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Pearl congratulates you for listening, making theories, and tricking everyone to believing you. Maya warns you if you don't win, her ghost will haunt you along with Mia.

Will Lotta be able to tell the truth? Or will she be a backstabber like last time. Von Karma calls Lotta Hart to the stand and has her testify about her account.

Lotta's Testimony: Witness' Account[edit]

Lotta's Testimony
"Witness' Account"
  1. Only the Doc and the defendant went into the Channelin' Chamber.
  2. We were waitin' outside the door and then, "bang!" we hear this gunshot!
  3. Mr. Lawyer there broke the door down, and we rushed into the room.
  4. Inside was the dead victim, and the defendant, wavin' a pistol around.
  5. I swear, other than those two, there was no one else in the room.
PWAAJFA photo.png

Lotta presents the picture she took when you two entered. It contains what looks like Maya holding a pistol and Dr. Grey's lifeless body. You don't see Maya's face however. Lotta's Photo will be added to the Court Record. You begin the cross-examination.

Witness' Account: Cross-examination[edit]

Press on all of Lotta's statements. You are given a choice on the fourth and fifth statements. It doesn't matter what you choose on each one.

Things have gotten from bad to worse. You are given a choice to present further. Choose Can't present anything yet as doing so would get you nowhere.

It looks like all hope seems lost, but you hear a voice. It's Mia. This time Pearl is channeling her! Mia tells you to recall the event when you first entered the crime scene. Yesterday, you told her Lotta took two shots! Why didn't Lotta tell this in her testimony?

You try to stop The Judge from ending cross-examination, but you are overruled. Fortunately, von Karma wants to hear more of Phoenix's claim against her "flawless" case and wants Lotta to testify further. Thankfully, the judge allows it.

Lotta's Testimony: Witness' Account Pt.2[edit]

Lotta's Testimony
"Witness' Account Pt.2"
  1. When we broke into that room, all I could focus on was Maya.
  2. I was... uh, kinda scared of the dead body, so I didn't take a good look at it.
  3. I'm really bad when it comes to blood and ghosts and stuff.
  4. But I still managed to point my camera at Maya and take a shot!

Witness' Account Pt.2: Cross-examination[edit]

Press on Lotta's fourth statement. She had told you that she had taken two pictures, and you ask why she hadn't told the court about this in the first place. Lotta says von Karma told her to not say anything about it. Von Karma?! Why would she do such a thing? You are given a choice. It doesn't matter which, but Confront Franziska would be more humorous.

PWAAJFA photo.png

Von Karma says the reason she didn't submit the second picture in court is she didn't think it would be much use. Von Karma finally submits Lotta's Photo 2, which will be added to the Court Record. It shows a clear shot of Maya channeling a different person. You can even see her face!

You are given a choice weather to insist or not. Insist it's not Maya. You tell the court it proves that somebody else might have taken Maya's place. However, von Karma is still smiling, as she has another trick up her sleeve. She presents the court another picture. It shows you, in the Detention Center, talking to Mia channeled by Maya! This proves to the court Maya's power! She took a picture at the Detention Center!? That's illegal, which is why von Karma isn't planning to submit the photo at all.

Things are going downhill. You look at Lotta's second photo. You wonder if there is something wrong with it. Say I can prove it. You examine the photo. Look at the right-hand sleeve. Wasn't there a bullet hole there? Present the sleeve to the court. If Maya was squatting and the sleeve had a bullet hole in it during the fight, then it should be in the picture as well?

The Judge accuses von Karma for hiding the evidence, but von Karma says she wasn't informed, and blames the precinct. The fact that the bullet hole is on the sleeve on the costume you have now, but not in the picture which took place after the crime, has confused The Judge. This is it. When given the choice, choose The shooter is someone else.

This leaves two questions though, where did Maya vanish to, and how did the mysterious woman sneak in? It looks like you have to look at this in a different angle. When given the choice, choose Maya had left the room. When asked to present how, Present the Black Key. There is only one key like this. Maya had the key when she entered the room. You saw Pearl with the key, and she is nowhere near the scene at the time of the crime! If that is so, then Maya might have left the room with the key!

With this, you have given The Judge a reason to adjourn court for today. You have frustrated von Karma, as she vows to win the case and get the guilty verdict no matter what it takes.

Trial ends[edit]

Maya says she doesn't recall ever leaving the room, and she doesn't recall a third person either. Maya has you take Pearl home.