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Von Leon is a boss found in the Lion King's Castle. It is one of the Black Mage's Commanders. For this boss, there is Easy and Normal mode.


  • Completed Lion King's Castle Theme Dungeon Quests and The Knight's Scroll. For the list of quests, see MapleStory/The Lion King's Castle.
  • Level 120 or higher
  • Maximum 1 entry daily regardless of mode


Common Stats
  • 30 minutes time limit
  • For every death, EXP -1%
  • Unlimited Death Counts
Easy Mode
  • Level: 120
  • HP: 700,000,000 (700 million)
  • DEF: 50%
  • EXP: 88,400
Normal Mode
  • Level: 129
  • HP: 6,300,000,000 (6.3 Billion)
  • DEF: 80%
  • EXP: 884,000 (88,400 in KMS)

Attacks and Mechanics[edit]

  • Laser that shoots out from his eye. Deals 100% damage
  • Claw Swipe
  • Lion Cry (includes Stun effect for 3 seconds)
  • Summons monsters (he can eat them)
  • Eat summoned monsters to heal about 14 million HP
  • Teleport to a targeted user
  • Damage Reflect
  • Banish into a map with treasure chests. To get back in the battle, get 1 Key from the chest and use it to unlock the portal.


  • Lion King Castle Coin (requires 50 Purification stone to form 1 Gold Coin)
    • Can be used to buy Royal Von Leon Set from Murt in Tower 3.
  • Von Leon's Soul Shard
  • Potions
  • Boss Medal of Honor
  • Cubes (Master Craftsman for GMS, Suspicious for other servers)