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This is User:RAP; I originated from NIWA and my NintendoWiki: [1] Gonna drop some work here.

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(Pretty self-explanatory.)
The to-do list of potentially extreme proportions

(Always nice to keep track of the stuff you wanted to do when time is at my side.)
Ideas, ideals, and mindsets worth implementing
for the wiki to improve content quality and presentation

(It's more like a reminder of ideas I like from browsing the StrategyWiki pages or stuff I came up my own;
some of them are my opinions that I wanted guides to be like,
some of them are something that should be enforced in StrategyWiki.
What could've been the final result

(When you're getting experience, and wanted to tackle an issue;
you are bound to think up some good ideas worth implementing,
but a fallback makes things complicated, forcing you to tackle it a different way.
It is also inspired from a reading in which scientists published successful experiments instead of failed experiments;
failed experiments could've provided info for aspiring scientists to tackle problems differently.
Why not let me share my misfortunes, brain drains, and letdowns of trying to execute the ideas to the world
so that others can learn from my attempts and execute their own?
Notable contributions worth pointing out

(I usually do maintenance and repetitive work before,
but I've been experiencing fresh opportunities on tackling a variety of problems worth resolving
due to the wiki's wider focus on helping users get the most out of the game, or complete it;
this is dedicated to the best entries that stand out.