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For more details on Beginner skills, see MapleStory/Beginner/Skills.
Table of Contents
Attacking Skills Passive Skills Active/Supportive Skills
First Job Archer Arrow Blow Critical Shot Archery Mastery Double Jump
Second Job Common Soul Arrow Physical Training Final Attack
Hunter Arrow Bomb Covering Fire Bow Mastery Bow Booster Quiver Cartridge
Crossbowman Iron Arrow Net Toss Crossbow Mastery Rangefinder Crossbow Booster
Third Job Common Mortal Blow Evasion Boost Marksmanship Hookshot
Ranger Flame Surge Hurricane v Phoenix Reckless Hunt - Bow
Sniper Dragon's Breath Explosive Bolt Aggressive Resistance Freezer Pain Killer Reckless Hunt - Crossbow
Fourth Job Common Maple Warrior Hero's Will Sharp Eyes Illusion Step
Bowmaster Arrow Blaster Binding Shot Arrow Stream Bow Expert Advanced Final Attack Armor Break Enchanted Quiver
Marksman Piercing Arrow Snipe Crossbow Expert Arrow Illusion MS Skill Bolt Surplus.png Last Man Standing Vital Hunter
Hyper Skills Common
(Stat + Active)
Hyper Strength Hyper Dexterity Hyper Intelligence Hyper Luck Hyper Jump Hyper Speed Hyper Accuracy Hyper Defense Hyper Magic Defense Hyper Fury Hyper Mana Hyper Health Hyper Critical Sharp Eyes - Critical Chance Sharp Eyes - Persist Sharp Eyes - Guardbreak Epic Adventure
Skill enhancers Active / Supportive Skills
Bowmaster Arrow Stream - Extra Strike Arrow Blaster - Spread Arrow Stream - Reinforce Arrow Blaster - Boss Rush Arrow Stream - Spread Arrow Blaster - Reinforce Concentration Gritty Gust
Marksman Piercing Arrow - Extra Strike Snipe - Cooldown Cutter Piercing Arrow - Reinforce Snipe - Limit Break Piercing Arrow - Spread Snipe - Reinforce Bullseye Shot High Speed Shot

First Job[edit]


MS Skill Critical Throw.png Critical Shot
"Increases Critical Hit Rate."
MS Skill Archery Mastery.png Archery Mastery
"Grants proficiency in the fundamentals of Archery. Increases Accuracy, Avoidability, Range, Speed, and Max Speed. You can use the skill without consuming arrows."
MS Skill Arrow Blow.png Arrow Blow
"Shoots arrows at multiple enemies."
MS Skill Double Jump.pngMS Skill Double Jump BM.pngMS Skill Double Jump MM.png Double Jump
"Allows you to double-jump to cover more distance. Double-tap the ↑ ↑ arrow keys to jump once in midair. Press the ↓ ↓ arrow keys to descend quickly."

Second Job[edit]

Common Second Job skills[edit]

MS Skill Final Attack.png Final Attack
"Grants a chance to deal additional damage after an attack."
Requires Level 3 Bow Mastery or Crossbow Mastery
MS Skill Soul Arrow.png Soul Arrow
"Increases Weapon ATT and allows you to use a Bow/Crossbow without using arrows for a short time."
MS Skill Physical Training.png Physical Training
"Improves STR and DEX permanently through physical training."


  • Advanced from the first job Bowman.
MS Skill Bow Mastery.png Bow Mastery
"Increases the weapon mastery and accuracy of bows."
MS Skill Bow Booster.png Bow Booster
"Increases the attack speed of your weapon."
Requires Level 5 Bow Mastery.
MS Skill Arrow Bomb.png Arrow Bomb
"Fires arrows with bombs attached to them to temporarily Stun your target and enemies near your target."
MS Skill Covering Fire.png Covering Fire
"Fire arrows while leaping backwards. If you press and hold the skill key, you will fire arrows rapidly while in mid-air."
MS Skill Quiver Cartridge.png Quiver Cartridge
"Lets you use 3 different special arrowheads. The quiver fills up again when you use all 3. Press the skill key to change the current arrowhead. You will switch to the next arrowhead automatically if you use all of your current ones. Blood Arrow: Absorbs some damage as HP. Poison Arrow: Does poison damage over time, stackable up to 3 times. Magic Arrow: Shoots an additional magic arrow when attacking."


  • Advanced from the first job Bowman.
MS Skill Crossbow Mastery.png Crossbow Mastery
"Increases the weapon mastery and accuracy of Crossbows."
MS Skill Crossbow Booster.png Crossbow Booster
"Increases the attack speed of your weapon."
Requires Level 5 Bow Mastery.
MS Skill Iron Arrow.png Iron Arrow
"Fires a steel arrow that can penetrate enemy defenses."
MS Skill Net Toss.png Net Toss
"Throws a net on enemies, limiting their movements and inflicting damage."
MS Skill Rangefinder.png Rangefinder
"When attacking nearby enemies, increases your Critical Rate; when attacking far away enemies, increases your total damage."

Third Job[edit]

Common Third Job skills[edit]

MS Skill Mortal Blow.png Mortal Blow
"Has a chance to finish off an enemy with a single blow, and recover HP & MP."
MS Skill Evasion Boost.png Evasion Boost
"Grants you a chance to dodge enemy attacks. When you succeed, attacks made by you in the following 1 second will result in Critical Hits."
MS Skill Hookshot BM.pngMS Skill Hookshot MM.png Hookshot
"Fires a hook at the furthest enemy within range, dealing damage and pulling yourself along. While moving, you won't collide with monsters. Also increases your HP."
MS Skill Marksmanship.png Marksmanship
"Ignore a portion of the enemy's Defense. Permanently increases your Accuracy and total Damage."


  • Advanced from the second job Hunter.
MS Skill Flame Surge 2.png Flame Surge
"Fires arrows imbued with flame power to attack up to 6 enemies. Hit enemies continue to take damage after they're hit."
MS Skill Phoenix.png Phoenix
"Temporarily summons a Phoenix to deal Fire damage to up to 4 enemies. Has a chance to Stun enemies. Also permanently increases Weapon/Magic Defense."
MS Skill Hurricane.png Hurricane
"Launches arrows at tremendous speed like a catastrophic rainstorm. Holding the skill key will fire arrows continuously. You can also move while firing."
MS Skill Reckless Hunt - Bow.png Reckless Hunt - Bow
"Reduces Weapon/Magic Defense and increases Weapon ATT. Can be toggled On/Off."
MS Skill Focused Fury 2.png Focused Fury
"Constant attacks focus your concentration, increasing your Abnormal Status Resistance. Resisting an Abnormal Status while this buff is in effect will trigger a cooldown on the skill. Also increases Abnormal Status Resistance and All Elemental Resistances permanently."


MS Skill Freezer.png Freezer
"Temporarily summons Freezer to deal Ice damage to up to 4 enemies. In addition, permanently increases Weapon/Magic Defense."
MS Skill Dragon's Breath.png Dragon's Breath
"Draws upon the spirit of the dragon to fire an arrow of tremendous force that pushes enemies away. Its effect increases with each enemy it pierces."
MS Skill Explosive Bolt.png Explosive Bolt
"Fires an arrow that sends multiple bolts in all directions on impact. The enemy struck by the initial arrow takes additional damage."
MS Skill Pain Killer.png Pain Killer
"Consumes a prepared Herb to remove Abnormal Status immediately. Additionally, increases all Elemental Resistances and Abnormal Status Resistances permanently."
MS Skill Reckless Hunt - Crossbow.png Reckless Hunt - Crossbow
"Reduces Weapon/Magic Avoidability and increases Critical Rate and Critical Damage. Can be toggled On/Off."
MS Skill Aggressive Resistance.png Aggressive Resistance
"When attacking, create a barrier for a short time that absorbs a percentage of incoming damage. Every attack creates a new barrier."

Fourth Job[edit]

Those in Italic can be obtained through Combat Orders.

Common Fourth Job skills[edit]

MS Skill Maple Warrior.png Maple Warrior
"Increases the base stats of all party members."
MS Skill Hero's Will.png Hero's Will
"By focusing your mind, you can ignore some abnormal status effects. However, this will not work on all abnormal status effects."
MS Skill Sharp Eyes.png Sharp Eyes
"Temporarily grants party members the ability to locate an enemy's weak spot to deal fatal damage to that enemy."
MS Skill Illusion Step.png Illusion Step
"Greatly enhances DEX and Avoidability for a short time. Also permanently reduces damage taken."


  • Advanced from the third job Ranger.
MS Skill Bow Expert.png Bow Expert
"Increases Bow Mastery, Weapon Attack, and Minimum Critical Damage."
Requires Level 10 Bow Mastery
MS Skill Advanced Final Attack.png Advanced Final Attack
"Permanently increases ATT and Accuracy, and greatly increases damage and activation rate of Final Attack."
Requires Level 20 Final Attack
MS Skill Arrow Blaster.png Arrow Blaster
"Shoots an arrow at a high angle. If you press and hold the skill key, it will fire continuously. While firing, use the Up and Down arrow keys to control the force of the shot. While the skill is casting, press NPC Chat to set up Arrow Blaster at your location to fire arrows automatically. Also boosts the power of Hurricane."
MS Skill Binding Shot.png Binding Shot
"Wound enemies to reduce their HP Recovery and Movement Speed."
MS Skill Arrow Stream.png Arrow Stream
"Shoots a wild flurry of arrows straight ahead."
MS Skill Enchanted Quiver.png Enchanted Quiver
"Allows you to shoot without consuming your current quiver's arrows for a short time. The quiver cannot be changed. In addition, permanently increases each quiver's quantity and effect."
MS Skill Armor Break.png Armor Break
"Grants a chance while attacking to ignore enemy defenses by a small amount, and deals extra damage in proportion to enemy defense rate. Every time the effect does not trigger, the chance to trigger increases."


  • Advanced from the third job Sniper.
MS Skill Piercing Arrow.png Piercing Arrow
"Fires an arrow. Its effect increases with each enemy it hits."
MS Skill Crossbow Expert.png Crossbow Expert
"Increases Crossbow Mastery, Weapon Attack, and Maximum Critical Damage."
Requires Level 10 Crossbow Mastery
MS Skill Snipe.png Snipe
"Fire a carefully aimed shot for a chance to defeat an enemy with a single arrow. Boss monsters resist this effect, but still take severe damage."
MS Skill Arrow Illusion.png Arrow Illusion
"Summons an arrow illusion for a short time to draw enemies in and damage them. If you get hit during the skill, you will launch a powerful counterattack."
MS Skill Bolt Surplus.png Bolt Surplus
"Increases number of attacks for all multi-hit skills. Also increases Rangefinder's Critical Rate and maximum damage increase."
MS Skill Last Man Standing.png Last Man Standing
"Attacks against a lone target do much more damage."
MS Skill Vital Hunter.png Vital Hunter
"The further you are from your enemy, the lower their defenses will be."

Hyper Skills[edit]

Common Stat Enhancers, Skill Enhancers, and Active Skills[edit]

MS Skill Hyper Strength.png Hyper Strength
"Permanently increases STR."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Dexterity.png Hyper Dexterity
"Permanently increases DEX."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Intelligence.png Hyper Intelligence
"Permanently increases INT."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Luck.png Hyper Luck
"Permanently increases LUK."
Unlocked at level 140
MS Skill Hyper Jump.png Hyper Jump
"Permanently increases Jump."
Unlocked at level 146
MS Skill Hyper Speed.png Hyper Speed
"Permanently increases Movement Speed."
Unlocked at level 152
MS Skill Hyper Accuracy.png Hyper Accuracy
"Permanently increases Accuracy."
Unlocked at level 158
MS Skill Hyper Defense.png Hyper Defense
"Permanently increases Weapon DEF."
Unlocked at level 165
MS Skill Hyper Magic Defense.png Hyper Magic Defense
"Permanently increases Magic DEF."
Unlocked at level 174
MS Skill Hyper Fury.png Hyper Fury
"Permanently increases Max DF (useless for Bowmen)."
Unlocked at level 180
MS Skill Hyper Mana.png Hyper Mana
"Permanently increases Max MP."
Unlocked at level 186
MS Skill Hyper Health.png Hyper Health
"Permanently increases Max HP."
Unlocked at level 192
MS Skill Hyper Critical.png Hyper Critical
"Permanently increases Critical Rate."
Unlocked at level 198
MS Skill Sharp Eyes - Critical Chance.png Sharp Eyes - Critical Chance
"Increases the Critical Rate of Sharp Eyes."
Unlocked at Level 143
MS Skill Sharp Eyes - Persist.png Sharp Eyes - Persist
"Increases Sharp Eyes's duration."
Unlocked at Level 183
MS Skill Sharp Eyes - Guardbreak.png Sharp Eyes - Guardbreak
"Add the Ignore Defense effect to Sharp Eyes."
Unlocked at Level 168
MS Skill Epic Adventure B.png Epic Adventure
"Call upon the bravery deep within to increase damage output and max damage. Only applies to explorer classes within the party."
Unlocked at level 200


Skill Enhancers[edit]

MS Skill Arrow Stream - Extra Strike.png Arrow Stream - Extra Strike
"Increases Arrow Stream's number of attacks."
Unlocked at Level 149
MS Skill Arrow Blaster - Spread.png Arrow Blaster - Spread
"Increases the number of monsters that Arrow Blaster hits."
Unlocked at Level 155
MS Skill Arrow Stream - Reinforce.png Arrow Stream - Reinforce
"Increases Arrow Stream's damage."
Unlocked at Level 168
MS Skill Arrow Blaster - Boss Rush.png Arrow Blaster - Boss Rush
"Increases Boss Attack of Arrow Blaster."
Unlocked at Level 177
MS Skill Arrow Stream - Spread.png Arrow Stream - Spread
"Increases number of monsters that Arrow Stream hits."
Unlocked at Level 189
MS Skill Arrow Blaster - Reinforce.png Arrow Blaster - Reinforce
"Increases the damage of Arrow Blaster."
Unlocked at Level 195

Active Skills[edit]

MS Skill Concentration.png Concentration
"Steel yourself for battle to increase damage."
Unlocked at level 150
MS Skill Gritty Gust.png Gritty Gust
"Blasts nearby enemies with a gust of wind to tear them apart."
Unlocked at level 170


Skill Enhancers[edit]

MS Skill Piercing Arrow - Extra Strike.png Piercing Arrow - Extra Strike
"Increases the number of attacks for Piercing Arrow."
Unlocked at Level 149
MS Skill Snipe - Cooldown Cutter.png Snipe - Cooldown Cutter
"Reduces Snipe Cooldown."
Unlocked at Level 155
MS Skill Piercing Arrow - Reinforce.png Piercing Arrow - Reinforce
"Increases Piercing Arrow damage."
Unlocked at Level 168
MS Skill Snipe - Limit Break.png Snipe - Limit Break
"Increases the maximum damage value of Snipe."
Unlocked at Level 177
MS Skill Piercing Arrow - Spread.png Piercing Arrow - Spread
"Increases the number of monsters hit by Piercing Arrow."
Unlocked at Level 189
MS Skill Snipe - Reinforce.png Snipe - Reinforce
"Boosts Snipe damage."
Unlocked at Level 195

Active Skills[edit]

MS Skill Bullseye Shot.png Bullseye Shot
"Hone in on the enemy's weak spot for a devastating shot."
Unlocked at level 150
MS Skill High Speed Shot.png High Speed Shot
"Fires off a focused shot that pierces all enemies within range."
Unlocked at level 170