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Here is a list of all the available weapons in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. Weapons that must be unlocked are marked with a (+). Weapons that have a separate double version are marked with a (x2).


  • Hand-to-Hand combat
  • Weapon melee attack (hit enemies with one's weapon)
  • Baseball Bat A baseball bat. Tap the fire button twice for consecutive swipes. Effective against zombies.


  • Injector This handgun shoots a dart containing a serum that makes the enemy expand, until eventually they explode in a bloody mess. In Story mode, this works best against the mutants that are relatively strong against conventional weapons in the You Genius, U-Genix level, where one shot causes them to explode with such force that glass shatters and anyone nearby will be seriously injured or killed. Flying organs resulting from the blast causes damage to anyone that walks through them.
  • Kruger 9mm (x2) A standard handheld pistol with an attachable silencer. Very fast, yet weak. Appears to be based off the Luger Pistol.
  • LX-18 (x2) A futuristic, bullet-based pistol with attachable scope and silencer. Fairly powerful and holds 18 rounds per clip (the most of all handguns).
  • Pistol 9mm (x2) A more powerful pistol with attachable scope and silencer. Fires quicker than most handguns but also has to be reloaded often due to its small clip size (8 rounds). Appears to be based off the Beretta 92.
  • Revolver The most powerful bullet-based pistol with no attachments. It has a decent firing rate, but a long reload time and only 6 shots until you have to reload.
  • Sci-Fi Handgun (x2) A powerful beam pistol with a 1.5x scope. Its fire can be set to ricochet off walls, but caution must be taken with this option, because damage can be done to you. Longest reload time of all handguns, but a large magazine capacity (16 shots).


  • Shotgun A side-by-side (double barrel) 12 gauge shotgun. The shells are very strong, but use them wisely because the shotgun has only two chambers. Powerful when used against zombies, hold the fire button to empty both chambers in one powerful shot
  • Tactical 12-Gauge A short-range 8-round shotgun. The shells scatter when fired, so at close range it can kill many targets with a shot to the thorat. Identical to its forebearer in TS2.

Sniper Rifles[edit]

  • Sniper Rifle A standard sniper rifle with powerful, accurate shots. Has medium-farther ranged scope and contains a 5 round clip. The sniper rifle fires slower than vintage rifle, but has a superior scope and better firepower.
  • Vintage Rifle A vintage rifle with powerful shots. Has medium range scope and is reasonably accurate. Has an 8 round cartridge and fires faster than Sniper Rifle, but is slower than Sci-Fi Sniper. Appears to be based off the Lee-Enfield rifle.
  • Sci-Fi Rifle A laser rifle with an attachable energy shield. The shield is most helpful when reloading, but has a limited energy supply, so its duration is about 30 seconds. Useful on Berserker Splitters and Organic characters (everyone but robots). Has an 8 energy-shot round clip. It has the fastest fire rate of all the sniper rifles, but is less accurate.


  • K-SMG (x2) A custom made machine gun that can also fire rifle grenade style rockets. Has a large burstfire, making it hard to aim precisely with, but can be dual wielded and has a fast firing rate.
  • Machine Gun (x2) A standard machine gun based off the H&K MP5, again one that can be dual wielded. Fires with a speed second only to the minigun.
  • Minigun A mighty gatling gun. The barrel must be rotating before it fires, so it takes a few seconds to charge. Alternatively, you can keep the barrel rotating constantly without firing. However, this causes the weapon to overheat faster, resulting in the rate of fire decreasing dramatically.
  • Monkey Gun (+) Fires a whole clip of ammunition with just one touch of the trigger.
  • SBP500 A powerful machine gun with a low-zoom scope and an integrated suppressor, this weapon is essentially a version of the SBP90 of the previous game, itself modelled on the FN P90 submachinegun.
  • Soviet Rifle This gun has a lower rate of fire than the others, but is the most powerful rifle. 3-5 head shots can kill most enemies. Appears to be based on a combination of the AK47 and FN FAL assault rifles. Possibly the most accurate automatic weapon in the game.
  • Plasma Autorifle A machine gun which uses plasma rather than conventional ammunition. The rate of fire increases the longer you hold the fire button, but, like the minigun, is liable to overheating. Like the Minigun, it does not use clips.


  • Flare Gun (x2) Launches powerful flares that explode and set fire to targets.
  • Plasma Grenades These grenades stick to enemies. Highly resemblant to those found in Halo and Halo 2. If thrown when cross hairs are red will be thrown automatically at the target.
  • Time Disruption Grenades (Story mode only) Very dangerous technology. It is capable of creating a time distortion, slowing down everything except the user.
  • Fragmentation Grenades Basic Grenades. They bounce before exploding, so use with caution.
  • Heat seeking Missile Launcher Fires a very slow rocket that homes in on targets. What it can target depends on the play mode.
  • Proximity Mines Mines that detonate when an entitiy- be it friend, player, or foe- approaches them.
  • Remote mines Mines that are activated with a remote control.
  • Rocket Launcher A powerful rocket launcher with a steady rate of fire. It can be set to fire an entire magazine of rockets in quick succession. However the rockets can also harm the user.
  • Timed Mines Mines that go off after a short period of time.
  • TNT (Story mode; used primarily for detonation)


  • Brick (+) Bricks. Very powerful, but difficult to aim with. They can also harm the thrower.
  • Flamethrower A flamethrower. Can set targets on fire, ensuring that they die a slow and painful death- unless they can find a body of water (eg like that in the Chinese Restaurant map). Robots are completely invulnerable to the Flamethrower
  • Harpoon Gun Launches harpoons that stick to the target. The harpoons are reusable. Effective against zombies. In arcade, killing an enemy with it will make the announcer say "skewered!". They fire in an arc, so this should be taken into account if one intends to use them at longer ranges.
  • Electrotool Fires a beam of concentrated electricity. Alternatively fires blasts of electricity. Can destroy shields and force fields, and is very effective against robots.
  • Ghost Gun Fires a red energy beam that can destroy ghosts in story mode. In arcade mode it can suck the target's health to use as the shooter's own. When equipped goggles are put on the view, which shows heat signatures. In story mode it has unlimited ammo.
  • Mag-Charger A handy gun that can fold up to fit in a pocket. It fires electromagnetic pulses that can overload and destroy electric systems(in story mode), including robots. It can be set to track heat signatures and concealed electric systems. In arcade, it can shoot through walls by changing to its secondary mode.
  • Temporal Uplink (Gravity Device) A semi-useful device. The uplink can manipulate objects across many distances and is useful for grabbing ammunition from afar and for hurling objects at enemies. Secondary mode puts up a hologram map of the area. This device can only be used in Story Mode and some challenges.
  • Dispersion Gun A futuristic energy weapon that fires high-powered scattering beams at targets. Powerful against robots, but weak against most other enemies. Its shots can be charged to give them greater power, although the longer you charge it, the more ammo it uses. It doesn't use a clip or require reloading, but needs to be slightly recharged after each shot.