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First Job[edit]

MS Skill Triple Slash.png Triple Slash
"Slashes distant enemies vertically and swiftly."

MS Skill Hand of Light.png

Hand of Light: Empowers your weapon with your own fighting spirit.

MS Skill Soul Element.png

Soul Element: Summons a light element to gain its powers.

MS Skill Inner Voice.png

Inner Voice: Strengthens the soul and empowers the body.

Second Job[edit]

MS Skill Flicker.png

Flicker: Flickers past enemies while slashing them.

MS Skill Flicker.png

Bluster: Knocks back enemies with a forward dash.

MS Skill Shadow Tackle.png

Trace Cut: Cuts down afterimage of passed enemies.

MS Skill Shadow Tackle.png

Shadow Tackle: Dashes forward to push back enemies.

MS Skill Falling Moon.png

Falling Moon: Call down the power of the moon to strengthen your weapon.

MS Skill Divine Hand.png Divine Hand
"Perform an accurate strike with your unshakable faith."
MS Skill Sword Mastery 3.png Sword Mastery
"Increases weapon mastery and accuracy of one-handed and two-handed swords."

MS Skill Soul Speed.png

Soul Speed: Expend willpower to increase reaction speed.

MS Skill Inner Harmony.png Inner Harmony
"Trains the body and mind to work as one in battle."

Third Job[edit]

MS Skill Moon Shadow.png

Moon Shadow: Spin in place to cut down everything in sight.

MS Skill Moon Shadow.png

Light Merger: Become one with the sword, and charge the enemy at the speed of light.

MS Skill Sun Cross.png

Moon Cross: Cuts down distant enemies at an angle before pulling them toward you.

MS Skill Sun Cross.png

Sun Cross: Slashes enemies with a cross of light and pushes them back.

MS Skill Rising Sun.png

Rising Sun: Focus the power of the sun into your blade.

MS Skill True Sight.png

True Sight: See through the veil of the physical world to pierce your target's soul.

MS Skill Soul of the Guardian.png

Soul of the Guardian: Call forth the ancients to defend yourself.

MS Skill Will of Steel.png

Will of Steel: It takes a strong mind to push through hardships.

MS Skill Inner Shout.png

Inner Voice: Focus your mind to reinvigorate your body.

Fourth Job[edit]

Those in Italic can be obtained through Combat Orders.

MS Skill Call of Cygnus.png Call of Cygnus
"Receive the blessings of Cygnus's awakening to temporarily increase all stats for you and your party members."
Unlocked at level 120 via quest.

MS Skill Speeding Sunset.png

Speeding Sunset: Splits the target in two with a sword as hot as the blazing sun.

MS Skill Speeding Sunset.png

Moon Dancer: Empowers your sword with the energy of the Full Moon to slash at all enemies in sight.

MS Skill Crescent Divide.png

Solar Pierce: The radiant sun pierces the enemies.

MS Skill Crescent Divide.png

Crescent Divide: Your sword radiates the area as ocean waves dance under the moon.

MS Skill Impaling Rays.png

Impaling Rays: Summons swords of the down to fly from the sky and impale your enemies. Affects boss monsters.

MS Skill Equinox Cycle.png

Equinox Cycle: Reconfigure the solar and lunar cycles.

MS Skill Soul Pledge.png

Soul Pledge: Form a contract with the ancients to become an unwavering warrior.

MS Skill Student of the Blade.png Student of the Blade
"Increases the Mastery, Weapon ATT, and Minimum Critical Damage of One-Handed and Two-Handed Swords."
Requires Level 10 Sword Mastery
MS Skill Unpredictable.png Unpredictable
"Attack with an unpredictable strike, negating enemy defenses."

MS Skill Master of the Sword.png

Master of the Sword: You become a master of the sword, mastering both types of powers.

Hyper Skills[edit]

Stat Enhancers[edit]

MS Skill Hyper Strength.png Hyper Strength
"Permanently increases STR."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Dexterity.png Hyper Dexterity
"Permanently increases DEX."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Intelligence.png Hyper Intelligence
"Permanently increases INT."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Luck.png Hyper Luck
"Permanently increases LUK."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Jump.png Hyper Jump
"Permanently increases Jump."
Unlocked at level 146
MS Skill Hyper Speed.png Hyper Speed
"Permanently increases Movement Speed."
Unlocked at level 152
MS Skill Hyper Accuracy.png Hyper Accuracy
"Permanently increases Accuracy."
Unlocked at level 158
MS Skill Hyper Defense.png Hyper Defense
"Permanently increases Weapon DEF."
Unlocked at level 165
MS Skill Hyper Magic Defense.png Hyper Magic Defense
"Permanently increases Magic DEF."
Unlocked at level 174
MS Skill Hyper Fury.png Hyper Fury
"Permanently increases Max DF (useless for Dawn Warriors)."
Unlocked at level 180
MS Skill Hyper Mana.png Hyper Mana
"Permanently increases Max MP."
Unlocked at level 186
MS Skill Hyper Health.png Hyper Health
"Permanently increases Max HP."
Unlocked at level 192
MS Skill Hyper Critical.png Hyper Critical
"Permanently increases Critical Rate."
Unlocked at level 198

Skill Enhancers[edit]

MS Skill True Sight - Persist.png True Sight - Persist
"Increases True Sight's duration."
Unlocked at Level 143
MS Skill Divide and Pierce - Reinforce.png Divide and Pierce - Reinforce
"Increases Crescent Divide and Solar Pierce's damage."
Unlocked at Level 149
MS Skill Careening Dance - Reinforce.png Careening Dance - Reinforce
"Increases the damage of Moon Dancer and Speeding Sunset."
Unlocked at Level 155
MS Skill True Sight - Enhance.png True Sight - Enhance
"Increases True Sight's Elemental Resistance deduction amount."
Unlocked at Level 162
MS Skill Divide and Pierce - Spread.png Divide and Pierce - Spread
"Increases number of monsters hit by Crescent Divide and Solar Pierce."
Unlocked at Level 168
MS Skill Careening Dance - Guardbreak.png Careening Dance - Guardbreak
"Increases monster DEF ignored for Moon Dancer and Speeding Sunset."
Unlocked at Level 177
MS Skill True Sight - Guardbreak.png True Sight - Guardbreak
"Increases True Sight's DEF deduction amount."
Unlocked at Level 183
MS Skill Divide and Pierce - Extra Strike.png Divide and Pierce - Extra Strike
"Increases the number of attacks for Crescent Divide and Solar Pierce."
Unlocked at Level 189
MS Skill Careening Dance - Boss Rush.png Careening Dance - Boss Rush
"Increases the Boss Attack power of Moon Dancer and Speeding Sunset."
Unlocked at Level 195

Active Skills[edit]

MS Skill Soul Forge.png Soul Forge
"Conjures a single blade of sharpened soul force. Does not stack with Hand of Light."
Unlocked at level 150
MS Skill Styx Crossing.png Styx Crossing
"Focus the soul to strike with force that separates the living from the dead."
Unlocked at level 170
MS Skill Glory of the Guardians DW.png Glory of the Guardians
"Recalls the oath of the Maple Heroes to increase damage and max damage cap. Only applies to Cygnus Knights within the party."
Unlocked at level 200