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This is a repository of various javascript tools that may be useful to you when editing and such. To get these tools, put the javascript in your user js (usually Special:Mypage/dolphin.js), then clear your browser cache.

Current Scripts[edit]

These scripts are all designed to be used in recent versions of MediaWiki which have the ResourceLoader. For best results use MediaWiki 1.20 or newer. All scripts are self-contained and do not require any extra work on your part besides enabling it in your user js page.

AJAX Patrol[edit]

This script allows you to patrol pages via AJAX instead of having to load the patrol successful page and navigate back in order to get to the next diff. This script was created by myself. Should work on all skins.

This is available as a Gadget on StrategyWiki, so the manual loading should only be necessary if you wish to test development versions (if applicable) or you wish to load it on a different wiki.

// AJAX Patrol script
// by Skizzerz
// Uncomment the following line if you do NOT wish to have this script
// automatically load the next diff when the patrol is finished.
//var AjaxPatrolAutoNext = false;
mw.loader.load( '' );

Edit Summary Warning Nullify[edit]

Nullifies the edit warning when you enter a blank summary

** Edit Summary Warning Nullify **
function check_edit_summary(event) {

Recent Changes Patrol[edit]

Adds a new "Patrol" tab on Special:RecentChanges and Special:BlankPage which loads an AJAX patrol interface to automatically step through all the pending diffs in recent changes (oldest first).

This script is still experimental and is in early alpha. Please report any bugs or feature requests to my talk page.

// Recent Changes Patrol script
// by Skizzerz
mw.loader.load( '' );

Legacy Scripts[edit]

These scripts likely do not work anymore and were made for ancient versions of MediaWiki. The useful ones will eventually get updated.

IMPORTANT: Before adding any of the below[edit]

Before using any of the scripts below, make sure that you put this at the very top of your bluecloud.js page.

//Common library functions used by many of the scripts below

Edit section link for the top section[edit]

Adds an edit link that lets you section edit the very top section.

//Add section edit link for the top section

Auto-edit script[edit]

Enables an auto-clicking script

//Auto-edit script
//by Lupin

Find-and-replace script[edit]

Enables a search-and-replace function for the edit box, including regular expression searches. A small magnifying glass icon will appear on the left side of the macro buttons (the lightblue images above the edit box).

//Find and replace script
//by Zocky


Changes the link of the 'delete' tab from the confirmation page to a javascript prompt for faster deletion.

//QuickDelete for sysops
//Change the following three lines to modify the delete reasons, remember to use + for spaces
var qdId = ['spamvand', 'test', 'request'];
var qdText = ['Spam/Vandalism', 'Test+page,+please+use+the+[[StrategyWiki:Sandbox|sandbox]]', 'Author+request'];
var qdDisp = ['Spam/Vandalism', 'Test', 'Author request'];


Adds a filter tab to Special:Log for filtering and highlighting of results. Clicking the tab shows the filter options, and clicking again hides them. The rights log has additional filtering options. For BlueCloud skin only.

Credit goes to Splarka for making this fine script.

//LiFilter script for Logs
//by Splarka

Whois IP[edit]

This script adds a "whois" tab on Special:Contributions pages for IPs that link to a whois website to obtain DNS data on the IP. The link will automatically open in a new window/tab on a left click. For BlueCloud skin only.

Credit for this script goes to Splarka

//Whois IP script
//by Splarka

AJAX Watch[edit]

This script allows you to watch and unwatch pages via AJAX (like how the watch/unwatch tab works on Wikipedia). This script was created by myself and only works on BlueCloud (Monobook should already have AJAX page watching anyway).

//AJAX Watch script


Want something that's not listed here? Try searching for it on Google or some other search engine and if you still can't find it, feel free to drop a message on my talk page and I'll attempt to write it :)