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Spoiler warning! This page contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

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The forest[edit]

Despite being told to stay on the path, the girls have a desire to look within the forest and see what goes on.

The forest is large and expansive, with many items being scattered about. When you start the game, you do not have a map or indication on where to find anything. The only option is to search around for anything of interest.

The forest is magical, keeping lost individuals trapped in the woods. If you depart from the path, you won't be able to find it again by yourself.

Coin flowers[edit]

Ginger collecting a coin flower.

Throughout the forest are 144 coin flowers. They are beautiful, and are easily spotted at a distance by a bright glint. To pick one up, approach it and start the interaction. However, you cannot see them if you are running.

While the coin flowers provide no benefit, every sixth flower will reveal the location of an item or memory of interest. Collecting them all is an achievement, but has no additional benefit beyond revealing a location.

The flowers you collect are shown on the border of your basket.


The collection of memories

The basket will contain any items and memories you collected in the forest. In the upper half, there are 18 memories and items collectable by any character (although there's some objects that require a specific character to use.) In the lower half, there are three slots reserved for each character, and are used to unlock secret rooms.

Once you retrieve an item, you are able to view your basket.

The basket indicates which items are present in the forest for that character. In some cases, an object may appear but isn't usable (e.g. Ruby encounters a piano but it doesn't trigger a memory), while there may be objects that don't appear on the map (e.g. there is a hidden couch in the forest, but not in the basket).


For each character, there are three fields in the forest. They are recognized by a light in the distance, even when you are on the path. Due to the majestic nature of these places, you can't run, and must admire the beauty by walking.

Grandmother's house[edit]

The grandmother's house is at the end of the path. You can approach it by running or walking, but when you get there, it will be dark. You can use this to your advantage by making the fields slightly easier to spot.

If you keep arriving at Grandmother's house without encountering the wolf, the game will unlock features to make the game easier:

  1. The location of grandmother's house will be shown.
  2. The location of the wolf will be shown.
  3. You can view the map at any time.
  4. You can view the locations of all items and memories on the map.

The Girl in White[edit]

The Girl in White

If you get lost in the forest, you will see the Girl in White come to your assistance. When you interact with her when she motions you to follow, she will take you by the hand and escort you back to the path.

She will also move to various objects within the forest. Once you have the ability to find her location, you can use this to assist with finding anything new.

However, there are a few cases where she cannot assist you. For example, approaching the wolf may cause her to hide at a different location until you depart the field. At that point, you may want to resolve the issue by meeting the wolf.

The wolf[edit]

The wolf takes many forms in the forest, and lurks at one of the majestic fields.

While mother wants you to avoid the wolf, you need to encounter it to advance the game. The behavior of the wolf changes depending on the character, but after the encounter, you will be dropped off at grandmother's house in the cold rain. The only thing left to do is enter the house, and watch the events that come next.

Encountering the wolf will reveal the location of the field for the other characters.