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For more details on a simple training location list, see MapleStory/Walkthrough.
For more details on Mini Dungeons, see MapleStory/Mini Dungeons.

The training locations listed below are for power leveling. Each section briefly describes the best places to kill large amounts of monsters to level the fastest for that level range.

In most cases you should only hunt monsters that you can kill within 1-2 hits. It is highly suggested that a player seeks the best exp giving monster he/she can one or two hit KO. A player can acquire more EXP in a short amount of time from numerous lower level enemies than one giant enemy. For example, you may be able to kill a monster in one hit that gives you 1/4 the experience of a monster that takes 16 hits. In the time it takes to kill four of the small monsters, you would have acquired as much experience as damaging the larger monster to 1/4 of its health. To maximize your experience gain and minimize the amount of time you have to spend killing monsters, you should pay attention to how much experience you gain from each enemy, and how long (how many hits) it takes to kill them. With each patch since Chaos, the standard for classes has been to give each one, even at first job, an attack that can hit multiple enemies. This has drastically sped up the leveling process.

Note: most of this list will not help you if you play KMS, since a lot of the monsters here are either a different level or inaccessible due to their area being closed off.

First Job

  • Level 10-15: If you aren't doing your job quests, there are some other options. You could head to the Nautilus and train at Blue Ribbon Beach, which can be great training. If your job is strong and can handle multiple monsters at once, you could head to Yellow or Angry Starfish in the Nautilus.
  • Level 16-19: If Blue Ribbon Beach starts to get slow, you can head to Starfish if you haven't already. You could also head to Curse Eyes in Ellinia, which spawn in swarms. Another option is Rotting Skeletons in the Haunted House.
  • Tip: Once you hit 18, you can accept the quest which involves killing the respective Ars Groetia demon for your job (Andras, Marbas, Amdusias, Valefor, Crocell), and you'll receive 5,400 experience as well as a hat based on whichever you had to kill.
  • Level 20-24: You could go to the Golem's Temple in Henesys and train on any of the Golems there. The best options are Icy and Flaming Mixed Golem, which can be crowded, so another option is to train at Golem's Castle Ruins, a mini dungeon full of regular Mixed Golems. Another option is Cool Jellyfish, also locate in the Nautilus. If the miss rate doesn't bother you, you can go to these locations even earlier.
  • Level 25-29: At this point, you should have maxed your 1st job skill. You can keep training at the previously mentioned spots. Another option is to hunt area bosses. The Mushmoms can be good experience at these levels if you lack a mob skill.

Second Job

  • Level 30-35: Mushroom Kingdom and/or Ellinel Fairy Academy. By completing all the quests in either area, you get quite a large amount of EXP. Doing so, you should be able to get to 35 pretty fast! Helmet Pepes and Royal Pepes can make for good training too.
  • Level 35-39: You can head to Kerning Square next. Whether you do the quests is up to you, but they can get pretty annoying due to an intense amount of looting involved. You could also head up at train on Mannequins on the 5th and 6th floors. If you feel strong and don't mind the miss rate, you can head to CDs by going up the escalator at the Kid Mannequin map. CDs are a good spot because the mobs there give you good exp rate and the spawn rate is also quite fast.
  • Level 40-42: Gold Beach shall be open to you at level 40. The quests are decent experience at this level range, and there are a lot of them. However, some of them involve some looting, but it isn't as much as Kerning Square. You also get a decent medal at the end of the quest line, which adds 2 to all stats and 180 to HP and MP. Most Sleepywood quests are also available at this level range, which are decent experience as well. Drakes, Kargos, and Tauros in Sleepywood make great training as well, even without doing the quests.
  • Level 43-45: Jr Kitties (Jrs Grupin, Lioner, and Cellion. All of them share the same HP, and you should be able to 1HKO them most of the time. Jr. Lioner and Cellion are also ice weak, while Jr. Grupin is fire weak. Training at CDs in Kerning Square is still a good idea at this level.
  • Level 46-49: Pixies are a good option. They're easy enough to kill, and they give very good drops. Lunar and Luster Pixies tend to swarm the bottom of Cloud Park IV and V, respectively. You should be able to kill them before they attack you. Around this level range, most Orbis quests shall open up. You could also head to White Fangs at Ice Valley II, which have a nice spawn. In GlobalMS, this level range is very easy thanks to Tot's Know-How, for most jobs, which allows you to skip a few levels by doing very easy quests (such as opening your Crusader Codex or using a scroll on a hat), and you will get to level 50 in no time.
  • Level 50-59: If you are getting tired of Pixies, Chryse shall be open to you now. The quests give decent experience, but all of the monsters need to be killed for etc. drops at one point or another. The monsters still give good experience, even if you don't do the quests, so keep that in mind. You can also enter the Coliseum and fight Xerxes, which gives great experience and can be fought infinitely in one day. However, he can use Blind and Seal, so bring All Cure Potions. Also, a wise choice would be to start doing Dimensional Schism PQ (Ludibrium/Ludi PQ), since it gives great experience at this level range. You may need All Cure Potions here too, however. Toy Trojans at Sky Terrace V, and Robos and Master Robos in Ludibrium, are also an option, at the Apparatus Room in the Toy Factory, since the spawn here is good. Another option is to train at Vanished Village in Mushroom Shrine, a flat map full of Water Goblins and Samihos. These are pretty good, especially if you use fire as an element, since the map is completely flat, and both monsters are fire weak.

Third Job

  • Level 60-70: At this level, Monster Park is now open to you. The monsters give good experience, even solo, but you're limited to 5 runs a day if you don't have any ticket pieces. It can get boring, as well. Chryse and Ludi PQ are still good at this level, but can get boring. You can also head to Ariant and train there. Sahel 2 is an excellent map to train at, due to the great spawn rate and a flat map. However, the monsters, Sand Rats and Scorpions, are level 77 and 81, respectively, so don't be surprised if you miss a lot. Also located nearby, The Desert of Serenity makes for a good spot, being a flat map containing Dark Sand Dwarves, which are level 84, and Sand Rats. Zeta Grays, which are level 78, are found in Omega Sector make for excellent training, especially at Kulan Field III, which has high spawn rate of these. Toy Trojans, Robos and Master Robos are still an option, but they start getting slow. Another option is to do the Cooking with Tangyoon PQ, which can give a full level if done correctly. The hat and overall give a nice set bonus too.
  • Level 70-75: At level 70, Monster Park Extreme is now open. The monsters here scale to your level, give good experience, and have decent spawn. The best maps are Forbidden Time (Deep Ludibrium), because of the huge swarms, and Hunting House (Korean Folk Town), because the Blins have two forms, each with the same stats. Sakura Castle is also open at this level. The quests give good experience, and they give a decent medal at the end too. Omega Sector quests give good experience at this level range as well (some quests that involve just talking to an NPC give more than 10% experience at level 70.) Zeta Grays still make a great spot. Romeo and Juliet PQ is also unlocked, and the stage Special Lab is loaded with Neo Huroids, whose stats scale to the average level of the party. Therefore, it is not recommended to party with someone a lot higher level than you. These Neo Huroids are quite a decent training spot, since they have high HP and EXP to match, and as party members level up, so do the Neo Huroids, increasing their HP and EXP. Cooking with Tangyoon PQ and Sahel 2 are still viable options, but they start to slow down. Alternatively, you can go to the Zenumist Society in Magatia and train at Triple Rumos, which have a flat map. Rurumo will occasionally spawn in this map, which is a nice source of bonus experience.
  • Level 75-80: Monster Park Extreme is still good experience at this range. Cooking with Tangyoon PQ and Omega Sector quests are still decent at this level range. You can also start the Silent Crusade, but you won't get very far since a lot of the quests have gaps between bosses. You can still train at Sahel 2 and Triple Rumos, which get slow at this point. If you don't mind the miss rate, you can head to the Alcadno Society Lab C-2 in Magatia, which is loaded with Roids and Neo Huroids (not the same as the ones in the PQ). This map can get pretty crowded, so you may have to move to the previous map, Lab C-1, which is a smaller map with only Roids. The Security Camera occasionally spawns here, and since it doesn't fight back, it gives a nice amount of bonus experience. The PQ Neo Huroids are still great at this level range, especially if you deal high damage.
  • Level 81-90: Monster Park Extreme starts to slow down, but is still good experience. Around this time, you should still be training at C-2. Tangyoon PQ is decent, but won't give you a full level anymore at this point. If you want to move on to a higher level spot, Homuns, which are level 92, at the Zenumist Society make a good spot since they have a flat map. If you really don't mind missing, Homunculi, which are also at the Zenumist Society, also have a flat map. You could also head to Aqua Road and train at Gobies/Squids or Bone Fish, but they aren't nearly as great as they used to be. The PQ Neo Huroids are still okay at this level range, but start to get a little slower.
  • Level 91-100: Monster Park Extreme starts to slow down more, but is still good experience. Congratulations, you're almost at 4th job! At level 90, you can feel free to do the quests in Heliseum, but be warned: the quest chain is very long, and a lot of looting is involved. You could also head to New Leaf City and train at the monsters around there, which are level 100-104. Himes in Mushroom Shrine are also a good option, since they have a flat map. Black Crow sometimes spawns here, however, and he can get pretty annoying. You can also head to Krus and Captains in Herb Town, which have a great map at Red-Nosed Pirate Den 2. This map may be crowded, however. The mini-dungeon there is also an option, but it's not as dense at Pirate Den 2. *At level 95, the Ellin Forest quest chain is unlocked. You can do the quests there, but a lot of them require looting etc. drops. The boss Chao is decent experience as well. However, if you're under 4th job, you may have trouble defeating Ephenia since she has a lot of HP and sports Physical Resistance, which basically halves your damage without elemental resistance.

Fourth Job

  • Level 100-109: Congratulations, you're finally 4th job! Time to put those awesome new skills to good use! The PQ Neo Huroids are still great at this level range, but are slower than before. However, they're still a great spot. It is also recommended to start training at the Evolution System (aka Evolving/Evo World). You can customize your training map with cores that increase the level, spawn rate, HP/EXP, and change the drops of the monsters inside. It is recommended to train at Link 3, since the monsters fly around, and from time to time the Guidance System in the middle lures them to the center, making it easier to annihilate them. If this is your first time, it is suggested to purchase the 5x HP, 30% spawn rate, and monster level +7 Cores. These cores cost less than 300,000 mesos total, so it's a great deal, however you will still have to worry about potions. If you manage to find even better cores inside, feel free to use them to maximize experience gain. If you aren't so lucky, you can continue to use the same cores. If you have a strong party member with you, they can take you to Root Abyss, since the normal mode bosses give 2.2 million EXP per clear. Dual Ghost Pirates are also a decent option at this range.
  • Level 110-114: You can continue to train at PQ Neo Huroids, but it gets relatively slower in comparison to earlier levels as it is capped at level 99. It's still decent, however. Root Abyss and Evolution System are still great at this level range. If you haven't done the Zakum prequests yet, it is suggested to do them if you are strong, since the arms give great experience. If you're very strong, you can defeat the whole thing! At level 110, the Lion King's Castle is open to those who dare explore it! The first quest involves defeating Red Crockies, which have a lot of HP, and give 0 experience. However, finishing this quest allows you to access Jenn's next few quests, which involve collecting a lot of etc. items and breaking the respective seals involved. By finishing these, you will gain access to the Fourth Tower. Dual Ghost Pirates and Gigantic Spirit Vikings are also decent at this range.
  • Level 115-119: Evolution System, Root Abyss, and Zakum (if you can kill) are still great spots at this level.At level 115, you get another quest chain from Ifia in LKC, which is nowhere near as tedious. When finished, you gain access to Prison Guard Ani, which is involved in a quest at level 118. In the meantime, if you aren't 118 yet, you can head to Golden Temple, which is unlocked at level 115, to do quests there, which are fairly simple. At the end of these quests, you unlock a new training map called Ganapatis. The map is big, but the spawn more than makes up for it, especially for ice-wielding jobs. Gigantic Spirit Vikings are also decent at this range, especially for jobs with lightning based attacks.
    • At level 118, you get to fight Prison Guard Ani. He can be tough at this level, having 60m HP, but defeating him results in you receiving a box from him which contains various potions and scrolls. You also get a special Mastery Book for defeating him the first time. Luden also gives you 3 quests afterwards, one to obtain a Lion King's Scroll, another to obtain an Equip Enhancement Scroll (or Advanced), and the last one to obtain a Potential Scroll (or advanced). All of these quests give over 4 million experience upon completion, but involve slaying Ani multiple times, which can get you to 120 easily.
  • Level 120-124: Evolution System and Zakum are still good options, though, while Root Abyss may not be as much. Fantasy Theme World is open at 120, and you can do the quests there if you'd like, but a LOT of killing is involved. Party Quests are also nice experience at this level. The Silent Crusade quests at level 120 give good experience as well. Papulatus is also nice experience
  • Level 125-129: Evolution System is still a good option, as is Zakum. At 125, Neo City is available. Doing all the quests brings you to at least 126 and 50% (unless you die repeatedly). The bosses in Neo City give good experience as well. Malaysia is also good for this level range as well. PQs are also good.
  • Level 130-140: Like before, Evolution System is still good, but it slows down compared to before. Malaysia is still a good option, with monsters like Gallopera. Monster Park and PQs are also good.
  • Level 140-150: Gallopera and Evolution System start to slow down now. Truckers are a good spot, and MP3 is great too. The inside of the Ghost Ship is viable if MP3 is full. Monster Park and PQs are still good. Temple of Time quests also start at level 140, and you can finish all of Memory Lane. At 145, the Road of Regrets gets unlocked, and you can do the quests there too. Dimension Invasion PQ is also unlocked at level 140, and it can be great experience. It is suggested to finish at around 49 minutes, since there is a chance to get a bonus stage that gives great experience. However, the stage is tough, since you have to keep the monsters from running into each other.
  • Level 150-160: MP3, Dimension Invasion, and Evolution System are probably your best bet at this level range. Monster Park and PQs are still good. At 155, the Road to Oblivion is open, so the quests are an option. Dukus are decent too, but they can stun, so it may not be a good idea. However, Ulu City quests, while they start at 140, are suggested to be started around this level range. Krexel, the final boss, gives good experience, but can only be fought twice a day.
  • Level 160-170: Evolution loses its touch at 160 since the monsters cap at this level. However, it is still good experience for a while. Stronghold is also open at 165 via quests. You can go there at 160, but you'll need to warp or be doored in. Krexel is still nice experience.
  • Level 170-180: Stronghold, Dimension Invasion, and Krexel are your best bets. At 170, Hall of Honor is unlocked, but you won't be able to maximize experience gain until 179.
  • Level 180-190: Hall of Honor is your best bet. Krexel is still decent, though. In Root Abyss, if you finished the quests, the Neglected Garden is also decent experience. Dimension Invasion also starts to lose its touch since the monsters cap at 180, but the reward experience doesn't.
  • Level 190-200: Now, Twilight Perion shall be open to you. Ancient Stone Golems have a lot of HP, but give a lot of experience. It's recommended to go here if you are very strong, since the monsters have upwards of 51 million HP. If you aren't quite as strong, you could also go to the Neglected Garden, Hall of Honor, or Dimension Invasion.
  • Level 200+: Ancient Golems and Hall of Honor are definitely your best bet at this point. Going past 200 is completely optional. Ancient Mixed Golems are the best spot, because the map is enormous and the spawn complements it. If you are lazy you can also do PQs, though they give about 0.3% EXP each time at level 200 and even lower at higher levels.