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MS Ariant Coliseum Icon.png

Ariant Coliseum is a Cross World Party Quest based on Ariant, formerly a competitive Party Quest. It can be completed by four players from levels 70 and above.

To enter the Party Quest, one must enter the Cross World Party Quest portal at Spiegelmann's Guest House while this Party Quest is part of the current rotation. The rotation also consists of Moon Bunny's Rice Cake, First Time Together, Forest of Poison Haze, and Remnant of the Goddess.

  • Level 70+
  • 4 Members
  • 20 minutes Time Limit (Average time needed: 1-3 minutes)
  • Max 5 entries daily (Use guild skill "More Party Play" to increase from 5 up till 8)

PQ Map[edit]

Ariant Coliseum will consist of one main objective that takes place in one map: to obtain a total of 100 Spirit Jewels from the Scorpions in the map. Each Scorpion will have a chance to drop a Spirit Jewel upon defeat, and two types of consumable items:

  • Power Punch, which increases Weapon and Magic Attack by 15 for 60 seconds upon being picked up
  • Wing of the Wind, which increases Speed by 25 and Jump by 15 for 30 seconds upon being picked up.

However, you must be careful of the Giant Scorpion that will spawn from time to time, as it will summon bombs that will make you lose up to 10% of your collected Spirit Jewels upon getting hit (note that you can pick them back up, but it is suggested to avoid them to save time).

Once your party obtains 100 Spirit Jewels, you will be rewarded with EXP and Party Points, and will be sent to Coliseum Exit, where you can view your ranking and enter the portal to exit the party quest.


10 Party Points are given. You can spend Party Points at the PQ Entrance through NPC Pub for various items.

Party Points left will be reset once every 8 weeks.

EXP Rewards
  • Level 170+:

EXP stated are before equipments (EXP reward +0%/10%/20%) and PQ set effects (Final EXP reward +0%/3%/9%/18%)


Note: The monster stats will vary based on the average level of the party, but will NOT be affected by penalties in level difference.

Name Monster Info Notes
MS Monster Scorpion.png
  • Level: 70-180
  • HP: Varies
  • MP: Varies
  • PDR: Varying %
  • MDR: Varying %
  • EXP: 0
Spawns in the Coliseum, and drops the Spirit Jewels needed to complete the Party Quest.

Giant Scorpion
MS Monster Giant Scorpion.png


  • Level: 70-180
  • HP: Varies
  • MP: Varies
  • PDR: Varying %
  • MDR: Varying %
  • EXP: 0
Defeat these as quickly as possible, because they will summon bombs until defeated.