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Shion will find many different types of equipment on his travels. The different types of equipment are listed as follows.


Shion's main method of attack. Starting out with the weak Gradius short sword, Shion will be able to purchase many different weapons, increasing both attack power and range. There are two different kind of weapons Shion can use; swords and spears.

Spears usually give Shion a larger attack range then any Swords obtainable at that point do. The tradeoff however, is that Shion cannot equip shields while he's having a spear equipped. Despite this, players with good reflexes will still be able to deflect frontal attacts by holding UP and pressing the Attack button. This will make Shion twirl the spear in his hands for about a second, effectively shielding himself, and even attacking if an enemy bumps into him.

Using the Power magic doubles the damage given, the earliest you can get it is 3 of them in the Pyramid in the chest with lots of magic.

Name Damage DMG With Power Price
Gradius Gradius 1 2 N/A Shion's starting weapon.
Small Spear Small Spear 2 4 80 Alsedo, Kishera
Knight Sword Knight Sword 4 8 250 Purapril, Bacchus.
Trident Trident 4 8 N/A Defeat Gragg & Glagg in the ruins.
Pygmy Sword Pygmy Sword 3 6 N/A Near Poseidon's shrine. Jump on the platforms to get on the cliff.
Excalibur Excalibur 8 16 2500 Purapril, Wanderer.
Battle Spear 12 24 10000 Childam, Labyrinth.
Legend Sword 16 32 N/A The Blacksmith in Begonia will turn the old-axe into this sword after you gave him the fire-urn.


Shields protect Shion from projectiles and some direct frontal attacks. Starting out with no shield at all, Shion will be able to find and purchase increasingly larger and more powerful shields, which protect a larger area in front of Shion, as certain higher or lower aimed projectiles may simply pass by smaller shields. In addition, more powerful shields will also decrease knockback from blocked enemy attacks. Shields will slightly decrease damage sustained to Shion's life upon being hit.

This is a list of the shields that can be used by Shion:.

Shield Name HP lost on hit Knock back distance Price Info
None 8 N/A N/A Start with no shield.
WB5 shield Wood.png Wood 6 12 50 Shop in Alsedo named Kishera
Shell 5 12 200 Shop in Lilypad named Gooningle's
Hard 4 12 N/A In the ruins near Lilypad. Go to the left in the room with the spears. Jump on the blocks at the dead-end and they will collapse. Take Hotta to the middle of the room and he will make an entrance appear. Gold value of 150.
Steel 3.5 6 2000 Shop in Purapril named Wanderer
Pygmy 2.25 18 N/A Enter the right door of the pyramid. You'll find the key inside the pyramid.
Knight 3 6 3500 Shop in Childam named Labyrinth
Flame 2.5 6 8000 Shop in Begonia.
Legend 2.25 0 N/A Nightmare Castle. In the room with the 2 rope-lifts. grab the first one it will lead you to a chest. Gold value of 20,000.

WB5 Boots.png Boots[edit]

Boots will advance Shion's running speed and jumping distance. Most boots also give Shion special movement abilities.

This is a list of the boots that can be worn by Shion:

Name Walk speed Climb speed Jump height Price Location and description
Cloth 1 1 2 N/A Shion's starting boots. Slow walking speed, short jumping distance.
Leather 1.25 1 2 30 In the shop near your house.
Ladder 1.25 2 2.5 50 Shop in Purapril named Sundry.
Marine 1.5 1 2.5 300 Shop in Lilypad named Drapnell Sundry Goods. Recommended for fast swimming.
Oasis 1.5 1 1.75 N/A In Poseidon's shrine. First talk to Poseidon, then get back to the room where you had to swim a while downwards. It's in that area. These boots protect Shion's feet from hot desert sands. Value of 1200 gold.
Ceramic 1.75 1 1.5 4000 Shop in Childam. Increases traction on icy floors. Lowest jump height.
Pygmy 1.75 1 3.25 N/A In the ice palace, the right tower. Can only be worn in pygmy mode.
Legend 2 2 1.75 N/A Nightmare Castle. In the area with the platform on wheels. High running speed and jumping distance. Value of 10000 gold.


Armor causes Shion to sustain less damage when he's hit.

This is a list of the armor that can be worn by Shion:

Armor Name HP lost on hit Price Info
Leather 8 N/A Shion's starting armor. Value of 30 gold.
Chain Mail 6 70 Shop in Alsedo named Kishera.
Steel 3 800 Shop in Lilypad named Gooningle's.
Pygmy 2.25 N/A Under the rocks in the sea near Alsedo. The chest can be seen long before you'll be able to actually get it. Find your way through the underwater maze to get there.
Hard 4 220 Shop in Purapril named Bacchus.
Knight 2.25 5000 Shop in Childam named Labyrinth.
Flame 1.5 10000 Shop in Begonia.
Legend 1 N/A Nightmare Castle. Fall into the gap in the room with the rope-lifts. Value of 23800 gold.

The Pygmy Equipment[edit]

Scattered around Monster World are four pieces of Pygmy equipment; the Pygmy Sword, Pygmy Shield, Pygmy Armor and Pygmy Boots.

Collecting all four of these will enable Shion to change into a tiny version of himself, allowing him through tiny doors and passageways. Apart from being necessary to enter the volcano near Begonia, you will also be able to backtrack to certain places where you couldn't enter before, such as a number of small corridors inside the Pyramid.