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Round 1[edit]

# of Powerups 3 ARC TankForce level1.png
Normal Tanks 13
Fast Tanks 2
Total 15
Minimum Maximum
6400 15400
  • The round introduces steel blocks in this game. They cannot be destroyed until you have collected a total of three Shot powerups, which lasts until dying.

The enemies are few here and headquarters is well-protected with steel walls. It's easy just to roam around and kill every enemy passing by and collecting valuable weapon power-ups.

Round 2[edit]

# of Powerups 6 ARC TankForce level2.png
Normal Tanks 21
Fast Tanks 2
Hard Tanks 2
Total 25
Minimum Maximum
11600 29600
  • The round introduces pools of water in this game.It can't be crossed over by either your tanks or the enemy tanks, but they can be fired over with shots.

At some point, you'll most likely receive airstrike power-up which makes this level considerably easier.

1 player tactics
  • Blast open a tunnel just the south of bushes. If you want, you can also advance north to kill first appearing enemy tanks. Retreat to the tunnel as the enemy advances. You should receive airstrike power-up about the time when enemies in the right edge start opening the tunnel. After airstrike, it's pretty easy to take care of the remaining tanks.
2 player tactics
  • Second player should take care of the enemies appearing on the right side.

Super Mario Galaxy (or 2)[edit]

Enemy Defeat chart[edit]

GRAB: (both coin and multi-colored star bit - credit contributor!)

  • TYPES:
    • ! {{yes|[[File:SMG_CoinIcon.png]] #}}
    • ! {{yes|[[File:SMG_StarBitIcon.png]] #}}
    • ! {{no}}
    • ! colspan=5 | {{no|Invincible!}}

This table assumes the occurances of a enemy being defeated under normal circumstances. For instance, in the secret mission "Yoshi's Unexpected Appearance" from Space Junk Galaxy - Goombas do not drop anything upon being defeated.

Enemy Outcome
Movesets Power-ups Special Outcome
Stomp Ground Pound Kick Spin Attack Fire Flower Rainbow Star
Goomba Coin 1 Coin 1 Star Bit 3 Star Bit 3 ??? ??? ???
Golden Chomp
No No No No No A Power Star No
Rocky Wrench
(stunned by a nearby Ground Pound)
??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
(being a red counterpart)
??? ??? ??? ??? Star Bit 6 ??? (1)
  • Ways to display info for "Special Outcome":
    • Use underline (not sure if mobile devices recognize this option of sending info): Hover cursor to read text.
      • If so, what will the underline text be?
        • Read!
        • Hover!
    • Alter table wikicode to make the text fit under limited character space
  • "NEW!" refers to being a new enemy introduced in the Mario series. Needed?
  • Wanted the table to be sortable, so that it can be sorted by "Enemy" alphabetically, or one of the six ways to defeat an enemy.
  • "(abc)" below the enemies' names are the conditions for defeating the enemy.

needs to work on the possibility to throw a Star Bit to an enemy before working on defeating them.

Raw data[edit]

Amps Banzai Bills Big Amps Bloopers Blue Lava Bubbles [NEW] Bob-ombs Bomb Boos [NEW] Boos Boulders Bullet Bills Cannonballs Cataquacks Cheep-Cheeps Chomp Pups [NEW] Chomps Clams Cluckbooms [NEW] Crabbers [NEW] Dry Bones Fire Shooters [NEW] Firebars Fishbones Flipbugs [NEW] Galactic Tornadoes [NEW] Giant Goombas Golden Chomp [NEW] Goombas Goombeetles [NEW] Gringills [NEW] Ice Bats [NEW] Jack O' Goombas [NEW] Jellyfish Koopa Troopas Lava Bubbles Li'l Brrrs [NEW] Li'l Cinders [NEW] Li'l Springies [NEW] Magikoopas Mandibug Stack [NEW] Mandibugs [NEW] Mecha-Koopas Micro-Goombas Mines Octoguys [NEW] Octoombas [NEW] Octopi [NEW] Piranha Plants Pokey Sprouts Pokeys Porcupuffers Preying Mantases Prickly Piranha Plants [NEW] Rocket Engines Rocky Wrenches Scuttle Bugs Sentry Beam?s [NEW] Sliding Stones Slurples [NEW] Spiky Plants [NEW] Spiky Topman [NEW] Spring Topman [NEW] Starbags [NEW] Swoopers Thwomps Topminis [NEW] Torpedo Teds Tox Boxes Tweesters Undergrunts [NEW] Urchins Water Shooters [NEW] Wigglers

Super Mario Bros. 2[edit]

Paper Mario[edit]

Created from Ingredients[edit]

Apple Pie[edit]

Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Apple Cake Mix

Big Cookie[edit]

Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Cake Mix Blue Berry
Cake Mix Egg
Cake Mix Goomnut
Cake Mix Red Berry
Cake Mix Yellow Berry

Bland Meal[edit]

Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Egg Mushroom
Goomnut Strange Leaf

Boiled Egg[edit]

Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Egg Stinky Herb
Egg Strange Leaf


Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Cake Mix N/A

Coco Pop[edit]

Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Cake Mix Coconut

Deluxe Feast[edit]

Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Potato Salad Shroom Steak
Strange Leaf Whacka's Bump

Dizzy Dial[edit]

Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Strange Leaf N/A
Strange Leaf Stinky Herb
Strange Leaf Volt Shroom

Egg Missile[edit]

Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Egg Fire Flower

Electro Pop[edit]

Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Cake Mix Volt Shroom

Used as an Ingredient[edit]


Recipe Result
... + abc xyz

Blue Berry[edit]