Super Hydlide/City of Illusion

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Equipment store
Equipment List price Weight (g)
Silver Mail 50000 20000
Life Shield 30000 10000
Star Helmet 10000 5000
Bundle of herbs 10 300
Strong medicine 1000 100
Antidote 100 100
Fake medicine 1000 300
Cats eye 10000 1000
Food 250 500
Super Oil 1000 500
Holy Water 10 500

By using the Horn on the small island with the two gravestones in the center of the Different Dimension, you magically gain access to this hidden village. Though there are quite a few inhabitants here, very few will speak to you. Those that do are mostly surprised that you even found the place. Initially, you will only get one scrap of good information: Holy Water can break seals.

Of all the buidlings here, only three may be entered. The one at the very top above the center of town is the Inn. Once you sleep there, a fourth entry will be added to your list of choices when casting Move, so make staying at this Inn a priority before leaving.

Next is the prison off to the far right of town. An unusual sight, the prison houses several accused criminals, all with varying opinions about how bad their punishment has been. No one here gives you any reliable information either.

Last, but not least, is the shop on the left edge of town. It sells a number of high strength, high weight defensive items which you should consider carefully before buying. Additionally, it sells the afore mentioned Holy Water, so be sure to purchase a vial or two.

At this point you may be puzzled as to where to go next. With no other resources available to you, it might be worth paying a return visit to the Forest City.

Back in the Forest City[edit]

Not much has changed here, but a few more people are beginning to speak up and mention bits of history. Particularly around and to the right of the Holy Temple where you raise your levels. Some men talk about Valyris, and the points of light that occupy an underground dungeon, Even the guards that stand off to the left have something interesting to say. They refer to the wall they're guarding as the "seal". Combined with what one old man told you in the City of Illusion, it may stand to reason that if you try Holy Water in that location, you may break the seal. Sure enough, doing so gives you access to a cave that many regard as forbidden.