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ThePath Ginger.png

Ginger is the first girl on the left in the starting screen. She is a carefree individual and explorer, wanting to have fun.


  • Knife
  • Bullet
  • Feather
  • Dead bird
  • Diamond
  • Syringe
  • Boot
  • Record
  • Flower
  • Wall (smiling face)
  • Fence
  • Tree (Located in graveyard)
  • Shack (Located in camp)


The wolf is located in the field of flowers, and appears as a red version of the Girl in White. She normally hangs around the outskirts of the field, waiting.

It is possible to interact with her, but direct approaches might not help. To trigger the encounter, you must face away from her and wait for her to approach from behind. Once she does so, the cutscene will commence, leaving Ginger dropped off infront of Grandma's house. +