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Guild skills can be obtained when guild levels up. Guild level can be gained when enough contribution points are made. Every guild level gained will award 2 SP. Only the Guild Master can add the points into the skills. There are 2 types of contribution currency: Guild Points (GP) and Individual Guild Points. (IGP) For every 10 contribution that you made, 3 GP will go to the guild while 7 IGP will go to you. IGP-based skills only affect the user while GP-based skills are only usable by the Guild Master and affects the whole guild. Max Guild Level: 25 (50 SP)

Current Guild Level Contribution needed to level Total Contribution needed
1 15,000 15,000
2 45,000 60,000
3 75,000 135,000
4 105,000 240,000
5 135,000 375,000
6 165,000 540,000
7 195,000 735,000
8 225,000 960,000
9 255,000 1,215,000
10 285,000 1,500,000
11 315,000 1,815,000
12 345,000 2,160,000
13 375,000 2,535,000
14 405,000 2,940,000
15 435,000 3,375,000
16 465,000 3,840,000
17 495,000 4,335,000
18 525,000 4,860,000
19 555,000 5,415,000
20 585,000 6,000,000
21 615,000 6,615,000
22 645,000 7,260,000
23 675,000 7,935,000
24 705,000 8,640,000
25 N/A 8,640,000

Tier 1[edit]

SP invested in previous tiers must be 0 or more to add any skill in this tier.

Spotting Small Change: Increase the amount of mesos gained from monster drops by a set amount. The bonus mesos obtained are listed as a separate line from the base amount.

Don't Fear Death: Decrease EXP loss due to death, multiplicatively.

Guild Support: Every Monday, everyone in the guild are provided with G-Potions that heal full HP and MP (up till 99,999 HP) as well as Guild Guidance buffs which increases Weapon Attack and Magic Attack by 20 for 30 minutes for all players in the same map as the user. Items expire after 144 hours (6 Days) since the time which you obtained them.

Tier 2[edit]

SP invested in previous tiers must be 8 or more to add any skills in this tier.

On My Way: Teleports to a guild member in the same channel of your choice.

More Party Play: Decrease the play count of Cross World Party Quests (like as if you did not play the rounds at all) by a set amount. Only use the skill when you have completed the daily quest.

Tier 3[edit]

SP invested in previous tiers must be 16 or more to add any skills in this tier.

Merchandising: Buy items from NPC at a cheaper price. (While the skill description says that you can sell back to the NPC at a higher price, it actually does not increase the resell price.) Does not apply to items which has a resale price of 70% or more of the purchase price. Requires Level 4 Small Change.

Party Quest Mania: Items sold by NPC Pub costs lesser Party Points.

Guild Megaphone: Use a one line megaphone to advertise your guild. Requires Level 4 Guild Support.

Tier 4[edit]

SP invested in previous tiers must be 24 or more to add any skills in this tier.

Come to Me: Summon a guild member in the same channel of your choice to your place. Cooldown will start once the name is entered, so give them a notice first since IGP and cooldown will still be applied if they rejected the request. Requires Level 3 On My Way.

Master of Enhancing: Increase success rate of normal scrolls and spell traces.

Rise up Warriors: Revives all nearby dead party members with full HP and MP. Requires Level 3 More Party Play.

Tier 5[edit]

SP invested in previous tiers must be 32 or more to add any skills in this tier.

Destruction Day: At a chance, your item will not be destroyed by a scroll if it happens. (Basically its a Shielding Ward that has a low success rate of protection). Does not apply to Star Force enhancement.

Don't Fear Failure: At a chance, the upgrade slot of an item will not be used up if the scroll failed. (Basically its a clean slate scroll which works immediately when a scroll fails, but at a small chance). Requires Level 4 Destruction Day and Level 4 Master of Enhancing.

Guild Congregation: As a guild master, summon all your guild members to the same map as you! Can only be used in Henesys and Leafre. Requires Level 1 Guild Megaphone.

Flag Race Noblesse Skills[edit]

SP for these skills are given every Monday midnight. SP resets automatically every week as well as race rankings. You will receive SP based on guild race rank.

Guild Rank SP awarded
1st 30
2nd 27
3rd 25
Top 10% 20
Top 20% 18
Top 30% 15
Top 40% 10
Top 50% 8
Top 60% 5
Top 70% 3
Top 80% 1

Boss Killer: Increases Damage towards boss monsters for a limited time.

Number One Defense: Increases DEF ignored for a limited time.

For The Guild: Increases Total Damage output for a limited time.