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Edelstein; screenshot taken near the Resistance HQ

MS Edelstein Icon.png Edelstein[edit]

  • Region: Edelstein
  • Roads: Concrete Road, Dry Road, Gelimer Research Lab
  • Level: 5~35

Edelstein is a small, industrial town where members of the Resistance begin their training. This town is in control of the Black Wings, who the Resistance is fighting against. To begin your first job, you must complete a few small tasks for inhabitants of the town and reach level 10. You are then able to become either a Battle Mage, Wild Hunter, or a Mechanic and become part of the Resistance. This is also the town that Demon Slayers begin in after their introduction.

Edelstein and the Verne Mine are located on a continent north-east of the rest of Maple World.

West of Edelstein are three park zones for introduction training. In Park 3 there is a portal in the top left to the area where the Dalia can be found for the quest given by Elex.

East of Edelstein is the road to Verne Mine and the mine itself, where you'll find many strange and modern creatures, like street lamps and robots. Training and quests gp up to about level 35 here.



NPCs that appear in multiple towns
Unique NPCs
NPC Location(s) Notes
MS NPC Bastille.png
Black Wing Territory: Edelstein Silent Crusade main quest NPC.

MS NPC Bavan.png
Black Wing Watchman
Black Wing Territory: Edelstein An important member of the Black Wings. He is involved in a few quests.

File:MS NPC Checky.png
Black Wing Territory: Edelstein An undercover member of the resistance. Involved with and gives a few quests.

MS Leben Icon.png Leben Mine [KMS]/ Verne Mine [GMS][edit]

  • Region: Edelstein
  • Level Range: 81-85 (excluding quest monsters)
Verne Mine entrance

The Verne Mine, east of Edelstein, is where you'll find many strange and modern creatures. This is the Black Wing's headquarters, where their officers, leaders, and researchers reside. There is a power plant and an elevator inside.

This area provides quests spaced out by an inconvenient amount of levels. For example, the first couple of quests are available for players 70-80, but after that, they jump to 84, 87, and 90+, so players have to return every few levels to complete just a few quests. The entire line cannot be completed in a manner similar to low level quests that can be completed in sequence (this is because low level quests tend to level up the player, whereas higher level quests do not).


Quest Monsters