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The Worst Witch main menu.png

Once you insert the disk for Sherston Software's 1987 text adventure game The Worst Witch into the disk drive of your BBC Micro or Acorn Archimedes, you'll either have to push Shift and Break together to load the program into the console, or click the disk drive's icon (which is named :0, but if your Archimedes has two disk drives, the second one is named :1, so if you place the disk in that second drive, you have to click on its icon) on the RISC OS icon bar to bring up the disk's contents in a window, then double-click on the application file which has the exclamation point at the start of its name (it is also possible to transfer this file to the hard drive of your Archimedes and run it from there); once the main menu has appeared, you will have to use the up and down arrow keys (or Space) to select Teacher Control, Children's Instructions or Play the Adventure, then push Enter to confirm your choice. If you choose the first option, you shall be presented with a submenu featuring three more options (Instructions, Game Vocabulary and Can't Do Frogs, the last one being a play for children that designer Marshal Anderson wrote for the class he was teaching at the time) - and as mentioned on the previous page, if you choose Instructions (or Children's Instructions on the main menu) and later press Esc to return to the previous menu on an emulated BBC Micro, the virtual console will give an error message and return to its command prompt, so you will have to reload the program into it. Once you choose Play the Adventure (from which you cannot return to the main menu), the title screen will appear line-by-line and the game will start.