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Quests are tasks that players may perform for NPCs for rewards and experience. An abundance of quests are available, each with varying level requirements and some having additional requirements such as job, fame or the completion of another quest. For example the quest "Building Blackbull's New House" requires 10 fame, a level requirement of 30, and the completion of "Fixing Blackbull's House". Some quests have quite a low level requirement for their difficulty and are literally impossible to complete at the level that they are available. Different rewards, such as experience, can be received by the player after completing certain quests, and some have substantial rewards such as unique and powerful pieces of equipment. Some quests can be redone after completing it for the first time, though the reward(s) and given EXP may not be the same (all jump quests are repeatable with random rewards). Unlike most MMORPGs, it's not possible to escape the grind by completing quests.

Main quests

Party Quests/Accompaniments

For more details on this topic, see MapleStory/Party Quests.

Party Quest(a.k.a. PQ) is a term that was created in the Global version, suspected because it was easier to type. MapleStory's official name for the Party Quest is "Accompaniment."

The 1st Accompaniment is called Moon Bunny, aka Henesys PQ. A party of 3-6, including the leader, go into an area where the party is required to kill Pigs and RIbbon Pigs to obtain Primrose Seeds. Upon entering the area you see a tiger named Growlie, who is the protector of the area and also explains the PQ. In order to finish the PQ, you must place one of each seed on each of six platforms by clicking on it. Once all the seeds have flowered, a bunny will appear and it will be attacked by various monsters. You must defend the bunny so it can make rice cakes for Growly. A fairly simple quest, it requires you to be level 50 and up.

The 2nd Accompaniment is called First Time Together, aka Kerning PQ. A party of 3-4 goes through 5 stages solving puzzles and killing monsters within 30 minutes. The main idea is teamwork, since each part requires all party members to participate. At the end, a boss battle ensues with King Slime. Only one party can be inside the party quest at any given time on one channel. There is also a time limit for completing each stage of the party quest. This party quest requires you to be level 50 and up.

The 3rd Accompaniment is called Dimensional Schism, aka Ludibrium PQ (or Ludi PQ). There are 6 stages to this quest, requiring 3-6 party members. This quest involves killing Ratz for Dimensional Passes, then killing Shadow Eyes in a dark map. Next, you'll have to complete a jump quest. Each floor has 3 platforms, but only one will be the correct one. Afterwards, you must defeat 4 Rombots, and then solve a math question. Last is the boss battle with Alishar. After this stage, experience will be given. The level limit for this accompaniment is 50+.

Next is The Ice Knight's Curse. You must help Von liberate his brother Jun from the Ice Knight's curse. Escort Von, the Iceman, through the Dangerous Forest while protecting him from Hectors and White Fangs. In the last stage you get to fight the Ice Knight to free Von of the Ice Knight's curse.

Next is Forest of Poison Haze, aka Ellin Forest PQ. In the PQ, your appearance is changed to one of the Ellin Forest NPCs, based on your job type (Kanderune for warriors, Perzen for magicians, Athena Pierce for archers, Lohd for thieves, and Yuris for pirates). You must go through the forest and find out who's poisoning the forest, leading to a boss battle with the Poison Golem.

Next is Remnant of the Goddess, aka Orbis Party Quest. You start out in the Center Tower, and progress through each stage to get a piece of the Goddess's statue. Then, you are sent back to the Center Tower to place the statue pieces on the broken statue. Then, you are escorted to the Garden, where you must defeat Nependeaths and loot their seeds. You then click the flower pots to plant the seeds. When a Dark Nependeath spawns, kill it to summon Papa Pixie. Defeat it and take the Grass of Life, which you use to click on the statue and revive the Goddess. This PQ requires level 70+.

The Party Quest for Herb Town covers 70+. It consists of boarding the Pirates' ship and defeating as many of them as possible, while making your way to the Captain, Lord Pirate, who is located deep at the stern of the ship. It is among the shorter Party Quests, and gives little experience.

The next mainstream accompaniment is the Magatia Party Quest. It is for level 70+. The purpose of the party quest is to reunite the two lovers, Romeo and Juliet, who belong to the opposing Alchemist factions, the Zenumists and the Alcadnos.

Next comes Resurrection of the Hoblin King, aka Hoblin PQ. You must escort Shammos through the Ice Ravine, while protecting him from Hoblins, and help him stop Rex from breaking free. In the last stage, Shammos betrays you and releases Rex himself, leaving you and your party to defeat him.

Following that is the Dragon Rider PQ. You must obtain the Soaring skill from Chief Tatamo and Matada before doing this PQ. The objective is to find out who the Dragon Rider is and why he's terrorizing Leafre.

Next is Kenta in Danger, aka Kenta PQ. You must go through the depths of the sea to rescue Kenta, and then aid him in his Pianus research.

Following that is Escape, where you must travel through the Lion King's Castle and rescue prisoners trapped inside, and defeat Ani.

Another party quest is called Dimension Invasion. You must stop Hilla from taking over Grandis, while preventing Magnus from interfering.

There is another Party Quest for level 51-70, available in some versions. It is called the Ludibrium Maze Party Quest. It can be started from the main town center of Ludibrium, and consists of wondering through a maze of many rooms, trying to gather as many tickets as possible. The EXP granted upon completion varies depending on how many are gathered. Like Henesys PQ, there is no boss.

Another party quest for characters level 50 and above is the Zakum Party Quest. There are three major parts to this quest. The first involves a party of any number of members entering a quest which requires the party to collect certain items, with several obstacles. The second is a two-part horizontal jump quest. It is quite difficult for a first timer, but as you progress, you will gradually get the hang of it. There is a minor quest in between the second and third, which requires you to hunt for 30 Zombie's Gold Tooths to forge the item required to summon Zakum. The third and final part of the quest is fighting Zakum itself. Most versions have implemented the Zakum Squad system, which prevents the weaker players from stealing an entry into the Altar from the higher leveled players, as they will waste spaces for attackers or Priests. However, in some versions it is being abused, and higher level players demand payment from lower levels to enter the Altar for the helm specially.

The Accompaniments have been heavily criticized for being a very extreme timesink, sometimes in the order of hours of near inaction. Many players don't have the patience to wait or the skill to secure entry. Before MapleStory began to raise their level of security as they left the Beta stage, most players relied on 3rd party hacks and macros such as Autoclickers that allowed them to click the Accompaniment NPC automatically several times, allowing the leader to relax from the clicking. GameGuard now detects most autoclickers, although some users can create programs to bypass the detection.

Jump Quests

For more details on this topic, see MapleStory/Quests/Jump Quests.

There are many Jump Quests in MapleStory. On GlobalMS, the following NPCs give a Jump Quest if the character meets the required level:

  • Shumi at Kerning City (3 quests)
  • John at Lith Harbor (3 quests)
  • Sabitrama at Sleepywood (2 quests)
  • Assistant Cheng at Ludibrium Toy Factory (1 quest)
  • Adobis at The Door to Zakum (1 quest)

A character starts at one part of a map, and uses timed jumps to get from one small platform to another, while attempting to avoid enemies and obstacles that can knock the character off of the platform, causing them to be forced to either start over from the beginning, or, if the character is lucky, from a certain point somewhere above the beginning. Jumping Quests can become highly annoying if the character continually falls off. Success in these quests requires great patience and control. An impatient person who gets furious whenever he/she falls is less likely to succeed than a patient jumper that perseveres. Jump quests will also fit the background of which town the quest is located in. Shumi's jump quests will require jumping platforms in a subway, avoiding Stirges, Jr. Neckis, laser beams, electrical wires, and oil splats. John's quests involve jumping tiny platforms while dodging balls of spikes and moving stars. Sabitrama's quests require dodging spears, thorns, and Lupins that throw their bananas. Assistant Cheng's one quest requires riding conveyor belts and dodging Trixters. Adobis' quest puts the jumping over a pit of lava, with rocks falling from the ceiling.

Jump quests can be done again and again to receive random ores and jewels each time, except Adobis' quest which always rewards EXP and a quest item on completion.

Adobis' Zakum jump quest's reward for EXP has been removed due to fly-hackers.

There are also two unofficial quests in the Pet Parks located in Henesys and Ludibrium. They are relatively simple top-to-bottom climbs, but they reward only closeness for a pet (2 in Henesys, 4 in Ludibrium). They may be accessed at will and repeated whenever desired, regardless of level.

Speed and Jump boosts, along with movement skills such as Flash Jump and Teleport do not work in any Jump Quest. A Fighter/Page's Power Guard does work however. It will reduce the knock back damage done from a monster.

List of quests without guides

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Victoria Island
  • "Mar" the Fairy and the Water of Life
  • Beat the Heat <Easy>
  • Independence Day : Cody's Barbecue Party
  • Seeking the Town Down There... (Level ?)
  • Teo's reminiscence (Level 10)
Event Quests
  • Making the Leaf flavoured Tomato Juice
  • Making the Slime Bubble flavoured Tomato Juice
  • Making the Huge Bubble flavoured Tomato Juice
  • Making the Orange Mushroom flavoured Tomato Juice