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The case starts with a circus act. We are introduced to Maximillion Galactica, a magician with the power to fly. He flies through the stage, then wraps his cape around his entire body and disappears within it, wowing the crowd.

Case Information[edit]

The crime scene.
  • Time of Crime: December 27th, 10:15PM
  • Location: Berry Big Circus
  • Defendant: Billy Bob Jones (Max Galactica)
  • Victim: Russel Berry
  • Cause of death: Blunt force trauma to the back of the neck.
  • Murder weapon: Statue
  • Defense Attorney: Phoenix Wright
  • Prosecution Lawyer: Franziska von Karma


Defense Attorney[edit]

PW phoenix.png

Phoenix Wright

A defense attorney. Phoenix has just watched the circus only to learn that one of the members is arrested. Can he defend a member that all the other members dislike, stand the annoying members at the circus, and clean his office in time for New Years!?


PW max.png

Billy Bob Johns (aka Maximillion Galactica) One of the world's most favorite magicians. He works for the Berry Big Circus. He seems to have a personality that offends other members. Others see him as a jerk, but deep down, he is actually a wimp, in an emotional way.


PW russel.png

Russel Berry (aka The Ringmaster) Russel Berry is the ringmaster of the circus. He loves his members as a family, who in turn love him back, as he cares for his members and comes up with new ideas for almost every tour, ideas that almost always worked.

Prosecution Lawyer[edit]

PW franny.png

Franziska von Karma Franziska is the daughter of the feared Manfred von Karma. Like her father, she aims for one thing in her family's life, perfection. Von Karma had a perfect winning record, until you came along, and boy was she pissed. Can you defeat her again?


PW moe.png

Lawrence Curls (aka Moe the Clown) Moe the Clown is, well, a clown. He is one of the oldest members of the circus, and his increasingly lame jokes show.

PW ben.png
PW trilo.png

Benjamin Woodman (aka Ben) & Trilo Quist Ben is a very quiet Ventriloquist and dangerously shy. He seems hopeless without his puppet Trilo.Trilo is a loud and rude puppet, and he is a tenor. He seems to control everything that Benjamin does. He is in love with Regina Berry, and plans to marry her somehow.

Other Characters[edit]

PW maya.png

Maya Fey A young spirit medium in training, and your assistant. She is a big fan of Max and as soon as she heard of Max's arrest, she calls you to meet her at the detention center, against your will of course.

PW gumshoe.png

Dick Gumshoe Gumshoe is absent minded detective and can be short tempered at times. Mostly he is a friendly and helpful character. He is afraid of Von Karma, who can track him down with a radar.

PW regina.png

Regina Berry An extremely cute "princess" and a daughter of Russel Berry. All her life, she grew up at the Big Berry Circus as a lion tamer. Some members are in touch of Regina. She apparently doesn't know about the reality of the outside world.

PW acro.png

Ken Dingling (aka Acro) Acro is a trapeze artist, whose legs are broken and he has to sit on a wheelchair.

PW bat.png

Sean Dingling (aka Bat) Acro's brother and partner, who is currently hospitalized.