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Max pleads that he was no where near the crime scene, but at the ringmaster's office the whole time. He says he brought his stage clothes with him to talk with Russel. Russel went outside with Max's outfit to do something. He looked a lot like Max. When the crime scene was found, only his silk hat was found, but where were his cloak and roses? This is a deep mystery indeed.

Trial continues[edit]

Moe the Clown is called to the stand. He makes a couple of jokes (that no one laughs at) before testifying what he saw.

Moe's Testimony: What You Witnessed[edit]

Moe's Testimony
"What You Witnessed"
  1. I know... I know... I'm not the greatest comedian in the world...
  2. I haven't been able to make people laugh for 10 years!
  3. No matter what I say, all I get in return is a vacant stare and polite applause.
  4. Since no one ever laughs at my jokes, I've taken to laughing at them myself.
  5. It's a bad habit, but hey, at least I'm trying!!
  6. Imagine my predicament! I'm a clown who can't make people laugh!! I'm almost useless!
  7. But I keep trying... I even tried to come up with jokes just for today!!
  8. But this atmosphere is very nerve-racking! I decided to try making everyone laugh!
  9. Seriously... Everyone... What do you think of me? How am I doing?

...Did Moe just talk about his problems rather than what he saw? Let's try that again.

Moe's Testimony: What You Witnessed (for real this time)[edit]

Moe's Testimony
"What You Witnessed"
  1. The night of the murder, after practice was over, I went straight back to my room.
  2. You have no idea how tired I was that night. I was pooped.
  3. I thought I'd go straight to sleep, but before I did, I glanced out the window.
  4. I heard a huge noise outside the window, and that's what made me take a look outside...
  5. That's when I saw two silhouettes! They were a bit far away though!
  6. It was the Ringmaster, and he was with Max, who was wearing his cloak!
  7. I kept watching them, and all of a sudden, Max clonked the Ringmaster over the head!

The Judge warns you if you press on Moe the wrong way (yes Press!) you will get penalized! Quite unfair, don't you think?

What You Witnessed: Cross-examination[edit]

Press on Moe's third statement. Then Keep pressing. Yesterday, Moe told you he heard a large "THUMP" outside. Moe says he forgot to mention it, and revises his testimony.

  • I heard a huge noise outside the window, and that's what made me take a look outside.

Press on that statement. Moe says it sounded like someone getting hit... hard.

Press statement seven. Moe says he didn't see a murder weapon. Than what did he see? You ask him if he really did see the crime at all. Von Karma tells you if you can't answer, you will get a penalty that will reduce half of your health bar! When ask to accept the challenge, say "Of course I do!" Moe says he saw the crime AFTER Max "clonked" Russel dead, so he did not see the crime occurring!

Moe admits von Karma made him lie. However he did see the silhouette. The Judge has Moe testify about the silhouette.

Moe's Testimony: The Silhouette[edit]

Moe's Testimony
"The Silhouette"
  1. I was a bit far away, but that shadow could only have belonged to Max.
  2. There's no doubting it. Especially since I saw his uppity symbols.
  3. His silk hat. That black cloak. They were all there!
  4. His face was silhouetted, but there was no doubt that it was him.
  5. His cloak was fluttering in the wind, so I couldn't really see what he was carrying.

The Silhouette: Cross-examination[edit]

Present the Max G. Promo Poster on the third statement. Silk hat and black cloak? What about the white roses? Moe says there weren't any roses there! Von Karma says it was too dark, but you say the roses were white. Von Karma then states that the roses fell off, but you say the police would've found them.

Now recall Trilo's testimony. He said he saw all three symbols, but Moe now said he saw two.

The Judge decides to hear one more testimony from Moe and state a ruling.

Moe's Testimony: The Silhouette, Part 2[edit]

Moe's Testimony
"The Silhouette, Part 2"
  1. There's no doubt in my mind! There were no white roses that night!
  2. However, all of the other symbols were there... I'm equally sure of that.
  3. Especially the silk hat! There is no way I could forget seeing the decorations on it!
  4. He was wearing it the entire time that he was on the scene!

The judge warns you that if you make only one mistake, he will reach his verdict!

The Silhouette, Part 2: Cross-examination[edit]

Present the Silk Hat at statement four. The silk hat was found at the crime scene, but Moe says Max was wearing it the whole time. Moe insists that he saw Max wearing it the whole time.

Phoenix asks Moe how did the murderer leave the crime scene. Moe says he just turned and walked away. The Judge wants you to show evidence to counter this claim. Present the Crime Photo. You can see the victim's footprints, but where are the murderer's? Moe decides to testify and tell the truth this time. Von Karma made him to hide the truth, but no more. She tells The Judge that he will have the same opinion as her: "It's not funny".

Moe's Testimony: The Truth[edit]

Moe's Testimony
"The Truth"
  1. Now it's time for our next segment, "Moe knows..."!!
  2. Everything I've said up until now has been the truth!
  3. When I looked out the window, the Ringmaster was down and Max was standing above him!
  4. He wasn't wearing his white roses, but he was wearing the silk hat!
  5. That's when I saw... He...
  6. This is the truth now, get ready for it!
  7. He flew! He jumped up and flew through the air!!
  8. He flew right off and disappeared into the darkness!
  9. That's why there were no footprints! Flying people don't leave footprints!

The murderer flew!? The Judge asks what you think of the testimony. Say "He's telling the truth".

The Judge wants to know how Max flew. The decides to adjourn court for today.

Trial ends[edit]

Max says he doesn't fly, he just used invisible strings that carried him through the air. You'll just have to find the real flying criminal and shoot him down (not literally, but still).