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Ursus is a gigantic bear who is threatening Maple World. It is the biggest boss ever found in terms of size. It is also the first boss using the 2D Skeleton Animation System which reduces lag and memory consumption till 1% of the original (which means you still lag from other players' skills). To start talk to Masur in the Ursus Entrance or queue directly using the Ursus icon in Maple Content Icon at left side of screen.


  • Level 100 or higher
  • 18 Players for Quick Slow Start (1 to 18 players for quick Party Play)
  • Max 3 entries daily per account.

Battle Dynamics[edit]

During the battle the following adjustments are made to ensure that everyone has equal fun and to make the battle an interesting yet challenging one.

  1. Damage Adjustments
  2. Skill Limit
  3. Potion Limit
  4. Shared Revive Limit (not Death Limit)
  5. Multi-part Skeleton System (as well as completely new skills)
  6. Battle Scene Adaptation

Damage Adjustments[edit]

This section is a stub. Help us expand it, and you get a cookie., requires more testing.

Based on your total Star Force, your damage range will be set.

  • Your Total Weapon Attack or Total Magic Attack is set to about 10610 by default and can be increased by increasing your Star Force (seems to increase by about 1000 Weapon and Magic ATT every 20 Star Force, capped at 120 Star Force)
  • Your equipment STR, DEX, INT, LUK, Weapon ATT, Magic ATT, Damage %, Damage to Boss Monsters %, Ignore DEF %, are all ignored, including Potential and Additional Potential Stats (Basically any stat in your equips that directly influence your damage output except Critical and HP is excluded). However Arcane Symbols are counted.
  • Only Pure AP, Union Stats, Overhead Title, Skills Passive Effects (and Active Effects if you choose to use it), Inner Ability, Hyper Stats and Arcane Symbols are counted.
  • This means for your 4 main stats, the main sources would probably be your level as well as Arcane Symbols.

Skill Limits[edit]

You can choose 8 Skills for use inside the battle.

  • Mobility Skills, Beginner Skills (except Oz Ring Skills, they are banned), Passive Skills and Passive Effects of Active Skills are applied without counting to the limit.
  • Resurrection skills and healing type skills are allowed.
  • 5th Job Skills are not allowed (but Enhancement Nodes and Special Nodes are allowed).
  • During the fight, attack skills that are over 200,000 pixels in area or hits 14 monsters or more are invisible to others to reduce lag (but it is still laggy ultimately)

Potion Limit[edit]

Up till 20 potions can be used per life (resets when you get revived) Buff potions and Healing potions will count to the limit. Potion Pot can bypass this limit (GMS only).

Shared Revive Limit[edit]

Maximum 80 Revives. When you die you require the assistance of another fighter to revive you by pressing the Spacebar (NPC Chat in GMS) for 10 seconds uninterrupted. The person reviving can move around to dodge meteors so long as he is still touching the corpse. Exception is during the final phase where Ursus will deal continuous 10% damage per second, which in that case revive is not interrupted.

People who revived someone successfully gets 300 to 500 Individual Points. When revived, your buffs are not reset.

Multi-part Skeleton System[edit]

Ursus has multiple body parts that you can target individually. Each body part has a fixed Final Damage Multiplier attached to it which determine how much you will damage. Generally the Multiplier goes down from front to back, so the head will let you hit your full damage.

  • Each part can be damaged so that he would not be able to use the skills associated with that part (it is possible for all skills to be disabled so he does nothing actually)
  • Damaging the legs can cause Ursus to lie down due to fatigue (basically free attacking session for 20 seconds until he awakens, players must be on top of it to survive death)

Battle Scene Adaptation[edit]

Overtime as the battle progresses and Ursus is damaged progressively, background will change to be darker and redder. When Ursus is below 30% HP, the battle music will intensify and when Ursus is down to its last 10% HP, the music changes to match Ursus' hopelessness and desperate defense.

Ursus General Stats[edit]

  • HP: 2,625,000,000,000 (2.625 Trillion)
  • No time limit, you have all the time in the world to kill him so long as you can survive.
  • 10% Overall DEF (DEF per body part is fixed by a Final Damage Multiplier for that specific part)
  • 20 Potion per life (no potion cooldown, resets upon revival)
  • 80 Shared Revive (automatically lose if everyone dies)

Ursus Skills[edit]

Bolded skills represent the need for assistance.

  • Claws ahead quickly for 20% damage
  • Touch damage for about 10% damage, affected by your DEF.
  • Forcefully scratches ahead for 80% damage.
  • With red aura, slams on the ground to stun people ahead, rushes up and eats up till 2 people. Others would need to damage its mouth for Ursus to release them safely. One of 3 situations can occur:
    • Ursus spits and throws them up in the air, other players on ground catches them when they land, positions are indicated by arrows near top of the screen, if they are not caught upon landing they die. Rescuerers in this case gets about 2000 to 3000 Individual Points (unconfirmed).
    • Ursus coughs them out, they are inflicted wih 1% damage overtime every 0.2 seconds for about 10 seconds.
    • Ursus ejects them out from his butt.
  • Summons horns on the ground to deal 40% damage 2 seconds later, touch damage is removed during the 2 seconds.
  • Screams at everyone, knocking them back for 2% damage 10 times.
  • Slams on the ground to force jump people for 30% damage 2 seconds later upon rising up to slam the ground.
  • Rushes towards players to deal about 25% damage.
  • With green aura, grab up till 2 players ahead and stands up. Others climb on him to deal damage to his hands to release the captured players. If not done in 30 seconds, Ursus slams them on the ground and kill them. During the catching period, trapped players are still suspectible to meteors, so heal may be required.
  • Due to fatigue, Ursus lies down and rests for about 20 seconds. After which, he would suddenly awaken, killing anyone who is not standing on him. Players standing on him will experience a minor flight (falling rescue not needed). Before he awakens he glows red for about 3 seconds.
  • With purple aura implants 10-second bombs on several players, when bombed players stand around a crowd the damage is reduced inversely (original damage: 200%, damage is inversely proportional to number of players hit so minimum 3 players to survive the bomb) Players hit by the bomb may have the bomb inplanted on them and the cycle repeats.
  • With green aura digs out soil from the ground and splash it ahead, players hit are trapped in sand. Other players (including corpses) touches them to release them out of sand. Rescuerers of such instance receive 100 Individual Points.
  • Kicks the ground and traps players in sand. Other players (including corpses) touches them to release them out of sand. Rescuerers of such instance receive 100 Individual Points.
  • Only during the final 10% HP, Ursus dances on the map, knocking back everything near him (including corpses) and deal 10% map damage per second overtime until it dies.


Your Total score is based on Team Score and Individual Score. Minimum 10 Billion Damage must be dealt, else you will receive 0 Points (E Grade).

Team Score[edit]

Team score increases naturally as the battle progresses. Team score formula is unknown at the moment but here are a few confirmed ones:

  • Kill Ursus (+20,000)
  • Break a part of Ursus (+1,000 per part partially broken, +3,000 if the team manages to break off the part fully, needed to obtain certain body parts)
  • Deal Damage (+107 for the first 1% HP, subsequently every 1% HP killed the increase in Team Score +14, so total +80,000 for 100% HP; in other words arithmetic progression)
  • Revive (+100 per instance)
  • Sand Rescue (+50 per instance)
  • Falling Rescue (+500 to +2000 depending on the one being rescued based on a certain rubrics, +10,000 points for the first instance)
  • Rescue someone from getting grabbed by dealing sufficient damage to the hand (+50 per instance, +5000 points for the first instance)
  • Get hit by a meteor (-10 per instance)
  • Get attacked by Ursus (-1 per 10 time attacked by Ursus, including touch damage, each person being attacked count as 1 time)
  • Fail to perform falling rescue (-500 to -2000 per death depending on the one who died based on a certain rubrics, does not apply if the person already died before landing on the ground)
  • Fail to rescue a person out from grabbing (-500 to -1000 per death depending on the one who died based on a certain rubrics, does not apply if the person has already died before Ursus smashes that person to the ground)

Individual Score[edit]

This is based on personal contribution. Here are the list of Individual Score Formulas though some may not be accurate.

  • Heal (+1 every 0.5% of a party member's HP healed (including yourself), excluding drain recovery, so basically it awards the same amount of points if you healed the same % to different members with different maximum HP)
  • Damage dealt (+200 every 10.4 Billion Damage, up till [1,000×team size])
  • Falling Rescue (+100 per instance, with an additional [+5,000×sum of falling rescues (max 20,000)] split across the sum of everyone's falling rescues)
  • Sand Rescue (+100 per instance)
  • Revive Someone (+300 to +500 per instance, lesser points if more revives are used)
  • Land the final hit on Ursus before it dies (+10,000)


Based on the Total Score you receive a Grade. Score ranges are approximated.

  • E Grade: Less than 5,000 Points
  • D Grade: 5,000 to 19,999 Points
  • C Grade: 20,000 to 29,999 Points
  • B Grade: 30,000 to 74,999 Points
  • A Grade: 75,000 to 110,999 Points
  • S Grade: 111,000 to 141,499 Points
  • SS Grade: 141,500 Points to 152,999 Points
  • SSS Grade (Approximated): 153,000 Points or higher


1 EXP unit:

  • Level 100 to 119:
  • Level 120 to 250: , capped at Level 200.

Based on your Grade you can receive certain amount of EXP, random amount of mesos and materials. (Reboot servers get 5x the mesos) EXP is rounded off, not truncated.

If you cleared Ursus between 8pm and 9pm, mesos is doubled.

  • E Grade: 0.01 EXP unit, 0 mesos
  • D Grade: 1 EXP unit, about 1 million mesos
  • C Grade: 2 EXP units, about 1.65 million mesos
  • B Grade: 2.5 EXP units, about 2.5 million mesos
  • A Grade: 3 EXP units, about 3 million mesos
  • S Grade: 4 EXP units, about 3.3 million mesos
  • SS Grade: 5 EXP units, about 3.85 million mesos
  • SSS Grade: 6 EXP units, about 5 million mesos

At a certain chance when Ursus is killed you can receive Ursus Weapon Soul Shard (collect 10 Ursus Weapon Soul Shard for random Ursus Boss Soul).

Material List:

  • Bone (You get 2 as a participation reward)
  • Fur (You get 2 as a participation reward)
  • Quality Leather (You get 1 as a participaton reward)
  • Leather (You will get 0~4 randomly, higher ranks tend to give more)
  • Claw (You will get 0~2 randomly, if you successfully killed Ursus you may get more)
  • Paw (You will get 0~2 randomly, if you successfully killed Ursus you may get more)
  • Tooth (You will get 0~2 randomly, if you successfully killed Ursus you may get more)
  • Essence (You will get 0~1 randomly, if you successfully killed Ursus you may have a higher chance to get it)
  • Soul Shard (You will get 0~1 randomly, if you successfully killed Ursus you may have a higher chance of getting it)
  • Leg Ornament (Break off Ursus' Leg Ornament fully to get 0~3 randomly, denoted by "GREAT" 4 times)
  • Shoulder Ornament (Break off Ursus' Shoulder Ornament fully to get 0~3 randomly, denoted by "GREAT" 3 times)
  • Horn (Break off Ursus' Horn fully to get 0~3 randomly, denoted by "GREAT" 4 times)

Ursus Shop[edit]

At the entrance map, talk to Aisha to exchange for rewards. All rewards are untradeable unless stated.

  • 100 Spell Traces (tradable)
    • 6 Bones
    • 6 Fur
    • 3 Quality Leather
  • Masur's Weather Effect (+30 Weapon and Magic ATT for 30 minutes to everyone in same map, can type a message)
    • 2 Bones
    • 2 Fur
    • 1 Quality Leather
  • Ursus Honor Medal (1,000 Honor)
    • 10 Bones
    • 10 Fur
    • 10 Leather
    • 5 Quality Leather
    • 5 Leg Ornament
  • Clean Slate Scroll 10%
    • 30 Bones
    • 30 Fur
    • 15 Quality Leather
    • 10 Claws
    • 4 Shoulder Ornament
  • Crimson Resurrection Flame (not in GMS)
    • 40 Bones
    • 40 Fur
    • 20 Quality Leather
    • 5 Paws
    • 1 Soul Shard
  • Additional Potential Scroll 50% (no boom)
    • 40 Bones
    • 40 Fur
    • 20 Quality Leather
    • 3 Tooth
    • 1 Essence
  • Epic Potential Scroll 50% (no boom)
    • 30 Bones
    • 30 Fur
    • 20 Quality Leather
    • 3 Tooth
    • 10 Horns
  • Bear Damage Skin
    • 40 Quality Leather
    • 60 Claws
    • 20 Tooth
    • 30 Leg Ornament
    • 20 Shoulder Ornament
    • 5 Horns
  • Destruction King Damage Skin
    • 50 Quality Leather
    • 60 Claws
    • 30 Paws
    • 30 Leg Ornament
    • 20 Shoulder Ornament
    • 5 Horns
  • Ursus Fist Chair
    • 60 Fur
    • 60 Leather
    • 30 Quality Leather
    • 20 Paws
    • 40 Leg Ornament
  • Mukbang Chair
    • 80 Bones
    • 35 Quality Leather
    • 35 Paws
    • 5 Essence
    • 10 Horns
  • Ursus Hunting Chair
    • 60 Bones
    • 40 Fur
    • 50 Leather
    • 50 Claws
    • 30 Shoulder Ornament
  • Destruction King's Chair
    • 100 Fur
    • 40 Quality Leather
    • 60 Claws
    • 20 Tooth
    • 4 Soul Shard
    • 15 Horns
  • Petite Ursus Pet (7 days)
    • 40 Leather
    • 20 Claws
    • 15 Paws
    • 20 Leg Ornament
    • 10 Shoulder Ornament
    • 5 Horns
  • Ursus Hat (30 days, choice of White/Brown/Black)
    • 60 Leathers
    • 60 Quality Leathers
    • 30 Tooth
    • 8 Essence
    • 4 Soul Shard
    • 30 Horns
  • Ursus Gloves (30 days, choice of White/Brown/Black)
    • 40 Leathers
    • 20 Quality Leathers
    • 20 Claws
    • 16 Paws
    • 1 Essence
    • 10 Leg Ornaments
  • Ursus Shoes (30 days, choice of White/Brown/Black)
    • 40 Leathers
    • 25 Quality Leathers
    • 30 Claws
    • 20 Paws
    • 1 Essence
    • 30 Leg Ornaments
  • Ursus suit (30 days, choice of Male/Female)
    • 60 Leather
    • 4 Essence
    • 2 Soul Shard
    • 30 Leg Ornament
    • 25 Shoulder Ornament

For Ursus Equipments, wear all 4 items for +10% Damage to Boss Monsters


  • Since you start off with lots of Weapon/Magic Attack, don't choose buffs that increase Attack (unless it is % or it is Soul Arrow). Even if it is Advanced Blessing it is still not worth it (your damage range barely increases). That skill can be replaced with another skill that has greater utility, so don't waste it.
  • Stat increasing skills are very good since you have low amount of stats.
  • All Stat % potion may work better than Damage to Boss Monster Increase potions for some jobs.
  • You can use buff increasing potions (it counts towards the 20 potion limit) to increase damage further.
  • Minimise deaths and revive if possible as the run automatically fails if everyone died but don't blindly revive when revive count is low. (Supportive skills like Magic Shell, Heaven Door, Resurrection works, Resurrection bypasses 10 second revive time)
  • Try to attack the head for maximum damage but if you want the materials whack the other parts as well and break them at least once. (They get smaller as they break more)
  • Bring in Dark Sight to have a 5-meteor invincibility when rescuing people (exceptionally useful when Ursus has 30% HP left, it literally floods you with meteors)
  • Maximise your Star Force to maximise your damage while inside. Replace Tyrant/Nova with other equipments with higher star force if needed since a Superior Equip Star has the same weight as a Normal Equip Star, furthermore your Equip stats are excluded so they are actually not as useful while inside.
  • Maximise damage in Character Cards as well as your Hyper Stats (add some into your stats if needed).
  • Level always helps (5 extra primary stats can equal to about 0.4% increase damage)
  • Link Skill works inside. Status resistance is useless inside so you may replace it with a skill that has more utility. (Core Aura does not work for some reason)
  • All Passive Effects are applied even for Active Skills not chosen.
  • Aim to get Ursus to lie down as much as possible to have breathing room. Remember to climb on it when it is about to awaken.
  • Minimise lag by reducing graphic quality (you are having up till 17 other players spamming skills)
  • Heal as much as possible and don't waste potion count too much.
  • During bomb, if you cannot find a crowd, die alone. Having 2 people getting inflicted by the bomb will still cause both of them to die (200%/2 = 100% damage per person = instant death)
  • 5th Job Enhancement counts inside so you can apply it for up to double damage increase (or higher if it is before 4th job skill)