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Throughout the game you will encounter items that you can pick up and carry with you to other locations. You can pick up items using commands such as TAKE SWORD or GET LAMP or PICK UP PAPER. Under normal circumstances, the item will then stay with you until you DROP or PUT DOWN the item.

Normally the game will confirm and simply respond, "Taken." If the items you are carrying weigh a lot, you may instead get a response, "Your load is too heavy." This will occur if the total weight of your items including what you are trying to pick up, using the size values in the tables, is greater than 95. If you are carrying 8 or more items, but the weight with what you want to pick up is less than the limit, Zork may respond, "You try to pick it up, but with everything else you have, you can't manage to hold onto it!" Despite this, repeated attempts to pick it up may eventually be successful, becoming less and less likely as the number of items increases.

Some of the wizard's spells may affect items you are carrying. "Feeble" and "Fumble" will cause you to drop an item, and the weight and number of items, respectively, you can carry will be reduced. "Filch" will take one valuable item that you are carrying (or the next one you take) away from you and put it in a secret location.

Dying will scatter any items you were holding when you died, except for the lamp, which always appears with you Inside the Barrow.

In the tables, the name listed under Item is what Zork refers to it as when picking up and dropping it. Other names are what you can call the item and still have Zork understand. The adjectives may or may not be able to be used without a noun, and some short names will need specification if similar objects are around. Description comes from what Zork tells you when you first find it, when it's sitting wherever, and when you examine it. Size is given without any potential contents.

Hidden contents may contain potential spoilers.

Initially available[edit]

Non-point items that can be taken without solving any puzzles.

Item Other names / adjectives Description Location found Uses Size
Lamp lantern, brass, light A strangely familiar brass lantern. (initially) The lamp is turned off. Inside the Barrow Can be turned on and off to produce light for up to 650 moves. Property A. 15
Sword elvish, antique A sword of Elvish workmanship. An Elvish sword of great antiquity. Inside the Barrow Also valuable. Glows faintly when 1 room away from something magical, glows brightly when in the same room as something magical.
Property A.
Matchbook match Says "Visit ZORK I". (initially) No match is burning. Gazebo You start with 5 matches. Used to burn other things. 2
China teapot china, teapot, pot (initially) It is empty. Gazebo Used to hold water. 5
Place mat mat, placemat (2 words actually doesn't work) (initially) The place mat is empty. Gazebo
Property A.
Newspaper news, paper ** U.S. News and Dungeon Report **


Our correspondents report that a world-famous and battle-hardened adventurer has been seen in the vicinity of the Great Underground Empire. Local grues have been reported sharpening their (slavering) fangs....

"Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz" was written by Dave Lebling and Marc Blank, and is (c) Copyright 1981, 1982, 1983 by Infocom, Inc.

Gazebo Property B. 5
Letter opener opener N/A Gazebo
Quantity of water water, quantity, liquid N/A Shallow Ford, Deep Ford
Brick square, clay Square brick which feels like clay. Marble Hall
Black string black, string, coil Coil of black, braided string. Cobwebby Corridor
Wooden club club, wooden, bat A long wooden club.
Parts of Oddly-Angled Room Examined for hint for Oddly-Angled Room. Property A and B. 5
Bank brochure paper, brochure, bank, worn, piece, small A small, worn piece of paper.
Safety Depository Read for hint for The Bank. Property B. 2

Other non-point items[edit]

Items that can be found in areas not initially available, but that do not contribute to your score.

Item Other names / adjectives Description Location found Uses Size
Cake frosted with green letters cake, green, letters, icing, frosted (not entire name) The icing spells out "Eat Me." Tea Room
Cake frosted with red letters cake, red, letters, icing, frosted (not entire name) N/A Tea Room
Cake frosted with orange letters cake, orange, letters, icing, frosted (not entire name) N/A Tea Room
Cake frosted with blue letters cake, blue, letters, icing, frosted (not entire name) N/A Tea Room
Stoppered glass flask filled with liquid flask, glass (not entire name) A stoppered glass flask with a skull-and-crossbones marking engraved on the glass. The flask is filled with some clear liquid. Pool Room
Green piece of paper paper, piece, instructions, green !! FROBOZZ MAGIC ROBOT COMPANY !!

Hello, Master!

I am a late-model robot, trained at GUE Tech to perform various simple household functions.

To activate me, say the following:

>ROBOT, <things to do>

At your service!

Low Room Read to instruct player. Property B. 3
Mangled cage mangled, cage, steel A mangled steel cage. Dingy Closet
Property A.
Steel box box, dented, steel A dented steel box. (initially) The steel box is closed. Carousel Room
Property A.
Frobozz Magic Grue Repellent magic, repellent, grue, can A spray can.


Instructions for use: Apply liberally to creature to be protected. Duration of effect is unpredictable. Use only in place of death!

(No warranty expressed or implied)

Room 8 Sprayed on self to be able to travel between dark locations without being eaten by a Grue for a few turns. 5
Rusty iron key key, iron, rusty N/A Tiny Room
Rotten wooden chest rotten, wooden, chest (initially) The rotten wooden chest is closed. Dragon's Lair
Property A.
Perfect rose perfect, rose A fresh rose plucked from the arbor. A rose is a rose is a rose.... Gazebo Received from the princess as a thank you gift. 1
Blue label label, blue A small label.
Volcano Bottom Read to instruct player. Property B. 1
Blue book book, blue Worn and battered. The book is written in a tongue with which I am unfamiliar. Library No particular use. 10
White book book, white
Library Read for indirect instructions. Property B. 5
Purple book book, purple Lying in the dust, and covered with mold. The book is written in a tongue with which I am unfamiliar. Assuming that one can indeed tell a book by its cover, it is likely filled with purple prose, the like of which is rarely seen outside the Great Underground Empire. Library
Green book book, green, leather, handsome A handsome book, bound in green leather. The book is written in a tongue with which I am unfamiliar. Library No particular use. 10
Card N/A
Dusty Room Read for hint about what's about to happen. Property B. 1

Valuable items[edit]

Items that give you points and are considered valuable, including treasures.

Item Other names / adjectives Description Location found Uses Size
Portrait of J. Pierpont Flathead portrait, flathead, treasure (not entire name) N/A Chairman's Office 20 points.
Property A.
Pearl necklace pearl(s), necklace, treasure Has hundreds of large pearls. Pearl Room 15 points.
Package of candy candy, candie(s/d), rare, package, grasshoppers, treasure A package of rare candies. A package of candied goodies.
Pool Room 15 points.
Red crystal sphere sphere, red, crystal, ball A beautiful red crystal sphere.
Dingy Closet 20 points.
Fancy violin violin, stradivarius, fancy, treasure A Stradivarius. Carousel Room 20 points.
Blue crystal sphere sphere, crystal, blue
Dreary Room 20 points.
Ruby moby, treasure A moby ruby. Lava Room 15 points.
Golden dragon statuette statue(tte), dragon, gold (not noun), treasure (not entire name) A wrought gold statuette of a dragon. Dragon's Lair 20 points.
Delicate gold key key, gold (not noun), delicate, treasure N/A Gazebo 15 points.
Clear crystal sphere sphere, clear, white, crystal
Aquarium Room 20 points.
Black crystal sphere sphere, black, crystal, ball, strange A strange black sphere.
Wizard's Workroom 30 points.
Stack of zorkmid bills bills, stack, zorkmid (not noun), neat, treasure 200 neatly stacked zorkmid bills. Each bill is worth 100 zorkmids, and bears the legend "In Frobs We Trust". Vault 25 points.
Priceless zorkmid zorkmid, priceless, gold, coin, treasure An engraved, priceless gold zorkmid (a valuable collector's item). This is a beautiful octagonal coin bearing the legends "Ten Thousand Zorkmids" and "In Frobs We Trust". Narrow Ledge 20 points.
Flathead stamp stamp, flathead, treasure This three zorkmid stamp bears a portrait of Lord Dimwit Flathead, "Our Excessive Leader". Library 10 points.
Property B.
Gaudy crown crown, gaudy, treasure The excessively gaudy crown of Lord Dimwit Flathead. Dusty Room 20 points.
10 to pick up, 1 once worn
Wizard's magic wand wand, magic N/A Pentagram Room 30 points.
Gigantic dog collar collar, dog (not noun), treasure A gigantic dog collar, large enough for three rhinoceros-sized dogs. Kennel 15 points.

Multi-item uses[edit]

These are properties of numerous items that can make it possible to use any of them for certain things.