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A basic enemy found on the plains of Hyrule. It's slightly aggressive, with a fearsome waddle attack. Found around Hyrule.
Buzz Blob
The tougher version of a Blob that will deliver a nasty shock if struck with melee weapons. Hit it with with the boomerang or hookshot to stun it or simply shoot it with arrows. Found around Hyrule.
Red mollusk enemies that spit rocks. It's advised to use a shield when fighting these to block incoming projectiles. There is also a variation of the enemy that shoots rocks in 4 directions. Appears outside the Eastern Palace and alongside rivers and swamps.
This enemy may be a crow, but is in fact very deadly. It swoops down from trees to attack, and it's normally too high to attack, but can be struck just after it swoops down. Crows often drop hearts and rupees, so it's recommended to grind using these enemies.
These are rogue fish-people that dwell in rivers and lakes. They'll pop up in the water, spit a fireball, and submerge and re-emerge elsewhere - these fireballs cannot be blocked with the regular shield. They cannot be attacked from the water, so it is best to hit them with the bow or ice rod. Not all are hostile, though - some will gladly stop for a nice chat. Found in the Waterfall of Wishing and Lake Hylia.
Blue spider-looking monsters with one large eye. They'll try and jump on Link, but can be easily sliced with three sword hits before they get the chance. They often appear in groups, so try to take on one at a time to stop yourself getting swarmed. Stronger red Tektites also dwell on Lorule's snowy equivalent of Death Mountain. Found outside the Eastern Palace and on Death Mountain.
Rats are basic foes. They run around aimlessly and take one hit to kill. No real strategy needed, although tougher, yellow-furred Dark Rats appear in the Desert Palace with the same attack pattern. Found in caves.
Rope are just snakes in everything but name. They act nearly identically to Rats, but are slightly slower and try to ram towards Link when he is near. It has slightly more health. Found in various caves.
A ghost in yellow robes carrying a lantern containing the soul of their previous life. They fly around aimlessly, but can still be annoying due to their erratic behavior. It's best to watch out in the graveyard, as many gravestones you push will release Poes. Found in the Graveyard.
In and around the Eastern Palace, you may come across certain statues that come to life. These are the Armos. They often show up in pairs and take three hits to kill. It's also best to hit any statues you come across with the sword first to ensure that they're not Armos in disguise. Found in and around the Eastern Palace.
Rolling Ball
These invincible obstacles appear in both the Eastern Palace and the Dark Palace. In the first corridor in the former, remember that a large Rolling Ball will appear for every 3 that roll down the pathway. In the Dark Palace, however, it's best to just Wall-Merge to avoid them. The shield will also prove useful when in tight spots.
A sentient mass of tentacles. These little blue and red monsters wriggle slowly towards Link, but are incredibly weak; use a spin attack when surrounded by them on all sides. A red and yellow version appears in Turtle Rock, but is no more dangerous. Found in the Eastern Palace, House of Gales and Turtle Rock.
Skeletons that can jump out of the way of incoming sword attacks; it's best to use the bow or nearby pots to take 'em out, or back them to a corner if neither options prove successful. Green ones appear in the Eastern Palace, whereas a red variety appears in the Tower of Hera, which will throw bones after jumping, so keep your shield up at all times!
Sword/Trident Soldier
Soldiers formed from paintings created by Yuga. Green ones are the weakest, and the hierarchy then goes to blue to the formidable reds. Sword and Trident Soldiers can block incoming attacks with their weapon, so it's best to attack them with arrows or stun them first, but they're quite quick.
Bow/Spear Soldier
These Soldiers will run backwards, shooting projectiles. Use your shield to block incoming attacks and then strike them while they reload!
Bomb Soldier
Soldiers wielding bombs. If surrounded by regular Soldiers, and you catch sight of one of these chaps, try to lead the crowd away from them, as their bombs can be deadly. They also tend to stand on high ledges, where your attacks can't reach them. However, you can, if you're quick, pick their own bombs up and throw them back up at them! Bomb Soldiers take two bombs to kill.
When you notice a patch of suspicious looking Rupees - whether in the Overworld, in caves or in a dungeon - try hitting them with the sword. This will make you pick up regular Rupees, but the sword will bounce off fake ones. Alternatively, you can tell them apart by looking at their shadows, which are slightly bigger in comparison with real rupees. Get close enough to these counterfeits and the disguised Rupee-Like will show itself. These tube-shaped enemies will swallow Link and eat his Rupees, but you can recollect them if you kill the thief fast enough.
Sand Crab
Fast-moving green-clawed crabs. They do minimal damage, but can still be deadly in groups. Because they only dash sideways, try to attack them from the front or behind. Found around Lake Hylia and the Waterfall of Wishing.
Bats that will flap around quickly and noisily. They're erratic and fast, so hit them as soon as they get close! Found in the House of Gales and various caves.
Flying jellyfish that come in many colours and can become electrified at certain intervals. If you attack them with the sword while they're electrified, you'll get a nasty shock! In areas full of flying Bari such as the Swamp Palace, try shooting them with the bow. Found in the House of Gales, Skull Woods, the Swamp Palace and the Desert Palace.
Red and yellow Bari will split into two tiny Biris after being attacked. They're electrified as soon as they split, so be patient and time your attacks carefully.
These are fearsome cyclops statues that come in green, red and blue. They cannot be attacked while their eye is closed, so try to lure them into combat by running near them. It's best to use the sword or fire rod if surrounded by Eyegores, or if at close combat. However, the bow is devastating when it hits the monster's eye. Found in the House of Gales and Thieves' Hideout.
Rolling Log
Invincible obstacles that roll along a set path. Jump over them with the Tornado Rod! Found in Turtle Rock and the House of Gales.
Bubbles are normally indestructible, their flames can be extinguished with the Tornado Rod, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Found in the House of Gales, while an icy variant is found in the Ice Ruins.
Little rock dinosaurs found on Death Mountain. They are VERY fast, so try to kill them as soon as you catch sight of it. If Link strikes a Deadrock with his sword, it will turn into a stone statue. Then, use bombs or the hammer to destroy the statue and kill the Deadrock!
These will roll down paths in the Death Mountain caves. Try to Wall-Merge away from them, or alternatively strike them with the hammer. The hammer takes a while to use, so make sure to keep a slight distance when attacking them. Certain Boulders have Rupees embedded in them, and will give them up when you smash them.
Hardhat Beetle
Despite the name, these guys look more like walking jellyfish wearing blue or red helmets. The blue ones in the Tower of Hera can knock you back when you hit them, which could result in you falling to a lower floor. The hammer will not make them knock you back, however. Take two to three sword hits to kill. The red Hardhat Beetles found in the lower levels of the Ice Ruins will knock you back into a bottomless pit, so try to knock them off the platforms with the fire rod or Hookshot.
Terrorpins are red tortoises found in the Tower of Hera. The sword can't penetrate their tough carapaces, so flip them with the hammer and slash at their vulnerable underbellies.
Little wormy beasts that scuttle around frenziedly. They aren't too much of a threat, although it is said that there are larger variants... Found in the Tower of Hera and Skull Woods.
Ball 'n' Chain Trooper
A high-ranking soldier. They like to swing a ball 'n' chain around their heads to prevent Link from using melee attacks, although he can just use the bow. After a Ball 'n' Chain Trooper is hit, it will swing its weapon towards you, so run to the left or right immediately after attacking!
A porcine bandit, once a member of Ganon's forces. It backs away slowly, throwing spears. Keep your shield up!
Shield Moblin
A Moblin bearing a shield. This shield will block all frontal attacks, but it can be stolen with the Hookshot or burnt with the fire rod. They lack a projectile attack, and are quite sluggish, so focus on the Spear Moblins before focusing on these chaps.
A bovine mercenary that was once a member of Ganon's forces. The weak blue Taros carry a spear, whereas the tougher red ones use tridents. Like Sword Soldiers, they can block incoming sword attacks with their weapon, so try stunning them first or using the bow. They're not too dangerous, but can be infuriating when accompanied by a tougher enemy such as a Hinox.
A bomb-throwing cyclops found throughout Lorule. It's dangerous to attack them, as they do a lot of damage, and take ten sword hits to kill. Try strafing around them and attacking when they charge. If surrounded by a Hinox and some smaller, quicker enemies like Ropas or Snapdragons, it's best to just run. There is also a variant on Death Mountain that throws snowballs.
A creature not unlike a land-dwelling sea anemone, with lots of yellow tentacles. They're surprisingly strong, and will do high amounts of damage as they hop towards you, so attack constantly with the sword - they die in about 4 slices.
A hungry flower that hops along the ground. They're fast, and have a devastating lunge attack, meaning that it's important to keep moving while fighting these. Found in Lorule and outside the Dark Palace.
The Lorule equivalent of a Poe. They have the same attack pattern, but do more damage and take longer to kill. Found in Thieves' Town and Lorule's Graveyard.
The Lorule equivalent of Octoroks, Slaroks resemble pink sluglike monsters with a long snout. They are exactly the same as Octoroks, but do a tiny bit more damage.
Karat Crab
The Lorule equivalent of a Sand Crab. They act exactly the same, more damage.
An unusual mushroom-shaped airborne beast. Normally invulnerable in the air, they swoop down to shoot a seedy projectile when Link gets close. Link must keep his shield up to block the Zirro's attack, and then strike with the sword!
These one-eyed kappas are Lorule's answer to Zoras. They act the same, but are slightly stronger.
Hanging out behind the shield shop, you may discover some of these tube-shaped monsters. They're there for a reason - Like-Likes eat shields! Don't let them catch you and eat your wooden shield. However, they don't eat Hylian Shields.
A one-eyed bat that acts like a Keese. Found in caves and most Lorule dungeons.
Run out of bombs? Don't worry - Bawb is here to help! Bawbs will slowly chase Link, and can be struck to turn them into a bomb for use in a dungeon. After one is killed, it respawns, so don't worry about running out.
A rare enemy, found exclusively in the Thieves' Hideout, that resembles a yellow, purple-spotted slug. As it crawls around, it lays bombs on the ground, so it's best to attack it from the front.
After saving the Thief Girl in the Thieves' Hideout, these lizard-like bandits will appear and try to grab her! If a Zazak catches the girl, then simply return to her cell to rescue her again. Keep the girl close to you and attack the Zazaks to make sure that THEY don't get close!
A enemy commonly found in the Desert of Mystery. They circle Link once they catch sight of him, and occasionally swoops down. Once they swoop down, hit them with the sword.
Men formed from sand, found exclusively in the Desert of Mystery; Geldmen will emerge from the dunes and begin chasing link! Several sword swipes ought to take 'em down, although the Sand Rod can be used for an interesting secret...
A burrowing cactus beast from the Desert Palace. They act a bit like the Geldmen from outside the Palace, albeit weaker and faster.
Antlion creatures from the Desert Palace. They'll shoot fireballs from within their little sandpits, so they Sand Rod should be used to hoist them out, open to attack!
The mummy man. He staggers around slowly, attacking those who come close. Despite their general sluggishness, Gibdos pack a punch and have a lot of health, although the Fire Rod or Lantern can be used in order to burn away their bandages to reveal a Stalfos underneath; this trick is particularly useful in Skull Woods, where they are found on narrow platforms, so Link can just swipe at the Stalfos to trick them into jumping off a cliff. Found in the Desert Palace and Skull Woods.
A mechanical sentry that shoot a laser that goes 360 degrees around it. In the Desert Palace, Beamos can be lifted with the Sand Rod to allow their beams to shoot switches. They're invincible, but in the Swamp Palace Link can dive underwater to avoid their beams, or freeze them with the Ice Rod. Appears in the Desert Palace, Swamp Palace and Turtle Rock.
The Lorulean equivalent of the Armos, Gimos are devil statues that come to life! ...But they're no more difficult to dispatch than Armos. Native to the Desert Palace, although the ice and fire variants (more on those later) can be found in the Ice Ruins and Turtle Rock respectively.