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YAKF Buchu.png

Description: Buchu is primarily a large, slow target, making him a relatively easy first opponent. He has a special flying headbutt attack, but he rarely launches it close up, so you should have plenty of time to jump over it when you see it coming. Keep up a steady stream of attacks as he approaches you, and he will walk in to most of them.

An advanced strategy is backing up waiting until he flies past you, and hit him twice before he flies back. Repeat until you win, and it's an easy perfect.


YAKF Star.png

Description: Star, like many of your opponents, gets her name from the weapon she uses. In her case, it's throwing stars. The stars aren't particularly fast, but she throws them at random intervals, making them hard to predict. They can be jumped over, but if you're particularly daring, you can punch or kick them, rendering them harmless. Jump back and forth and strike at her when you land.

An advanced strategy is to hit her stars as you approach her it punches, and chase her with the forward-up punch around the stage, hitting her with kicks as she runs around and past you.


YAKF Nuncha.png

Description: Nuncha is especially deadly if he gets inside of your strike range. He will continuously attack you with a steady stream of nunchaku strikes. Keep Nuncha at bay and immediately move away if he gets too close. Once he's inside your strike range, he is particularly hard to hit.

An advanced strategy involves chasing him around with the diagonal-up punch as you fight, cornering him and landing middle kicks.


YAKF Pole.png

Description: Pole's greatest asset is his speed. He rarely holds still, and strikes you with his pole at a rapid pace. It is just as important for you to move continuously. If you can get inside of Pole's range, he is relatively easy to hit. Until you manage to set yourself up to strike continuously, settle for one strike and jump around the screen until you corner Pole against the sides of the screen.

It's easy to hurt him from kicks and punches to the middle as he attacks, which will cause him to retreat, giving you chances at further attacks on him. Kicking or punching his pole will not only block, but hurt Pole as well. Constant movement is very important as well, because once he its you, it is easier for him to rapidly attack without giving you a chance to block or retreat.


YAKF Feedle.png

Description: Feedle is an unusual opponent in Yie Ar Kung-Fu in that he actually consists of a team of fighters. The mob of Feedles will approach you from the right or the left. A single strike is enough to send a Feedle running, and you must defeat ten Feedles in order to advance. Feedle is another relatively easy opponent. As long as you strike him before he strikes you, you have little to fear.


YAKF Chain.png

Description: Chain isn't particularly fast, but what he lacks in speed, he makes up for in reach. Chain's weapon has the longest reach in the whole game. He will swing the chain at you high and low. The high swings can be ducked, but the low swings must be jumped. Use jumps to get inside his defense and strike him until he is far enough away to attack you again. Then move away and jump towards him again to repeat the process.


YAKF Club.png

Description: Club's strength does not lie in the attack of his chosen weapon, but rather in the defense he gains by employing a shield. His shield can block your middle attacks, and he will not be stunned or pushed away if you hit it, leaving you open to his attack. Concentrate on low strikes like crouching kicks that attack his feet.

The attacks that propel you in the air will likely avoid his club, allowing for preemptive attacks before he gets in striking position.


YAKF Fan.png

Description: Fan is almost entirely like Star, with one exception. When she initially throws her fans, they launch upward slightly, before settling back down towards the ground and flying towards you. This means you should never attempt to jump in front of her. Always make sure that your jumps will clear her fans and attempt to land behind her for a quick strike before repeating the process.

She can't throw more than three fans at a time, so jumping to her after she throws a third fan is the best approach to corner her. She will randomly kick low when you're in melee range, and is susceptible to chained punches and kicks given her relatively straight posture. After you corner her, land as many kicks as possible before she gets scared and tried to dash past you and out of range.

Her fans are easily hit and ducked, and fly at a moderately slow speed for a ranged attack. You can rack up points for an extra life by having her only throw fans and hitting them.


YAKF Sword.png

Description: Sword has particularly good reach. Even though his reach isn't as good as Chain, Sword is much faster, and therefore, much more deadly. Sword is particularly good at predicting where your jumps will land and moving out of the way, so jumping over him and hitting him from behind is usually ineffective. The trick to beating Sword is timing your strikes so that you hit him before he hits you. Let him walk up to you and strike as early as possible so that you will make contact with him before he swings his sword.

His strategy of calculating your position can be easily beat by attacks that move you with them, like the up-back kick and the up-forward punch. He'll be on the run and it you can keep him from striking with dynamic moves you can get a quick and easy perfect.


YAKF Tonfun.png

Description: Tonfun is essentially a faster version of Pole. Tonfun seems deadly because of his speed, but he has trouble hitting you up close. You can actually corner Tonfun against the sides of the screen and score successive strikes against him very easily. Setting him up is the hard part.

His steady approach can be beat by attacking with the up-forward punch first. If you get first hit, he'll quickly back up and you can corner him for a succession of hits before he runs back into striking position.


YAKF Blues.png

Description: Blues is your ultimate opponent. He knows all of your moves. Only wise, judicious use of your moves will allow you to defeat Blues. Unlike most of your opponents, you can trade blows with Blues, but this strategy is unwise, as Blues will connect significantly more often than you will. Blues is particularly vulnerable to jumping punches, since you will frequently avoid many of his attacks by being up in the air. Until he is weaker than you, strike him once and jump away.

Blues will only use his high-priority moves like his low, middle and high kicks, so he'll hit you if you try to match his moveset. Your punches have a better chance of hitting, but it will still likely end up in loss. Instead, use the up-forward punch to get him running away, and upon landing throw out a middle punch or kick. You'll be able to corner him.

If he actually gets cornered, he'll curl up into a ball and wait until you move; upon moving he will run to your other side. Hit him with a up kick when he does this and continue the fight.

As an added bonus, the down-forward kick matches the priority of all of his kicks, so you can hit his other foot (without you getting hurt). With timing, you can get a cheap perfect on Blues by doing only that move as he approaches you.