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A template for displaying the unique weapons of Mythos.


Code Example What You See
|class=Magus Staff
|type=2-hand staff (melee)
File:Mythos Uniques Vastness.png
Base ClassMagus Staff
Type2-hand staff (melee)
Crushing Damage10-23
Required Wisdom44
Attack SpeedSlower
Special Effects
  • +30% Damage Bonus
  • +4 Fire Damage
  • +28 to Maximum Mana
  • +8 to Wisdom
  • 9% chance of Icebolt Nova on hit
  • 2% chance to Ignite for 2 second(s)
Sell Value6Mythos Silver Symbol.png 27Mythos Copper Symbol.png
|name=Behemoth Scale
Behemoth Scale
File:Mythos Uniques Behemoth Scale.png
Block Chance11%
Required Strength108
Special Effects
  • 5% improved chance of Critical Strike
  • +8 to Strength
  • +7 to Vitality
  • +3% Damage Reflection
  • 10% chance of Electric Nova when hit
  • 16% Bleed resistance
Sell Value
|name=Prismatic Amulet
Prismatic Amulet
Mythos Uniques Prismatic Amulet.png
Required Level20
Special Effects
  • +40% Damage Bonus
  • +25% Damage to Undead
  • +23% Electricity Resistance
  • +28% Fire Resistance
  • +30% Ice Resistance
  • +9 to Vitality
Sell Value


  • name: Name of the item.
  • class: Base equipment class (i.e. Guardian Staff, Elven Axe, etc.) (optional).
  • type: Weapon type (i.e. 2-hand staff (melee), 2-hand bow (ranged), 1-hand wand (projectile), etc.).
  • crush: Damage range for crushing weapons (optional).
  • pierce: Damage range for piercing weapons (optional).
  • slash: Damage range for slashing weapons (optional).
  • armor: Amount of armor on the armor (optional, mandatory for all armor).
  • blockchance: Chance to block attacks (%) (optional, mandatory for all shields).
  • reqlvl: Required level (optional, mandatory for all necklaces and rings).
  • reqdex: Required amount of Dexterity to use the item (optional).
  • reqstr: Required amount of Strength to use the item (optional).
  • reqwis: Required amount of Wisdom to use the item (optional).
  • attackspeed: The attack speed. Possible values are: Slower, Slow, Fast, Faster (optional).
  • effects: Additional weapon effects. You must put <nowiki/> after the equals sign, and precede each effect with an asterisk (unless using the effects parameters listed below) (optional).
  • g: The amount of gold in the sell value of the item.
  • s: The amount of silver in the sell value of the item.
  • c: The amount of copper in the sell value of the item.

Effects Parameters[edit]

The following parameters are optional substitutes for manual entries of the effects/bonuses of an item.

  • critchance: Increased chance of a critical strike. (%)
  • critdambonus: Increased damage when performing a critical strike. (%)
  • piercebonus: Adds % Pierce Damage. (%)
  • dambonuspercent: The amount of damage bonus. (%)
  • dambonusundead: Damage bonus to undead. (%)
  • dambonusbeasts: Damage bonus to beasts. (%)
  • dambonusinsects: Damage bonus to insects. (%)
  • elecdam: The amount of electric damage the weapon gets.
  • firedam: The amount of fire damage the weapon gets.
  • icedam: The amount of ice damage the weapon gets.
  • poisdam: The amount of poison damage the weapon gets.
  • elecres: Electric Resistance. (%)
  • fireres: Fire Resistance. (%)
  • iceres: Ice Resistance. (%)
  • poisres: Poison Resistance. (%)
  • healthregen: Health regeneration per minute.
  • manaregen: Mana regeneration per minute.
  • attackrating: Bonus to attack rating.
  • movespeed: Bonus to movement speed (%).
  • cmovespeed: Cursed, penalty to movement speed (%).
  • cb: Crafting Bonus (%).
  • maxlife: Bonus to Maximum Life.
  • maxmana: Bonus to Maximum Mana.
  • minionarmor: Bonus to Minion Armor. (%)
  • miniondamage: Bonus to Minion Damage. (%)
  • minionhealth: Bonus to Minion Health. (%)
  • dex: Bonus dexterity.
  • str: Bonus strength.
  • wis: Bonus wisdom.
  • vit: Bonus vitality.
  • armorbonus: Bonus to Armor.
  • damreflect: Damage reflection percentage (%).
  • mattackrate: Bonus to melee attack rate. (%)
  • cmattackrate: Cursed, penalty to melee attack rate (%).
  • rattackrate: Bonus to ranged attack rate (can be negative). (%)
  • missilerange: Bonus to missile range. (%)
  • missilespeed: Bonus to missile speed. (%)
  • luk: Bonus Luck.
  • dambonus: The amount of damage bonus (not percent).
  • allres: Resistance to all special effects (%).
  • iceboltnoh: Chance of Icebolt Nova on hit. (%)
  • iceboltnwh: Chance of Icebolt Nova when hit. (%)
  • fireballnoh: Chance of Fireball Nova on hit. (%)
  • fireballnwh: Chance of Fireball Nova when hit. (%)
  • elecnoh: Chance of Electric Nova on hit. (%)
  • elecnwh: Chance of Electric Nova when hit. (%)
  • drawhealth: Chance to draw {{{drawhealthamount}}}% (additional, required parameter) of health (%).
  • drawhealthamount: Amount of health drawn (%).
  • drawmana: Chance to draw {{{drawmanaamount}}}% (additional, required parameter) of Mana on strike (%).
  • drawmanaamount: Amount of mana drawn (%).
  • cpois: Chance to poison for {{{cpoissecs}}} (additional, required parameter) seconds. (%)
  • cpoissec: Seconds of poisoning for {{{cpois}}}.
  • ignite: Chance to Ignite for {{{ignitesec}}} (additional, required parameter) second(s). (%)
  • ignitewdfd: Chance to Ignite for {{{ignitesec}}} (additional, required parameter) second(s) when doing fire damage. (%)
  • ignitesec: Seconds that Ignite (either type) lasts for.
  • stun: Chance to Stun for {{{stunsec}}} (additional, required parameter) second(s). (%)
  • stunsec: Seconds that Stun lasts for.
  • bleed: Chance of inflicting Bleed for {{{bleedsec}}} (additional, required parameter) second(s). (%)
  • bleedsec: Seconds that Bleed lasts for.
  • slowres: Slow resistance. (%)
  • igniteres: Ignite resistance. (%)
  • exploderes: Explode resistance. (%)
  • bleedres: Bleed resistance. (%)