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Beginner Master[edit]

MS Skill Three Snails.png

Three Snails: Throws a snail shell to inflict set damage.

MS Skill Recovery.png

Recovery: Uses MP to recover HP over a period of 30 seconds. Usable only once every minute.

MS Skill Nimble Feet.png

Nimble Feet: Uses MP to provide a very short burst of speed. Usable only once every 2 minutes.

MS Skill Dark Winds.png Dragon Flight
"Fly a long distance with your Dragon."
MS Skill Inherited Will.png Inherited Will
"You learned the dragon master's true power by receiving the will of Afrien, the King of Onyx Dragon."

First Mastery (10-20)[edit]

MS Skill Dragon Soul.png Dragon Soul
"Commune with your Dragon to increase Attack Speed, Magic ATT, Defense, and Speed."
MS Skill Magic Missile.png Magic Missile
"Continuously attacks the enemy by consuming MP."

Second Mastery (20-30)[edit]

MS Skill Fire Circle.png Fire Circle
"Shoots out a flame that attacks multiple enemies."
MS Skill Teleport.png Teleport
"Allows you to teleport a set distance to other locations on the same map using the arrow keys."

Third Mastery (30-40)[edit]

MS Skill Lightning Bolt.png Lightning Bolt
"Drops thunderbolts on up to 8 enemies."
MS Skill Magic Guard.png Magic Guard
"Reduces damage dealt to you, and makes a portion of the damage affect your MP instead of your HP. If your MP reaches 0, your HP takes the full amount of damage."

Fourth Mastery (40-50)[edit]

MS Skill Spell Mastery.png Spell Mastery
"Increases Magic Mastery, Magic Attack, and Critical Rate."
MS Skill Ice Breath.png Ice Breath
"Gathers chilling ice energy to attack multiple monsters."
MS Skill High Wisdom.png High Wisdom
"Permanently increases INT."

Fifth Mastery (50-60)[edit]

MS Skill Magic Flare.png Magic Flare
"A pillar of light streams from the pentacle, surrounding enemies to inflict damage and paralyze for a short period of time."
MS Skill Magic Shield.png Magic Shield
"Creates a protective shield that absorbs a fixed amount of damage received by party members for a set duration."
MS Skill Elemental Decrease.png Elemental Decrease
"Temporarily decreases the magic attributes of all attacks that you use."

Sixth Mastery (60-80)[edit]

MS Skill Critical Magic.png Critical Magic
"Increases your Critical Hit Rate and minimum Critical Damage."
MS Skill Dragon Thrust.png Dragon Thrust
"A fierce dragon deals damage to enemies while knocking them back."

MS Skill Magic Booster.png

Magic Booster: Consumes MP to increase Magic Attack Speed by two steps for set duration.

MS Skill Dragon Blink.png Dragon Blink
"Teleport to a random location of the map. The MP cost and cooldown time decreases as Skill Level increases."

Seventh Mastery (80-100)[edit]

MS Skill Magic Amplification.png Magic Amplification
"Increases magic attack by using more MP."
MS Skill Fire Breath.png Fire Breath
"Unleashes furious flames to attack and stun multiple monsters."

MS Skill Killer Wings.png

Killer Wings: Brands an enemy with a Dragon seal. Your following attacks focus on that enemy, and the enemy takes damage over time.

MS Skill Magic Resistance.png

Magic Resistance: Temporarily increases the magic resistance and Magic DEF for all party members nearby.

MS Skill Dragon Spark.png Dragon Spark
"Grants a chance to deal additional damage after an attack."

Eighth Mastery (100-120)[edit]

MS Skill Dragon Fury.png Dragon Fury
"When your MP is within a certain range, the focus of the Dragon strengthens and your Magic Attack increases. This effect disappears once your MP is out of that range."
MS Skill Earthquake.png Earthquake
"Violently shakes the ground, inflicting multiple attacks on enemies."
MS Skill Onyx Shroud.png Onyx Shroud
"Temporarily increases Avoidability rate for entire party."
MS Skill Phantom Imprint.png Phantom Imprint
"Creates a pentacle that puts a curse on a target enemy. Cursed enemies temporarily take more damage."
MS Skill Recovery Aura.png Recovery Aura
"Creates a recovery aura around you for a short time. The HP and MP of all party members within the aura will be continuously restored.
Cooldown: 60 seconds."

MS Skill Teleport Mastery.png Teleport Mastery
"When activated, enemies at the teleport location will take damage and become Stunned. Also, permanently increases teleport distance. This skill can be toggled on and off with the skill key."
Requires Level 20 Teleport

Ninth Mastery (120-160)[edit]

Those in Italic can be obtained through Combat Orders.

MS Skill Maple Warrior.png Maple Warrior
"Increases the base stats of all party members."
MS Skill Hero's Will.png Hero's Will
"By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects."
MS Skill Magic Mastery.png Magic Mastery
"Enhances Magic Mastery, Magic Attack, and Minimum Critical Damage."
Requires Level 10 Spell Mastery

MS Skill Illusion.png

Illusion: The Dragon's clone attacks a monster consecutive times. A portion of the enemy's defense will be ignored.

MS Skill Flame Wheel.png Flame Wheel
"Generates a wheel of flames that spirals into monsters in front of you, dealing Fire damage. Enemies hit take continuous damage."

Tenth Mastery (160-200)[edit]

MS Skill Blessing of the Onyx.png

Blessing of the Onyx: Increases Weapon Defense, Magic Defense, and Magic Attack.

MS Skill Blaze.png Blaze
"Strike the target with fire for high damage and a chance to stun. A portion of enemy's defense will be ignored."

MS Skill Dark Fog.png

Dark Fog: Creates a dark, chilly fog that attacks multiple enemies. Increases your critical rate.

MS Skill Onyx Will.png

Onyx Will: Decreases a portion of received damage for a set period and, enables you to resist being knocked back when struck.

MS Skill Soul Stone.png

Soul Stone: Casts a buff that holds Souls. A character who dies whose Soul is being held will be resurrected immediately in the same location. This buff is randomly cast on party members.

Hyper Skills[edit]

Stat Enhancers[edit]

MS Skill Hyper Strength.png Hyper Strength
"Permanently increases STR."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Dexterity.png Hyper Dexterity
"Permanently increases DEX."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Intelligence.png Hyper Intelligence
"Permanently increases INT."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Luck.png Hyper Luck
"Permanently increases LUK."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Jump.png Hyper Jump
"Permanently increases Jump."
Unlocked at level 146
MS Skill Hyper Speed.png Hyper Speed
"Permanently increases Movement Speed."
Unlocked at level 152
MS Skill Hyper Accuracy.png Hyper Accuracy
"Permanently increases Accuracy."
Unlocked at level 158
MS Skill Hyper Defense.png Hyper Defense
"Permanently increases Weapon DEF."
Unlocked at level 165
MS Skill Hyper Magic Defense.png Hyper Magic Defense
"Permanently increases Magic DEF."
Unlocked at level 174
MS Skill Hyper Fury.png Hyper Fury
"Permanently increases Max DF (useless for Evan)."
Unlocked at level 180
MS Skill Hyper Mana.png Hyper Mana
"Permanently increases Max MP."
Unlocked at level 186
MS Skill Hyper Health.png Hyper Health
"Permanently increases Max HP."
Unlocked at level 192
MS Skill Hyper Critical.png Hyper Critical
"Permanently increases Critical Rate."
Unlocked at level 198

Skill Enhancers[edit]

MS Skill Illusion - Guardbreak.png Illusion - Guardbreak
"Increases the amount of DEF Illusion ignores."
Unlocked at Level 143
MS Skill Dark Fog - Damage Split.png Dark Fog - Damage Split
"Splits Dark Fog's damage into four separate attacks worth 25% of total."
Unlocked at Level 149
MS Skill Blaze - Persist.png Blaze - Persist
"Increases Blaze's stun duration."
Unlocked at Level 155
MS Skill Illusion - Range Up.png Illusion - Range Up
"Increases Illusion's range."
Unlocked at Level 162
MS Skill Dark Fog - Reinforce.png Dark Fog - Reinforce
"Increases Dark Fog's damage."
Unlocked at Level 168
MS Skill Blaze - Guardbreak.png Blaze - Guardbreak
"Increases Blaze's DEF ignore amount."
Unlocked at Level 177
MS Skill Illusion - Reinforce.png Illusion - Reinforce
"Increases Illusion's damage."
Unlocked at Level 183
MS Skill Dark Fog - Cooldown Cutter.png Dark Fog - Cooldown Cutter
"Reduces Dark Fog cooldown."
Unlocked at Level 189
MS Skill Blaze - Reinforce.png Blaze - Reinforce
"Increases Blaze's damage."
Unlocked at Level 195

Active Skills[edit]

MS Skill Frenzied Soul.png Frenzied Soul
"Increases party's damage (self included)."
Unlocked at level 150
MS Skill Summon Onyx Dragon.png Summon Onyx Dragon
"Summons the ancient Onyx Dragon to aid in battle."
Unlocked at level 170
MS Skill Heroic Memories Evan.png Heroic Memories
"Recalls the oath of the Maple Heroes to increase damage and max damage cap. Only applies to hero classes within the party."
Unlocked at level 200