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  • Level requirement: 200+
  • Recommended level: 200-204 (Lake Of Oblivion), 205-207 (Mirage Hill), 207-210 (Cave Of Rest)

Vanishing Journey, known as Vanishing River, is the first area of the Arcane River created by the Black Mage in the Gate Of Present in Temple of Time. To enter this area, you need to advance to 5th Job via the 5th Job Advancement Quest. To find out more about 5th Job Advancement, check out other links.

Map Layout[edit]

There are 3 main areas in Vanishing Journey.

  1. Lake Of Oblivion: Town of Vanishing Journey. The village for all Erdas who desire to have memories back and a branch of the lake with Erda monsters. Monster ranges from Level 200 to 203.
  2. Mirage Hill: A burning, cliff area of Erdas with shape. Recommended level: 204-207.
  3. Skyline: The cave where the boss monster of this area resides and the pathway to the next island. Monster ranges from Level 207 to 210. Beware of falling objects! Recommended level: 207-210.

Weekly Quests[edit]

In Vanishing Journey, you can accept 5 weekly quests (resets Monday 12am) from Rona, which will all be given at the same time. You can choose to change up to 5 quests once to randomly get other quests before attempting the quests. All Quests reward 1 Arcane Symbol upon completion. Bolded quests stands for easy quests, highlighted quests in red stands for time-consuming quests and if it is neither bolded or italicised, it is not as easy but not as time-consuming. Note: Monster names and items listed below may be incorrect.

Some Quests may tell you to go to another NPC after collecting the etc items as the nature of the quest is Item Delivery.

Talk to Mona to complete the quests unless it is a special delivery.

  • Reward for Constant Requests

Complete all 5 Weekly Quests to obtain the reward, 3 Arcane Symbols.

  • [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Happy Erdas
  • [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Raging Erdas
  • [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Sad Erdas
  • [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Joyful Erdas
  • [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Stone Erdas
  • [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Blazing Erdas
  • [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Soulful Erdas
  • [Daily Quest] Defeat 200 Tranquil Erdas
  • [Daily Quest] Defeat 130 Lanterns of Erdas
  • [Daily Quest] Collect 50 Happy Erdas Samples
  • [Daily Quest] Collect 50 Raging Erdas Samples
  • [Daily Quest] Collect 50 Sad Erdas Samples
  • [Daily Quest] Collect 50 Joyful Erdas Samples
  • [Daily Quest] Collect 50 Stone Erdas Samples
  • [Daily Quest] Collect 50 Blazing Erdas Samples
  • [Daily Quest] Collect 50 Soulful Erdas Samples
  • [Daily Quest] Collect 50 Tranquil Erdas Samples
  • [Daily Quest] Collect 33 Lantern Erda Samples
  • [Daily Quest] Deliver 30 Oblivion Inhibitor
  • [Daily Quest] Deliver 30 Extinction Inhibitors
  • [Daily Quest] Deliver 30 Repose Inhibitors

After completing main storyline here, an Arcane Symbol:Vanishing Journey would be awarded to you.

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