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  • Location: Aqua Road, Aqua Road : Pianus's Cave
    Pianus' wrath.
  • Summoning Requirement: Spawns naturally

A giant fish named Pianus lies deep in the Aqua Dungeon inside a cavern.

Pianus can shoot out a beam across the map and drop tons on players.

It also has the ability to summon Blood Boom, which do not move at all. They usually reside on platforms, possibly to knock off Assassins and Bowmen with their high damage. Blood Blooms may also explode when attacked, like Jr. Effies, but in this case they can do up to 8,000 damage (26,000 in some versions) with their explosions! Other than that, it can also cancel out all of a character's power-up skills, forcing the character to activate them again.


  • Right Pianus always spawns first.
  • Left Pianus can be spawned if the Right Pianus is not defeated within 5 - 8 hours. Left Pianus has much less hp, does less damage but dispels much more frequently than the Right Pianus.
  • All players in the room can pick up Pianus' drops.
  • Pianus drops the Level 100 Armors and some skillbooks/mastery guides.
  • In GlobalMS, Pianus drops an item called Pianus's Scale, used to forge Bosshunter equipment.