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Win in Fighting Dojo:
Pokemon 106Hitmonlee.pngHitmonlee
- or -
HitmonchanPokemon 107Hitmonchan.png

Saffron City is home to the Silph Company, the makers of the fabulous Silph Scope. So how did Giovanni get his paws on the Silph Scope prototype? Is the company in cahoots with Team Rocket? The only way to find out will be to use a little industrial espionage, so get your team built up strong and prepare to go on a stealth mission!

Saffron City
Poké Mart
Great Ball Pokebuck.png600
Hyper Potion Pokebuck.png1500
Max Repel Pokebuck.png700
Escape Rope Pokebuck.png550
Full Heal Pokebuck.png600
Revive Pokebuck.png1500

Team Rocket occupation[edit]

Fans of the TV show are probably beginning to notice that the ruthless Team Rocket of the game doesn't have a whole heck of a lot in common with the bumbling idiots depicted on TV. Their mission of world dominance has led them to Saffron City, headquarters of the Silph Company. Team Rocket has basically occupied the entire city, sending respectable citizens running while they force the staff of Silph Co. to make advanced weaponry for their nefarious purposes.

Mr. Psychic[edit]

Saffron's a pretty dull place for a city of its size. Outside of the Pokémon Center and the Poké Mart, there are only two buildings you can enter at this time. One is the Fighting Dojo (the left of the two Gyms at the top of town), and the other is Mr. Psychic's house (bottom right corner of town). Enter and he will give you your heart's desire — as long as your heart's desire is TM 29, Psychic. And it might as well be, since Psychic does a lot of damage, almost always hits, and has a 30% chance of temporarily lowering its target's Special statistic.

Mimic Girl[edit]

Once you've driven the Rockets away by reclaiming the Silph Company building, you can enter the house in the upper-left corner of town. The little girl who lives here loves to mimic other people. She repeats everything you say, and you won't be able to have a normal conversation with her at all unless you bring her a Poké Doll. If you don't have one, head back to the Celadon Department Store to buy one. Give it to Copycat to receive TM 31, Mimic, in return. This skill automatically repeats the last attack done to you by your opponent. Not always useful, but at least virtually any Pokémon can learn it. Maybe now she'll feel less shy and be able to relate to people properly! There's also a hidden Nugget near her computer.

The Fighting Dojo[edit]

Dojo trainers
Blackbelt Pokebuck.png775
Machop LV31
Mankey LV31
Primeape LV31
Blackbelt Pokebuck.png800
Machop LV32
Machoke LV32
Blackbelt Pokebuck.png900
Primeape LV36
Blackbelt Pokebuck.png775
Mankey LV31
Mankey LV31
Primeape LV31
Blackbelt Pokebuck.png925
Hitmonlee LV37
Hitmonchan LV37
Although Hitmonlee is completely unable to deal with threats like a low-level Haunter, he's still a good Pokémon. Chan is versatile, but that's about it.

You won't get a badge for taking down this optional Gym, but you will get something just as good: one of two Pokémon that can be found nowhere else in the game. Besides, beating this Gym is a cinch. The Pokémon used by the Blackbelts may be powerful, but all rely on the same Fighting and Normal-style attacks. That means a single Ghost-type enemy can take down everything without being hit (Hitmonchan does have one seldom-used Fire-type technique, but that's all you have to fear). When you've bested the Karate Master, he'll offer you your pick of his pets.

Pokemon Portrait Sabrina.png

Gym Battle 5: SABRINA[edit]

Sabrina's Gym
SABRINA Pokebuck.png4257
Kadabra LV38
Mr. Mime LV37
Venomoth LV38
Alakazam LV43
SABRINA Pokebuck.png4950
Abra LV50
Kadabra LV50
Alakazam LV50
5 Psychic Pokebuck.png310
Kadabra LV31
Slowpoke LV31
Mr. Mime LV31
Kadabra LV31
6 Psychic Pokebuck.png340
Mr. Mime LV34
Kadabra LV34
7 Psychic Pokebuck.png330
Slowpoke LV33
Slowpoke LV33
Slowbro LV33
Sabrina's Gym
1 Psychic Pokebuck.png380
Slowbro LV38
2 Channeler Pokebuck.png1140
Haunter LV38
3 Channeler Pokebuck.png990
Gastly LV33
Gastly LV33
Haunter LV33
4 Channeler Pokebuck.png1020
Gastly LV34
Haunter LV34

You can't get into Sabrina's Gym until you've saved the Silph Co. President within the Silph Company building. Only then will the Rocket blocking the door go away, and you can enter Sabrina's maze of teleport squares.

The least confrontational way to reach Sabrina is to take teleporter A, then walk straight across to D, then straight down to O, then straight across twice to N and M. However, if you're trying to maximize your experience, simply move vertically from one teleporter to the next, fighting the trainer in each room. By the time you get to Sabrina, you will have fought them all.

Sabrina's Abra shouldn't cause much of a problem in Yellow, since it only knows Teleport and Flash and can't deal you any damage. Kadabra is also not especially strong. It is Alakazam and his consistent use of the move Recover that will be a serious pain. Bug Pokémon are strong here, so a Parasect or Butterfree should be okay against Alakazam. The best way to deal with Sabrina is to take advantage of her Psychics' weak defense with strong Ground, Flying or even Normal-type attacks. Dugtrio and his Dig and Earthquake work well, as well as Charizard's Slash, which has a high critical-hit ratio. Other pokemon with high physical attack power will do, as long as they don't have low special.

Defeating Sabrina will net you the Marsh Badge as well as TM 46, which contains the randomly-damaging Psywave Psychic-type attack. The Marsh Badge gives you the ability to command Pokémon as high as level 70, although you're not likely to have need of such power for quite some time.

#106 Hitmonlee #107 Hitmonchan
Pokemon 106Hitmonlee.png
Lee has an impressive repertoire of Fighting-type kicks. The Jump Kicks do solid damage (although misses occasionally backfire to damage him), and the Rolling Kick, while not as strong, can stop enemy attacks before they begin. Speedy and powerful, he's among the best of the Fighting Pokémon.
Pokemon 107Hitmonchan.png
In addition to the multiple-hit Comet Punch, Hitmonchan learns Fire, Ice and Thunder Punch skills, which do damage of the appropriate type and, 10% of the time, Burn, Freeze or Paralyze your foes. While this versatility is nice, these skills rely on Hitmonchan's dismally low Special, seriously hampering their effectiveness.