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Revolution.jpg This user has a Wii.
This user is a Kongregate moderator.
This user has a fatherly love for hatchling dragons.
L button This user has a broken L-button on his DS.
Tathar.jpg This user is Tathar.
This user's favorite color is blue.
This user wears Honduran underwear.
This user has helped to level up 2 level 0 guides to level 1 or higher.
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Tathar was an IRC Operator and moderator for ABXY (formerly DSmeet). He has since moved on and now moderates for Kongregate. He still patrols and maintains the Drift City guide on StrategyWiki and is responsible for making it more visible among the game's players.

Tathar keeps his user page protected from anonymous edits because anons tend to vandalize it. Tathar usually prefers allowing anons to edit because it encourage constructive edits, but unregistered users simply have no business editing his user page.


Tathar is often involving himself in many time-consuming activities. He is also commonly seen with a picture he asked a friend to draw for him. Tathar is a cosmological Buddhist, enjoys staying home to play on his computers, and would rather have a home underground under a hill or mountain than one above ground.

Tathar spends much of his free time in front of a computer playing PC games such as Horizons: Empire of Istaria and Unreal Tournament 2004. Tathar has announced a goal of introducing new contributors to StrategyWiki to contribute to 100 level 0 guides and bring them to level 1 or better.

Dragons looked after Clicky.