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Arcade Walkthrough[edit]

It's tough to proceed without wings.
  • This stage is the World of Air. In it, you will find just that, a lot of air filling up empty spaces. As a result, the Wings of Pegasus are pretty much a must-have item in this world, or you will find it difficult, if not impossible, to make any progress. Fortunately for Athena, she can find a pair right to the left of where she arrives. However, be sure to keep Athena's health up, since she can lose the wings if it dips too low. Walk across clouds to search for life giving flowers.
You won't be able to fly behind the Chimera.
  • This stage is shorter than most, and it has an unusual arrangement. It consists of two upper levels with a lower level that connects them. The lamp room is actually in between the two upper levels. You are safest by remaining near the top of the screen and floating your way across to the end of the stage where the boss is waiting. Flying Pyutans are the most frequent threat you'll face, but as long as you have a projectile weapon, you can remove them as they approach you.
  • The boss of this world is a three headed dragon known as Chimera. It floats up and down, and naturally breaths fire at Athena. The projectiles it fires has the ability to cancel your own which can making fighting Chimera not only difficult, but dangerous. A well place shot from the Magic Tome weapon can wipe out the Chimera in one hit. Otherwise, you will have to do your best firing shots at various heights in hopes of firing one past his projectiles.
  • It is worth noting that while you automatically earn a Key by defeating the sixth boss of the game, you can discover a secret hidden Key that will enable you to visit the seventh stage, the World of Labyrinth, early. While it isn't necessary or even recommended, you can find this key hidden in a block near the ceiling towards the end of the lower level, before you are forced to return to the surface for the boss fight.

NES Walkthrough[edit]

Collect these wings if you happened to miss the wings at the start.
  • Once again, you can find the item that is essential for your ability to clear the world immediately to the left of where you arrive. A Wing of Pegasus will be found inside one of the blocks near the ceiling above you. But just in case you happen to miss these wings, or if you lose the ones you have, you can collect a second set from the first set of blocks after the first gap, as shown to the right.
  • The biggest threat that you will encounter in this stage are the Flying Pyutans, particular those which shoot Flame Arrows. These arrows can be devastating to your armor, and can destroy it quite fast, even if you have all three mirrors. When you see a Flying Pyutan, your best bet is to anticipate where it is going to fly, and strike it down as quickly as possible, before it has a chance to fill the sky with fire.
  • Other than a brief visit to the lower section to collect a Crystal Heart, as indicated in the map above, you will pretty much stick to the upper level, until you reach the middle of the world. At that point, you will be briefly forced to visit the lower level where you can collect a Blue Hourglass and some Hearts from a flower. If you explore more of the lower level, it is possible to find a Key which will allow you early access to the World of Labyrinth, but you will receive one from the World of Hell if you don't bother collecting this one.
Fight the boss by flying around him and attacking from behind.
  • While the Chimera is one of the few bosses that you can't attack from behind in the Arcade version, he is one of the few bosses that you can attack from behind in the NES version. And that is precisely what you should try to do. If you attack from behind, you will safely avoid taking any damage, while easily defeating him. If you collected the Key, you will now advance to the World of Labyrinth, but you will still have to come back and visit the World of Ice afterward.