Game & Watch Gallery 3

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Box artwork for Game & Watch Gallery 3.
Box artwork for Game & Watch Gallery 3.
Game & Watch Gallery 3
Year released1999
System(s)Game Boy Color, Nintendo Power (Game Boy), Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch
Preceded byGame & Watch Gallery 2
Followed byGame & Watch Gallery 4
SeriesGame & Watch Gallery
Japanese titleゲームボーイギャラリー3 (Game Boy Gallery 3)
ModesSingle player, multiplayer
Rating(s)ESRB EveryoneOFLC General
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Game & Watch Gallery 3 is the third installment of the Game & Watch Gallery series. It was released in 1999 for the Game Boy Color.

Games[edit | edit source]

Standard Games[edit | edit source]

  • Egg: Yoshi must eat cookies as they pop out of the oven. In the original, the player controls a fox who must grab falling eggs laid by hens before they hit the ground.
  • Greenhouse: Yoshi must protect his plants from Shyguys and monkeys by spitting watermelon seeds machine gun-style.
  • Turtle Bridge: Toad must relay packages between Mario and Peach by using a bridge of Goonie Birds, who keep diving away at balloons that float by. In the original version, the players crossed a bridge made of turtles.
  • Mario Bros.: Far different from the Mario Bros. arcade title, this game has Mario and Luigi scurrying around to keep a series of cakes moving on a conveyor belt. Players control both Mario and Luigi with different buttons in both versions of the game.
  • Donkey Kong Jr.: Also different from the arcade title of the same name, this game has players controlling Donkey Kong Jr. through various stages toward his father, who is trapped in a cage.

Locked Games[edit | edit source]

These games can only be played in their original form.

  • Judge: Also a two-player game (requires two Game Boys and two copies of the game with this game unlocked)
  • Flagman
  • Lion
  • Spitball Sparky
  • Donkey Kong II
  • Fire: A reversed version of the Silver Series version.