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  • Race: Resistance
  • Class: Pirate
  • Maximum level: 250
  • Primary Stat: DEX
  • Weapons: Guns (Primary), Magnums (Secondary)
Current character creation icon for Resistance. Depicted are the Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, and Mechanic.

Mechanics are part of the Resistance, in addition to Battle Mages and Wild Hunters.

First job advancement[edit]

Training areas[edit]

10 - 25 A helpful tip that is going to help you from lv 10 - around 25 by collecting Solid horns and give it to Staff Sergeant Charlie in the Orbis Exchange Quest. Solid horns is a drop from Jr. Cellion, Jr. Lioner and Jr. Grupins.

Second job advancement[edit]

To complete the Mech job advance you need to...

  • 1. Obtain level 30.
  • 2. Go to the Mechanic job instructor, Checky.
  • 3. Accept the quest.
  • 4. Head to the building you would use to get to Victoria Island or Orbis.
  • 5. Talk to Schiller (you probably remember him), fight him, and take the report he drops when defeated.
  • 6. Complete the quest back at Checky (in the Resistance Base).
  • 7. Congrats! You are now a 2nd job Mechanic!

Training areas[edit]

PQs (player quests) are probably the best way to level up and get good gear, but here are some preferences for normal monsters you can find around Maple World.

  • Level 30-39: Mushroom Kingdom or Monster Carnival
  • Level 35-45: Blake's Dream or Nett's Pyramid
  • Level 40-49: Monster Carnival
  • Level 50-54: Scarecrows (found in New Leaf City)or monsters at top of Eos Tower
  • Level 55-59: Toy Trojans or Panda Toys in Ludibrium, Chryse
  • Level 60-69: Fog PQ or Guard Robots

Third job advancement[edit]

Training areas[edit]

  • Level 70-74: Big Spiders
  • Level 90-100: MP3 (map)