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Image Name HP Exp Chapter Notes
Metal Mantis 50 50 Grass Valley Hold L Button or R Button the whole time looking north. This will help hurting the Boss faster than with slow swinging the Sword around. Take your time moving around to avoid the fireball.
Stone Lion Heads 50 30 Greenwood HP and Exp are referred to a each single head.
Skull Master 70 200 St. Elles
Poseidon 70 400 Mountain of Souls In the Japanese version, this boss is female. In the US the sprite was replaced with a male-like version to censor out the naked breasts.
Tin Doll 80 800 Dr. Leo's Lab
Demon Bird 90 5000 Castle of King Magridd
Deathtoll 100 0 World of Evil
? 0 The Health of this Boss isn't shown, so it isn't known how much he has.