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While spinning, Taz moves much faster, is just a little harder to control, and will destroy most obstacles in his path. You will also glide over water and pits. However, while spinning, your health gradually drains. You also cannot grab or eat anything while spinning, and will still be damaged by cars and trucks. If you're wearing spring shoes or rocket skates, spinning will forfeit them. Taz eats and activates shoes by picking the items up. The item has to be over Taz's mouth to eat.

Super Nintendo Sega Master System Sega Genesis Action
Neutral Dpad Neutral dpad Neutral dpad Movement
L Button R Button N/A A button Taz makes a face
X Button 1 button B button Spin
B Button 2 button C button Jump, hold to jump higher
X Button + B Button 1 button + 2 button B button + C button Spin Jump
A Button N/A N/A Brake
Y Button N/A A button Pick up/set down item
Select Button Start button Start button Pause