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  • Race: Hero
  • Class: Thief
  • Maximum level: 250
  • Primary Stat: LUK
  • Weapons: Canes (Primary) and Cards (Secondary)
Phantom character creation button.

Phantom is the fourth revealed of the heroes (as a thief like class), released in the Justice update. It was released on the 29th of December, 2011 on KoreaMS. According to the character selection button, it's growth rate is slow, however has massive potential and freedom, resulting in an overall more difficult classe.

Phantoms are a very unique class, having canes as their primary weapon and cards as their secondary weapons, weapons no other classes utilize.Furthermore, Phantoms (in KoreaMS) not only get the Male/Female option in character selection, but also having the option of any hair color. Finally, similar to Aran, Phantoms have a combo system in the form of "card stacks", gaining a card every critical hit. When the stack is full (20 at 2nd Job Advancement, 30 at 3rd, 40 at 4th), one is able to execute the Judgment skill, receiving buffs.

Phantom's skills are also unique in terms of comparison to other classes. Phantoms utilize skills that revolve around stealing, what he (or she) is famous for. Phantoms can steal (or copy) skills from other adventurers (non-passive skills), being able to use it themselves. This makes Phantoms have potential to be a very versatile (possibly even overpowered) class. In addition, the skill "Soul Steal" allows Phantoms to steal monster's buffs. Finally, "Phantom Shroud" allows Phantom to move through the map without being damaged whatsoever, moving (similar to a teleport) simply through the arrow keys. Despite being in the thief branch, Phantoms have very little in common.

Phantom's past is revealed not through gameplay, but through a cutscene. Phantom was a successful and famous thief, known by many of the rich. Phantom was in love with Aria, who was the empress at that time. Aria was afraid, however, because she had possession of the Skaia, known to Phantom as the "treasure of Ereve". Aria soon died after meeting with a general of the Black Mage, and while Phantom received the Skaia from Shinsoo, Phantom decided to join the Heroes, to avenge Aria's death. After the fight of the heroes and the Black Mage, Phantom was sealed by the Black Mage's curse, and became trapped in ice.

Years later (just before the present), Phantom wakes in his private (flying) ship, the Lumiere. He gets down from the ship and sneaks into a meeting in Ereve, where another person states that she is the true empress by showing the Skaia (known to glow when near an Empress), which does glow in her hand, whereas it doesn't glow in Empress Cygnus'. Phantom, disguised and in the crowd, objects, points out flaws in her statements, and says that the Skaia is a fake. Phantom reveals himself to the public, showing the real Skaia Shinsoo gave him years ago. The imposter Empress, now known to be Hilla (a commander of the Black Wings), flees, and Ereve is saved. Phantom notices the resemblance of Cygnus to Aria, gives her the real Skaia, and heads back to the Lumiere to run his errands.

The Phantom's home map is his private ship, the Lumiere.

Advantages and Disadvantages[edit]

  • The ability to steal skills from Adventurers and monster buffs.
  • High Critical Rate.
  • High Evasion Rate.
  • High Attack Buffs.
  • Extremely good mobility (Phantom Shroud, namely)
  • Has a skill that prevents Phantom from dying once, with a 10 minute cooldown after saved from death.
  • The Lumiere can take one anywhere.
  • Card stacks which helps with the buffs.
  • Can act as a Bishop if necessary.
  • Low HP and MP; thus requiring more potions.
  • No consistent draining skill (the Drain Card from Judgment Draw is not guaranteed); thus requiring more potions.
    • However, this can be offset by stealing the Heal skill, resulting in a loss of an attack buff such as Rage.
  • Has a 30 second cooldown in between switching skills.