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MS Thunder Breaker art.png
  • Race: Cygnus Knight
  • Class: Pirate
  • Maximum level: 250
  • Primary Stat: STR
  • Weapons: Knuckles (Primary), Jewels (Secondary)

Thunder Breakers are melee fighters who are blessed by the spirit of lightning and water, using sharks in various skills. They use knuckles as their main weapons, and they can fight at close or fairly long range.


  • Thunder Breakers have a chaining system that allows them to chain almost all their skills together, reducing their relay and, starting in 3rd job, increasing your damage. In addition, they also ignore 5% enemy defense for each Lightning buff accumulated from the Lightning Elemental skill in 1st job, and you gain a stack at a chance while attacking. At first, you can only gain 1 Lightning stack, but with each new Lightning upgrade (Electrified in 1st job, Lightning Boost in 2nd, Lightning Lord in 3rd, and Thunder God in 4th), you can raise the maximum stacks by 1 for each skill (up to 5 with these skills).
  • In 3rd job, you obtain a new skill called Gale, which uses up your accumulated stacks and gives you a damage boost, but it has a cooldown. This skill is further upgraded in 4th job with Typhoon. At level 150, you unlock the hyper skill Primal Bolt, which allows you to spam Typhoon without a cooldown or any Lightning buffs, but you gain no damage boost from Lightning buffs (this is made up for since with this skill active, you ignore 9% enemy defense for each stack, and you gain a 25% damage boost. In 4th job, you also gain a new 1v1 skill named Annihilate, which starts out with 2 hits, but gains 1 attack count for each Lightning buff.

First Job Advancement[edit]

To become first job, go through the tutorial and then talk to the job instructor of whichever job you wish to choose.

Second Job Advancement[edit]

At level 30, Neinheart will contact you via lightbulb. He will tell you to talk to your job instructor at Ereve. Talk to your instructor, who tells you to go to the Second Drill Hall and kill 30 Tigurus of Exam. Afterwards, head back to your instructor and you will receive the second job advancement.

Third Job Advancement[edit]

At level 60, Neinheart will contact you via lightbulb. Accept the quest, and then head to Helios Tower's Library and talk to Wiz the Librarian. He will tell you to enter the door at the top right of the library. Click on the Old Book in there, and then 10 Black Wings Disciples will spawn. Kill them all, and then the Cygnus Chief Knight Hawkeye will appear. He will tell you how impressed he is, and will tell you to head back to Ereve and talk to Neinheart.

Fourth Job Advancement[edit]

At level 100, Neinheart will contact you via lightbulb. He will tell you about a Black Wings member hanging around the Grave of a Wrecked Ship. Head there and talk to Wightmare, the new Black Wings General, who will send you to a dream map. Afterwards, you will be sent back to the Grave of a Wrecked Ship. Talk to Hawkeye there, who tells you to report to Neinheart. Neinheart will tell you to report to Cygnus, who is sound asleep. Afterwards, you will be sent to Cygnus's dream, where you see Cygnus staring into a mirror of the future and seeing her corrupted future. She freaks out, and faints as her corrupted future breaks out of the mirror and into Cygnus's dream world. You must then defeat her future self, and then you will be transported back to the real world. Then, you talk to Cygnus and she reveals that the "report" Neinheart requested you bring to her was actually a letter of recommendation for you, and will advance you to 4th job.