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Health Bar[edit]

SB etc Red Bar 00.pngSB etc Blue Bar 01-49.pngSB etc Lightblue Bar 50-59.pngSB etc Lightgreen Bar 60-69.pngSB etc Darkgblue Bar 70-79.pngSB etc Yellow Bar 80-89.pngSB etc Lightyellow Bar 90-99.pngSB etc White Bar 100.png

Each Bar is worth 1 HP. The Color show how much you have. Red Bars show you got hit. Blue Bar is the Standard and range from 1-49 HP. Once you got more as 50 HP the Color will change to Lightblue and range from 50-59 HP. This will continue until 100 HP where the Bars will be white and is the Maximum. This is also true for the Enemy Bars (especially the Bosses.)


When you slay Monsters, sometimes they leave behind Gems. Collect it to cast Magic.


SB Items 1 Gem.png

You receive 1 Gem.


SB Items 5 Gem.png

You receive 5 Gems.


SB Items 10 Gem.png

You receive 10 Gems.


This section is a stub. Help us expand it, and you get a cookie.
SB etc Blue Crystal.png