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Box artwork for Wurm Online.
Wurm Online
Developer(s)Code Club AB
Publisher(s)Code Club AB
System(s)Linux, Mac OS, Windows
Designer(s)Rolf Jansson
Release date(s)
Latest version3.1.62
TwitchWurm Online Channel

Wurm Online is a sandbox MMO with limitless opportunity and freedom, the actions of every player literally shape the landscape. Players choose their own direction and train any or all of the skills they desire. Such as, Woodcutting, Blacksmithing, Fighting, Prayer, Carpentry, and many more. All players live in this evolving world entirely built and maintained by the players that inhabit it. Become a part of our active and involved community, and play the game you want to play in the way you want to play it! This is Wurm. Be prepared to leave your mark.

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