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This game is unplayable. While game features will be described on this page, actual gameplay assistance will not be supplied. This game is covered here for historical reference.

Box artwork for Mythos.
Developer(s)Flagship Studios
Publisher(s)Flagship Studios
Year released2011
Genre(s)Action RPG
Latest version2.0.44.4415
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For the unrelated C64 game, see Mythos (1985). For the unrelated MSX and Amstrad CPC game, see Mythos (1990).

Mythos is a computer game under development by Hanbitsoft. The game was originally created by the now defunct Flagship Studios Flagship Seattle team. The game started as an action RPG intended to test the networking technology behind the multiplayer component of Flagship Studios' Hellgate: London, but has since grown into an independent game. Mythos shares the in-house developed game engine created for Hellgate: London.


Mythos is set in a fantasy world called Uld. After a massive war ended between the forces of the Kingdoms and Discordia the people of the world set out to rebuild from what was left. Only a hundred and fifty years have been recorded since the new establishment of society. With the new foundation of the various races of the world, there also exists the remnants of the dark creatures of Discordia. These beasts lie within the recesses of the wilderness - waiting to consume everything in its path. Adventure forth to scour the darkness from the lands, and hunt for the powerful tools to aid you in your quest.


The game is very similar in style to the Diablo series utilizing the same perspective, extensive map and item randomization, many of the interface characteristics of the original game, as well as sharing a fantasy setting. Individuals or groups of players assume the roles of fantasy heroes to reclaim the land from the creatures while striving to be the first to discover ancient and powerful secrets of lost civilizations.

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Items and Equipment