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Aran-specific quests.

Finish the tutorial and then go talk to Tru in Lith Harbor and keep doing all the assignments that he gives you. You should be at level 25 or higher before trying or else you will barely hit the scorpions.

The puppeteer[edit]

For killing the puppeteer, here all the levels you meet him and sometimes fight him.

  • Level 21: Just talks about the dolls and threatens you to stop.
  • Level 29: He gets angry and you battle him. Takes about 50 white potions and elixirs.
  • Level 31: He's even angrier on this level, and he traps Tru in his info shop where you will get a light bulb over your head telling you to get there quickly.
  • Level 37: After a tricky jump quest, you need to beat him without any conversation. Tru will give you the light bulb for this quest.
  • Level 51: He is even angrier and this is where you kill him.

Mount quests[edit]

You can find details on Aran mount quests here.