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A template to display critical game information in an easy-to-read format. There should be one at the top of the main page of every guide.

|title=(optional) Game name
|image=Game name boxart.jpg
|released={{rd|2005|December 1}}{{uk|2006|January 1}}{{jp|2007|April 23}}
|players=(optional) 1-4
|preceded by=(optional)
|followed by=(optional)

For templates to use in the released parameter, see Category:Release date templates. For templates to use in the ratings parameter, see Category:Rating templates.

Note that you shouldn't include data (such as release dates, consoles, etc.) for the game as part of a compilation. This data should be put in the compilation's infobox. Additionally, you should only fill out the "media" and "input" parameters of the infobox if they're non-standard for the consoles on which the game runs — for example, if the game uses a custom controller. This template defines the table "Game". View table.