafter Yeti
MS NPC Head Wolf.png
Head Wolf
Hidden Street: Wolf's Agony Quest Giver