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Getting to Hilla[edit]

Go to Fight For Aswan in the Dimensional Mirror NPC. Go into the Refuge Zone and go to the right side of it. Choose Challenge Hilla at the portal on the right. Click on Medina to proceed.


  • Minimum level: 120 (170 in Hard mode).
  • Participants: 1 to 6 people in a party.
  • Max 1 entry daily for Normal mode, max 1 clear weekly (resets Thursday 12am) for Hard mode
  • Practice mode is allowed 5 times daily for Hard mode only (shared across all the bosses). No rewards (EXP, items, monster collection chance, quests) can be earned even if the boss is killed in practice mode.


Normal Mode
  • Level: 110
  • HP: 500,000,000 (500 Million HP)
  • DEF: 50%
  • Resists all elements including Physical
  • EXP: 5,820,000 (5.82 Million EXP)
Hard Mode
  • Level: 190
  • HP: 16,800,000,000 (16.8 Billion HP)
  • DEF: 100%
  • Resists all elements including Physical
  • EXP: 20,400,000 (20.4 Million EXP)


  • Damage reflecting
  • Reduces HP by 50% of HP, full map attack except for shielded area (100% for hard mode)
  • Reduces HP by 40% (tombstones)
  • Thunderstorm strike (non HP%) followed by 2 seconds stun if unavoided
  • Summons 4 monsters
  • Summons tower which warps you to it like a magnet. Destroy the tower to get out of the attraction.
  • Forcible knockback
  • Fire breath
  • Curses you (Receive more damage from non HP% attacks)
  • (Hard mode) Cages a random member in the map, killing the player inside if the cage is not broken using about 150 normal attacks in 30 seconds, during the cage duration heals 63 million HP every 2 seconds. Heal can be reduced using Wounds Shot debuff effect.
  • (Hard mode) Summons many Ghosts of Azwan while sleeping and becoming invincible.


  • Level 120 Reincarnation Flame (not in GMS)
  • Glowing Soul Crystal (individual drop, meso values as follows, max 60 per character weekly. Triple value on Reboot servers)
    • Normal Mode
      • 800,000 meso for solo
      • 400,000 meso for party of 2
      • 266,666 meso for party of 3
      • 200,000 meso for party of 4
      • 160,000 meso for party of 5
      • 133,333 meso for party of 6
    • Hard Mode
      • 11,250,000 meso for solo
      • 5,625,000 meso for party of 2
      • 3,750,000 meso for party of 3
      • 2,812,500 meso for party of 4
      • 2,250,000 meso for party of 5
      • 1,875,000 meso for party of 6
  • Suspicious Cubes (individual drop)
    • 1 for Normal mode
    • 9 for Hard mode
  • Medal of Honor (gives 100~200 Honor Points when picked)
    • 1 for Normal mode
    • 9 for Hard mode
  • Potions
    • 10 Elixirs for Normal mode
    • 30 Power Elixirs for Hard mode
  • Level 120 Necromancer Equipments
  • Blackheart Pet Box (individual drop, Open for either Blackheart Pet's Earrings or Blackheart Pet randomly)
  • Blackheart Pet guide
  • Stone of Eternal Life (individual drop, pocket item)
  • Will O' the Wisps Earrings (individual drop)
  • Hilla Soul Shard (individual drop, collect 10 to get a random Hilla weapon soul).

Combat tips[edit]

Normally there will be words at the top to help you.

  • When Hilla is preparing for an attack for a very long time, quickly move to a shield made by Medina. Otherwise, you will get hit by 50% (100% in Hard mode)
  • Avoid tombstones as they deal 40% damage.
  • If Hilla is making a shield around her it means that she buffing herself with reflect. Do not attack her during this time. Note that Phantom can steal the reflect buff off of Hilla!
  • She will summon towers that attract you, and won't let you move, so destroy them as fast as possible.
  • She will summon some monsters to help her: this is also dangerous when it mixed with reflection due to mis-fire, so try to face away from Hilla when using linear skills and keep your distance if using AoE around yourself.