Custom Robo Arena/Part Combinations

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Trap and zap[edit]

  • Robo: Swift
  • Gun: Thunderbolt gun.
  • Bomb: Any bomb that can box in enemies, making them easier to hit. The Winder Bomb is a good bet.
  • Pod: Your choice.
  • Legs: Formula legs are recommended, but not necessary.

This is an effective combo that can be used relatively early in the game. Use bombs and pods to trap the foe, then use the Thunderbolt Gun to hit, and use your physical attack while the enemy is stunned. Use bombs on the enemy or shoot again if the enemy is too far away for a physical attack. Because of the way that the thunderbolt gun fires, this strategy works best while hiding behind a short wall, allowing the gun to go around the wall, then the physical attack to go over it.

Stun Gun Combo[edit]

  • Robo: Any fast robo with a physical attack that is powerful and can hit foes right next to you (any little sprinter or raider with the right kind of physical attack will work, like the robin. Strike vanishers, burning beasts, and wild soldiers are good for approaching from the air. The leon burning beast is a good one.)
  • Gun: Stun Gun.
  • Bomb: Your choice, but the winder bomb is a good bet.
  • Pod: Wall Pod.
  • Legs: Formula (for ground models) or any leg that increases the speed or distance of your jumps and air dashes (for aerial models).

A powerful combo that can take down even the toughest opponents when used correctly. Use bombs to box enemies in, then use great ground speed or quick and unpredictable air dashes to get close enough to use the stun gun. Hit with the stun gun, then use your physical attack. Once the enemy is down, use a combination of more stun gun shots, physical attacks, and wall pods to dole out the damage.


  • Robo: A high power robo is best, but any robo will work.
  • Gun: There are several guns you can use, but some of the best ones are the long range kind. The afterburner gun is good for this.
  • Bomb: Wall Bomb.
  • Pod: Wall Pod.
  • Legs: formula legs are suggested, but you can use others if you wish.

A combo that is very effective against enemies who move quickly, or attack at close range. The most important thing about this strategy is to not let your opponent get too close to you. or better yet, let them get close, then wail on them with the wall pod. use the wall bomb to halt advances and as an offensive weapon (move the bomb target to near or in front of your enemy), and use your gun any time you see fit.

Flying with the Eagles[edit]

  • Robo: any lightning sky model.
  • Gun: eagle gun.
  • Bomb: bombs that can stun or trap enemies or any bomb with a "C" type blast work well.
  • Pod: same as the bomb, but don't use the buster pod. I recommend the sky freeze pod.
  • Legs: plus one legs.

A combo that sets traps and deals good damage if it works. Fly around with the lightning sky air dash, while shooting eagle shots. Normally, this would cause you to need a quick cool down from the gun, but since you are flying, you don't have to. Set up several eagles, then trap or stun your enemy with bombs and pods, and let the eagles do the rest. Don't forget that you can air dash twice with the plus one legs.

Sniper Set[edit]

  • Robo: Any high flying robo. Big boys, aerial beauties, and old timers are best. Lightning sky models are also very good, especially when equipped with the sniper gun. Try and choose the "power" model, or the "speed" model if you can't get that.
  • Gun: Three Way Gun (early in the game, switch out quickly), Homing Star Gun (good weapon in general, but best in holoseums without much to block your shots) or the Sniper Gun (use this anytime the Homing Star Gun is ineffective).
  • Bomb: Bombs with a "C" type blast are good. Stunning and Freeze Bombs are also nice choices. Otherwise, stick with any bomb with an "H" type blast so you can knock your enemies out of cover.
  • Pod: The sky and ground Freeze Pods are very effective (especially the Sky Pod). If you don't have either of those, the Caboose Pod C is a good one, or you can use any pod that traps enemies.
  • Leg: The Long Thrust, Plus One, or Wide Jump Legs are recommended.

A reliable combo that is nice when you have to keep your distance from your enemies. It is also very flexible. Deploy pods and use bombs to freeze enemies or launch them into vulnerable positions, then open fire. You can also attack from the air, which works well most of the time. When using the Homing Star Gun, remember that in the air it spreads and is effective against horizontal moving enemies. The ground shot is better against jumping enemies and it deals more damage, so use when enemies are stunned.

Ground Zero (uses illegal parts)[edit]

  • Robo: The Carrot is recommended, but the snipe will work as well. Alternative: Ray Mk II.
  • Gun: Laser Ripple Gun
  • Bomb: Deva Bomb (This one is vital, make no substitutes!).
  • Pod: Your choice, but any pod that traps enemies is best. remember to use illegal parts, because you want to go all out on the illegal parts. The Cerberus is a good choice because of its ability to shoot through walls; simply fire into the air so that it doesn't hit a wall before it splits.
  • Legs: Your choice, but the Hadron Legs are recommended. Alternative: use the Phantom Legs with the Ray Mk II.

A super powered illegal combo that cannot be used until late in the game. The Deva Bomb is what this rotates around. It's high damage and giant blast radius make it deadly. Run up to your enemies (trap them with pods if necessary) and stun them with Laser Ripples. The Laser Ripple Gun has a very long stun time, so use that time to fire a bomb on top of your enemy, then run away! this will deal good damage. if you want, you can also shoot the bomb, then keep your enemy stunned within the blast radius instead.


The Phantom Legs add a lot of speed to the Ray Mk II. Get close to your opponent and fire 2 Laser Ripple shots. Then be just on robo width away from them at the most and use the deva bomb. The person will still be stunned, so it will hit. When the bomb is touching their head but has not detonated (it happens in a split second and requires strict timing or you will get downed) use your charge at the opponent. The Ray Mk II has a sliding charge and cannot be damaged while charging, and the charge is very fast. You will charge the opponent and hit them with the Deva Bomb at the same time, doing tons of damage. This will get you anywhere from a 340 combo up to the low 500's depending on who your facing and how you attack them when they are down.


  • Robo: Any little raider. The Pipit or Robin is recommended.
  • Gun: Knuckle Gun
  • Bomb: Stunning bombs work best, but bombs with "T" type blasts also work. if neither are available, use bombs for trapping enemies, such as the Gemini Bomb. For an alternate strategy and some anti-air capability, try the Smash Bomb
  • Pod: Again, stunning pods are best, but "T" type blasts work well. The Caboose Pod X will work as well, because unlike other "X" type blasts, the Caboose's explosion will always draw towards you.
  • Legs: Formula Legs

A great combo for high damage. Use bombs and pods to trap or lure your foes to you, or just rush them, then let them have it with the Knuckle Gun. You can usually hit twice on the ground before jumping for a last hit. You can also use a smash bomb for the final hit, which deals slightly more damage, and if you're lucky, will occasionally land your opponent in a position in which you can hit him again before he gets up.

Hadron Plus (Uses illegal parts)[edit]

  • Robo: The AIRS is best, but you can use Hadron as well. Hadron is much less maneuverable, but has more defense and slightly more power, and gets up from downs faster, but you'd surprised how much difference the AIRS agility can make.
  • Gun: Hadron Gun
  • Bomb: The Cleaver Bomb is best, but the Indigo Bomb and Carrot Bomb work as well
  • Pod: I recommend the Hadron pod, but the Amun Pod will work, albeit not as well
  • Legs: Phantom Legs are best. If you lack them, use the Hadron Legs.

A modified version of the final boss, Hadron. The Hadron Gun is slow and has horrid recoil when used normally (don't let this stop you from doing it every once in a while, it's power makes up for it) but while continuous airdashing, this powerful gun has no delay or recoil. Use bombs and pods to trap and stun enemies, then fly in for a powerful midair triple knuckle shot with the Hadron Gun. the gun will knock enemies upwards slowly, so follow it up with more shots. don't forget that the AIRS can do two airdashes on it's own, and the Phantom Legs add another. use double and triple airdashes to turn sharply and hit your enemies repeatedly.

High distance Crown[edit]

  • Robo: Rook
  • Gun: Halo
  • Bomb: Winder
  • Pod: Diving
  • Legs: Boosters

The legal Snipe. Its strategy is simple: get yourself at the other side of the arena, bombard, and when in IMPACT state, shoot Halo at the good distance. The pod permit you to improve distance beetwin you and your opponent. The boosters make you dodge more easily the opponent fire. NOTE: don't use it against short-range combinations (e.g: Strike Vanisher with Nova or full AIRS, even if getting over is slightly possible). The plus: it is legal.

Tripple Terror (Uses illegal parts)[edit]

  • Robo: AIRS (A must, if you do not have, use a Lightning Sky robo or Ray Sky)
  • Gun: 3-Way Gun (This is a must with this combo, you would be surprised what this could do, with AIRS)
  • Bomb: ARS-B02 Bomb (This is good for finishing up the combo, also has three shots with decent damage and explosions)
  • Pod: ARS-P07 Pod (Pod with decent damage, traps well to get this strategy started)
  • Legs: Sling Legs (This increases air dash speed, and agility overall, Phantom legs could work too)

This strategy is fairly simple, and is best off with AIRS, due to it giving extra power to the nearly unavoidable 3-Way Gun. What you want to do is fire 3-Way Gun when he is trapped with the pod. If you hit him once with 3-Way Gun, it is over, he should be stunned long enough for you to down him, and finish him with the bomb. If you're close enough, go with melee to do easy amount of 310ish damage. Stay sharp. Remember you have two airdashes to use, use one for attacking, and use one for evading the target.